Matching Dresses of Flower Girl to The Bridal Dress

In western wedding, there is a little girl of age three to eight walking with the couple of bride and groom and she is called flower girl because she scatters the rose petals along the bride’s path.

She totes the basket full of petals and other alternatives include wrapped candies. Also instead of scattering of aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander or blow bubbles. She carries the ring barrier and sometimes she even precedes the bride.

The role of the flower girl is very important so her dress should also as elegant as the bride. Flower girl will look good by wearing the mini replica of the bridals dress. Tea length white dresses with a bonnet or satin bow are standard and sweet. So let’s talk about the dress of flower girl.

The flower girl wearing a shape white gown designed in floral net with the silk underlay is looking good and the dress match to the trumpet dress of the bride.

Bride wore a ball gown with long train in pink color in the stuff of net and the flower girl also wore the same ball gown but there is no long train in mini dress because a little girl cannot carry the long train. Both bride and little girl are looking gorgeous.

The ball gown of the bride is designed in the stuff of chicken and the replica is designed for flower girl and she is looking so cute. the strapless mini dress is designed in the stuff of net in shape of ball gown match to the floor length strapless mermaid dress of bride both are looking good with a different shape of neckline.

The ball gown in sweetheart neckline in the stuff of chiffon is stitched in many flares and looking puffy and decorated with floral motifs and beads work and the mini dress is designed with the same pattern looking nice and the little girl in this dress is also looking so cute.

The dresses are looking good in the combination of pink and white both have same designs bodice is made in pink lace and the lower part is stitched ion white chiffon sand adorned with pink floral motifs.

Ivory ball gown of the bride has two layers but the mini dress is designed in a single layer in a thick stuff and embellished with motifs of hot red roses and flower girl wearing white shoes with this dress is also looking a flower.

Both girls are looking fairies in these most beautiful dresses designed in the stuff of organza in fresh blue color and stitched in so many flares and decorated with beads and some tiny butterflies.

These two dresses are designed with feathery patterns at the lower part looking fabulous and a flower girl will love to wear it.

Sheath dress is designed in organza stuff in pink color and decorated with floral motifs of the same stuff the girl is looking nice with floral head band.

Light grey color organza stuff is used in making two dresses and both are embellished with floral motifs of different colors the dresses are looking awesome and the both girls are looking so beautiful by wearing flower crown on the heads with this beautiful dress.

These ideas are enough to make the stunning dress for a flower girl to make it as beautiful as the bride and they will look good if the dresses are same.

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