Backed by critical acclaim nearly across the board, New Girl is a television series that is quickly moving up the charts to be one of the most-watched shows in the entire United States.

While clever writing and real-life situations may take some of the credit for the overnight success of the show, the centerpiece is no other than Zooey Deschanel, a multi-talented celebrity that has shown she is equally at home in an acting role or on stage to display her musical skills.

Her talents have obviously won fans over the years, but it is her unique hairstyle that has left an indelible mark on millions. Deschanel’s hair has become a veritable trademark in celebrity hairstyles, and for good reason – her locks represent unconventional beauty and a willingness to buck trends in favor of classic style.

Like Deschanel herself, the main character of New Girl, Jess Day, is an eccentric woman with a vivacious and outgoing person who has an uncanny knack for getting involved in strange situations.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Deschanel’s hair manages to evoke the same offbeat personality and childlike innocence. Although she has been known to sport pulled-back hair from time to time, the classic Deschanel look is with long, slightly wavy and tousled tresses and her trademark long bangs.

At a time when most women think that long bangs are out, the actress is able to appear fashionable and yet still bring considerable attention to her eyes. The secret to Deschanel’s unique brand of Sedu hairstyles is the mix of different textures, all found in a single style.

For the flatter feel of the bangs, a hair straightener should be used lightly to gently put the fringe into place and a quick light hairspray will be more than enough to keep the texture right all day.

The next step is to use a curling iron to create waves along the length of the hair and away from the face. The finishing touch is to comb out the curls and give a light shake with the hands. This will make the waves look more natural and will also add some extra volume.

A woman with lighter hair may want to give a once-over with a light hairspray, but thicker hair should stay in place reasonably well.


Zooey Deschanel and her hair have been well received with the New Girl role. The actress and the show both picked up Golden Globe nomination nods after the first season and broadcasting company Fox made the easy decision to renew the series for a second round. With a hairstyle perfectly mirroring the unconventional of the actress her role, it is no wonder that the show has done so well.

Viewers can relate to a star who has seemingly natural hair and the awkwardness of dealing with many modern situations. Zooey Deschanel is fast becoming an international sensation and can add New Girl to the list of her successful endeavors.