Ahh, summer, filled with rays of the sun, trips to the beach, and cool drinks in the shade. And mountains of sweat if you have long or even medium hair. There’s a reason why tons of women each year decide to cut their hair short as soon as the weather outside starts to heat up and it has more to do with function than form.

A short cut allows the hair to breathe better, which can make all the difference between tolerating a hot day and wilting in the sun. For women with curls, a short cut makes even more sense, but the right style must be chosen.

These are a few of the short styles for summer that will help a woman beat the heat and stay comfortable all season.

Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat
Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat

The Edgy Curled Pixie

It may be a bit too out there for many women, but for those who are willing to take a chance, this style could work wonders. The edgy cutlets the curls seem to go aimless, but there is some method in the madness.

Look closer at the style and you can see that the sides are shorter than normal to allow even the smallest breeze to keep a woman cool. In addition, the spread of the curls on top achieve the same effect and their sprawling nature easily lets heat escape.

This cut can be created with a single tone, but it works much better style-wise when combined with highlights or even an ombre dye job. Maintenance of this style is extremely easy and its carefree attitude is treasured every year by women who know what they want.

Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat
Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat

The Marilyn Bob

As a play on the signature Marilyn Monroe hair, this cut trades the famous actress’s stylized waves for natural light curls. The result is a do that shines during summer, but can also be worn well throughout the year.

There are a few keys to getting the style perfect, but they are relatively easy. The sides will need to be curled and an anti-frizz product should be used to keep the texture right even on humid days.

For the stylized top portion of the hair, a little gel or mousse can deliver the desired effect but look for a brand that will stand up to the higher temperatures. All in all, the Marilyn Bob will take a little more effort, but the cut will keep a woman in style all summer long.

Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat
Short Summer Curls to Beat the Heat

Short Shaggy Curls

It may seem like these haircuts would capture way too much heat, but the truth is that they work very well during summer. The layered volume effect creates plenty of space between the curls, which means that it will weigh much lighter on the head.

If you want to give this cut a try, be sure to ask your stylist to thin out the hair to make it as light as possible without sacrificing any summer style. The beauty of this cut is that it has almost universal appeal and will work with the vast majority of facial types and hair colors.