Amazing Collection of Wedding Invitation card box for Wedding

Hey followers remember the past time when different ages have different trends of sending invitation for wedding functions. Even it was very old tradition of writing all the essentials about wedding on leaves, afterwards with the invention of paper and the development in the industry of paper totally changed the way of inviting guests.

And now it has verified to different types of cards even the more consideration is on the embellishments and the design of the card that must unique when an order is sent to a shopkeeper.

Some people just consider it enough to inform their guests by sending E-mail or to call them about the program when it will be held but now the well developed form of inviting on wedding is wedding card box that is totally a unique way.

I really like this method in fact some people spend a lot of money in making these cards because it is not only in card form but some card box are made by designing and making iron design boxes.

That’s why I have assembled outclass and different pieces of wedding card boxes that will further give you an idea if you are going to be married and want to send an awesome inviting card in a trendy way.

As with the development of technology life is easy as compared to the past now cool accessories and things has invented to spruce up the life with an attitude and your signature style is most important while you are telling to others.

Ok now it’s time to reveal my assortment that is much more.


1. Simple grey color card box to invite your guests

2. Amazing one with sack, flower and card inside the box

3. A royal choice for royal wedding invitations

4. Gift wrapping like wedding card box

5. Ribboned broach to handle the card of wedding instructions

6. A happy home to marry

7. Personalized your wedding card putting pictures of couple

8. A simple DIY idea of sending invitation

9. Embellished brown color invitation box

10. Order your wedding box card such like this

11. Awe this is so much lovely with cute pink color and ribbon

12. The traditional Indian wedding golden inviting card box

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