The most important things all happy brides do


Your wedding day is all your day when you will remain the center of attention for everyone and would feel like a celebrity or princess. This day will remain in your memory throughout your life and after your wedding when you will attend a marriage ceremony of other people all the memories of your own wedding will came into your mind.

This is the day when every bride should enjoy each and every moment and people around them would do everything to please them. The feelings of bride do not vary from on another but some brides who are going to do love marriage or are very happy with the upcoming new life their excitement really knew no bound.

Some of the things which every happy bride must do on her wedding day are described here:

She wants to fly in air:

Every girl must think of her marriage life and wanted to have best of all. Every girl must harbor dreams of marriage in her heart and when the big day came, all her dreams come to their accomplishment. Now everything is going to change and she is going to have a life partner who will support her in every thick and thin. With these feelings every happy bride would like to fly in air and will not feel her feet on earth. She must jump on bed as she woke up in the morning.

She must feel excited for her dress:

A bridal dress is a princess dress that makes her feel out of the world. She wants to look heavenly beautiful and gorgeous to win the heart of her groom. Wearing her white color outfit when she first came to church she at once catches the glimpse of every one and most importantly she knows that her groom is dying to look at her how she is looking in wedding dress. That is the reason a bride remains conscious for her dress what design and style will suit her most.

She dances with her groom:

A bridal dance with her groom and this is time of their first dance together as husband and wife. A happy bride takes it as advantage to look into the eyes of her groom and she anticipates what could be the feeling of her groom at this time. She also dances with her friends and bridesmaid but the feelings of dancing with her groom for the first time pleases her more than anything else.

A happy photo shoot:

Photo shoot are the memories that will remind all the happy moments of marriage day throughout your life so how a happy bride can forget to take photos of her wedding day with her groom. A happy bride would like to take snaps with groom with smiling face looking into the eyes of each other. Every different pose taking hands in hands will please her.

She gives a passionate kiss to her groom:

Although every bride and groom kiss on the wedding day and a happy bride gives a passionate kiss to her groom to show him her happiness and thriving sentiments for the moment. Almost all brides are found happy and why they should not at least it is the time for the fulfillment of dreams and a change optimistically a happy change in which the whole life transform.
We also wish every bride to be a happy bride on the marriage day and may have a happy and blissful new life.

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