Summer collection for stylish boy kids


Summer season is one of the most amazing, shiny and delightful season. It makes the human beings easy and comfortable In the way of dresses as compare to the winter season. Especially this season has a variety of kid’s dresses in many types. Following are the most incredible kids wearing which may be suited for the boys from 2 to 3 years.

Color scheme for summer wearing

First thing that must be kept in mind according to this season is the color scheme. Colors must be light because summer season has bright sunshine and shiny daylight so outfit colors must be light. But it depends on the mood of the parents that what type of dresses they want to buy for their kids. White, grey, black, blue, sky and same type of colors suited for kids boys in summer. Some parents also wants to wear their child shocking colors like yellow, orange etc. these colors make them a rocking gaze.

T-shirts and long paints for summer season

T-shirts are mainly comfortable dress for the boys. There is variety of t-shirts for boys not for girls. T-shirts are in half sleeves and also in sleeveless type. It gives the boy kids a modish and casual gaze. The style of shirts may be in stripped, checks, printed and, may be plane. These shirts can be worn with jeans. There are also different types of jeans like narrow jeans, long jeans swag type paints. All these dresses gives the boy kids a funky look and make them elegant than other boys. They feel a comfy in these types of dresses especially when they are ready to play some gamesin grounds or when they want to go in the market.

Sun glasses

Summer season is incomplete without the trend of sun glasses. It has become a fashion from the last many years. All type of people wants to wear sun glasses when they are going to the market, play ground, and for outing in the daytime. Goggles and shades have become popular among the women and girls. But boy kids worn stylish sun glasses with different type of colors which provide them a fantastic glance.

Stuff in summer dresses

Stuff should be kept in mind when you are going to buy or wear summer collection. Summer season is very hot season so stuff must be light according to this. Shirts of the boys must be in cotton type, linen type, combed cotton and jersey type. Cotton type shirts make the boys relaxed in this summer season. Summer stuff must be like that they feel an ease by wear these. Some modish child likes to worn tattoos t-shirts that are printed on their shirts back or front. These tattoos should be in the shocking colors like yellow, orange, black and white etc.

Hair styling with summer dresses

Now a day’s fabulous hair trend has come in the age of boys which give them a modish, rock and roll impression of being. Spike is one the most popular hair style in the boys especially in the teenagers. Some kids like to gel their hairs. Messy max style also has get popularity among the youngsters. But some kids want to wear hats and caps. This is also a big trendy thing that are coming in the market with a great change and kids are eager to wear up coming hats not only in  summer but also in winter season.

beautiful boys summer dress

boys summer dress orange color 2014

boys summer printed t shirts kids wear children

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