How to get Ready for Marriage Function in Sarree


How to dress up in sarree for party

Dressing up beautifully and being unique is what every girl, lady or women dream of. Being usual doesn’t highlight you. And when it come to party all the women dream of being the centre of attraction of the night. Try being different from the crowd. Dress up in a simple way and look trendy. The foremost material you need to look beautiful in the party is your dress material.

Start up

In order to know how to dress up in saree start up with selecting your saree. Choose the saree colour that suits best with your skin complexion. For a dark or dusky tone choose blue, brown, shaded saree. For the fare tone you can choose light color saree. Always remember choose your saree according to the particular function you are going for. As for weeding choose a heavy embroidery worked saree and for an official party, casual party or birthday party choose the saree with light embroidery work.

Take a relaxing shower; wash your hairs if you have not done a day before. Make sure that your hair is neither oily nor to fizzy.  Take steam over your face, and exfoliate your skin after this use ice cubes and then pat dry your skin. Wear up your petticoat and blouse

Makeup of the face

  • Tie your hairs up ward with a rubber band.
  • Apply face primer for it will give the long lasting effect to the makeup.
  • Choose your foundation that matches with the skin tone of your neck skin, so that the skin tone of your face and neck will look alike. Mix your face foundation with a good body moisturizer and  apply it over your hand, neck and face in well way.
  • Apply concealer below your eyes as it will give a natural and attractive look to your eyes.
  • Apply highlighter over your cheek bones ,cupid bow, chin and in between the brows.
  • Than apply compact powder over your face.
  • Apply blush with your brush over your cheek bones. Choose a light colour blush, it will give a natural look to your face.
  • Apply eye shadow primer as it will keep the eye shadow to stay for long. Then apply eye shadow that matches with the colour of your saree.
  • Then apply eyeliner and let it dry. Now complete your eye make up with eye mascara.
  • Coming to the lip apply a cherish colour lip liner and of the same colour apply the lipstick. Use a long lasting lipstick. Then apply little bit of lip balm ,make sure that it don’t smudge.  

Now tie your saree and settle the plates wells and settle the rest extreme part of the saree. Fold the extreme end of your saree and pin it well with your blouse over your shoulder.

Hair style on saree for party

Styling your hair is something that enhances your beauty ,a good hair look will give a stunning look. Collect all your in one side and bring it in front by any one side of your shoulder.

For thick and volumise hair,tie your hairs in a bun with keeping few hairs over the forehead.
Now select a comfortable sandal and a hand clutch.
In order to know how to get ready in saree start up with:-

  • Freshen up yourself, take bath with a good body wash. It will give a good impact on your body, it will make you feel fresh and will restrain the foul smells. Wash your hairs too and the apply hair serum, it will soften your hair and dry it with a dryer. Wearyour blouse and petticoat, keep your saree ready beside.
  • Tie your hair upward in such a way that your hair do not come on your face as it will disturb you in doing making. Use ice cubes and rub it all over your face, it will give freshness to your face and tighten your skin and it will also help in long lasting of the makeup.
  • Use foundation with a good moisturizer, apply it all over your face, hand and neck too.  Keeping in mind that the complexion of your hand, neck and face should not be of different skin tone. Apply the mixture of foundation and moisturizer well there too. Use only a little bit of moisturizer, make sure your moisturizer is not the only one. An oily moisturizer can bring sweat around your nose and chin. So better be aware.
  • Don’t use too heavy makeup, keep it simple.Use your face powder, your face powder should not dry your face, use a good one. Apply a light shaded eye shadow, likenude, baby pink or the one that suits your saree color.
  • Now apply your eye liner and do not make it too thick or too thin. It should be not be over drawn. Close your eye and let it dry. Now apply your lip liner and then use your lipstick, don’t use a dark shade. It should match with your eye shadow and saree.
  • After you had applied your lipsticks just apply little bit of lip gloss, it will make your face more attractive, for it will not let your lip dry. Apply your blush on your cheek bone, it should look natural and not too heavy. Apply it with brush. Never use your hand for this.
  • Now tie you saree in a well manner, adjust the plates and rest.
  • Wear a necklace and a bracelet or bangles.
  • For the hairstyle in party untie your hair and then make a glitzy topknot bun and let little of your hairs be over your forehead and beside ears. It will give a charming look. You can also roll down your hairs and set it well, by diving the hairs in 2 part and bringing it in front by the two sides of your shoulder. Both of this hairstyle will not hide your pretty blouse design and will give a beautiful look.
  • Don’t hang a purse over your shoulder, carry a hand clutch. It will be easier for you and give a classy look.
  • Wear a sandal that your are comfortable in, don’t wear a high heel whenyou are wearing a saree. Wear what is comfortable for you and is beautiful too.

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