How to apply lipstick?

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Easy and quick tips on How to apply lipstick?

Lipstick is girls grace, just a lip shade can do wonders to your face. And personality. Just use the right technique and you will look glamorous. The right technique can make your lips look lusciously attractive.

Few steps to follow and you are all set to glaze!

But before we start with the tips, what are the pre’s or must do’s to keep your shade last long.

  • Apply lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly.
  • Dust your lips with loose power
  • In case of dry lips, apply lip balm and massage for few seconds and leave them to few mins to settle.


  • Using your lip liner, draw an X on your cupid’s bow as shown in the picture.
  • Trace the outer corners and bottom edge of your lower lip and this will give the perfect shape and definition to your lips.
  • Now slowly connect the lines and outline the remaining part of your lips.
  • Now take the lip shade and fill inside the lines neatly and you are all set!

How to apply lipstick without lip liner?

In case you don’t want to use lip line and go directly with lip colors, its quite easy and quick.

  • Start applying lipstick one corner of the lips to another end, covering the cupid bow.
  • Now take it to the lower lip and again start from one corner to the other.
  • If you want a darker shade, repeat the same.
  • Chap chap! Press your lips on a piece of paper and you are done.

How to apply liquid lipstick?

Application of liquid lipstick is quite easy, a lot of teenager girls love to carry liquid lipstick as its quick and glossy. We can also give matte look with a glossy liquid lipstick with these easy steps.

  • Apply the liquid lipstick on your lower lip first, starting from one edge to another.
  • Now press both lips with each other.
  • With the stick of liquid lipstick make a X on your cupid bow and follow the rest of your lip.
  • To give it matte finish, press lips on a tissue paper and you are done.
  • Incase you want a darker shade, repeat the procedure.

Time to bed and you wish to remove your liquid lipstick? Here are easy steps to remove your liquid lipstick.

  • The very easy and available product at home is coconut oil. Take few drops of oil and massage on your lips and swipe off with tissue paper.
  • Another way to remove liquid lipstick is to apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on your lips, massage clockwise and wipe off. It also nourishes the lips and keeps it hydrated.
  • Lip gloss is also used for the removal of liquid lipstick and it also gives smooth and soft lips before you hit the bed.

How to apply matte lipstick?

  • Firstly apply moisturizer to get rid of dry skin else matte lip color will look rough and uneven.

  • Let it get absorbed into your lips.
  • Now take a lip liner and start from cupid bow by making a X and trace the lines on the outer corner and lower lip.
  • Now apply the matte lipstick within the traced lines.
  • Blot lips on a piece of paper and there you go girl!

How to remove matte lipstick?

Removal of matte lipstick is little different from the regular lipstick as after the removal lipstick, the lips tend to dry more, so here are the few hacks to keep your lips hydrated after lipstick removal.

  • Exfoliate with brown sugar and pinch of honey. Mix both ingredient and keep its consistency thick. Take it on your finger tip and massage clock wise on your lips and leave it for few mins. After that swipe it off by tissue paper. It removes the matte lipstick and nourishes your lips.
  • Another way is to remove matte lipstick is with micellar water instead of regular water. It takes of all the dead skin and makes your lips smooth and soft. Take few drops on micellar water on cotton pad and rub softly on your lips.
  • This product is easily available and removes matte lipstick in no time, yes! Cold creme. Take on your finger and apply on your lips, massage clock wise and wipe off.
  • Toothpaste isn’t just for teeth, it does help you remove lipstick as well. Take a tooth brush and apply tooth paste on it and rub it on the lips gently clockwise,leave it on your lips for few seconds and wash it off with normal water and then apply Vaseline or cold creme.

How to apply lipstick on dark lips?

You got pigment lips? Doesn’t know how to cover dark lips? Darkness looks uneven after applying lipstick? Here is answer to all of queries.

  • Conceal you lips properly, it is the basic step to nurture your lips and helps lip to match tour skin tone.
  • Apply loose powder to settle the concealer and brush away the extra powder.
  • Try to give some extra coverage and line your lips with a dark lip liner.
  • Make a V on cupid bow and trace the corners of lips and bottom of the lower lips.
  • Now apply the lipstick with brush or directly onto your lips within the lines.
  • All set to flaunt. *wink*


How to apply lipstick perfectly or professionally?

Step wise on how to apply lipstick perfectly

  • Prepare your base with applying lip balm and wait for few seconds then apply concealer and let it settle.
  • Now use a lip-liner to trace the shape of your lips cover all the corners and cupid bow.
  • Take a lipstick brush and fill the lips properly.
  • Take a tissue and press your lips onto it.
  • Now apply lip-gloss within your lips leaving the lip liner tracing, it gives definition to your lips and natural pout to your lips.
  • With the help of small concealer brush, correct the outer edges of lips to give it the right shape and definition.
  • There you go with your perfect lips. Got it, flaunt it.

Girls, there are many ways to apply lip colors and you can literally play with colors and look amazing, here are few pics for fancy application of lipsticks.

These you can try doing yourself with the help of picture and can also try adding new colors. Lipstick application is an art and you can explore as many ways as you want. You can use matte lipstick with gloss and even lip liner all over the lips and tint of gloss with it.

Go girls, try out, play with colors, look Pretty and be confident because you’re worth it.


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