Tri-Fold Printed Design Wedding Invitations

Some wedding cards have a minimum area to express the detail, this is because of some couple has huge families so; they need a maximum place to display the information about the relative.

Tri-fold wedding invitation fulfills the requirement of such couple because it has enough space to present and organize information about the family member.

It is a very unique way to invite the guest on the special day. Black wedding invitation card with the graceful printing show a great sight. Black shimmering satin ribbon has been attached with it to create a charm and beauty.

Off white tri fold card presenting the romantic scene because of the printing couple hand at the card. Gorgeous wedding invitation card of light pink color look splendid with the purple border and light designing at the opposite corner has a pocket to keep the reception card.

White color wedding invitation card has a great space to express the name of the family member. The beauty of the card emerges with the light printing at the bottom.

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