How to apply Eyeshadow for beginners

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Eye make up is always a show stealer if done right. Many does make up but those who blend properly are the queens. Thing can go bad if not done evenly, blending is the most essential part of eye makeup.
Girls, bring on the colours and play perfectly with few easy tips on how to apply eyeshadow.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

Easy steps to follow to achieve the look you want, never forget that practice makes you perfect so keep practising until you achieve perfection.

Prepare a list of what all we need:

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Brushes
  • Eye liner
  • Eye kohl
  • Mascara
  • Eyebrow pencil

Before we begin, let’s highlight on different types of brushes and when and hoe to use them while the application of eye shadows.

While you see the eyeshadow palette, you must have noticed the dark and light shades of colours. Being a beginner you must be wondering. The light shades are for eye lid and dark for crease and the highlighter for the brow bone, these are the basic things to know before you start your make up. Now lets talk about the brushes-

  • Flat brush: It is useful for eye lid eyeshadow application and hence it is flat, it covers the eye lid neatly. It’s a go for all the girl doing makeup Out there. So go for a soft but dense flat brush which is great at blending and that is what we require while doing our stunning eye shadow.
  • Crease brush: It is most useful for the apply of eyeshadow on the and a great at blending, make sure that you pick the right brush.
  • Blending brush: They key to the perfection of applying the eye shadow. It is a round shape brush with less density and extremely soft. Before you buy the right brushes for yourself, touch and feel them as now you exactly know that how they should be.
  • Smudging brush: This is altogether a different brush unless like the blending brush. It basically helps to remove the harsh lines from the shadow and make it look smooth and peachy. This is mostly used in the smokey eyes.
  • Pencil brush: It does justice to its name, its edge is pointed and mainly used for the corners of the eyes.
  • Angled brush: The use of this brush is for eyebrow fillings which is important part of eye makeup. You can use it with power or gel to fill in the perfect eyebrows.

We are all set to rock and roll. Gather all the stuff on the table to create a new YOU.

STEP 1 create perfect base

Its all about the right base, to achieve the perfection, the first step is to clean the eyes and apply crème. After applying crème, put primer on eyes and its all set for next step.

What does primer do?

It smoothens your skin so that next step is done neatly and it fixes the eye makeup long lasting.  

STEP 2 conceal them

After applying primer, apply concealer with the help of concealer brush and dust translucent powder. It will settle the concealer.

It basically holds the eyeshadow for all day long and eyeshadow doesn’t smudge.

Why to conceal your eye?

Concealer helps the dark skin or uneven skin to

Conceal and give even tone and fixes eyeshadow smoothly.

Eye makeup tips for beginners

STEP 3 play with shades

Now is the essential part, figure out the share of your eye before you choose to start playing with brushes. The eye lid and crease Nd what and how to do brow bone.

This looks simple but isn’t if you don’t use the right technique. Choose colour according to your skin tone and dress you wearing. It shouldn’t look odd. Pick light colours for day and dark for evenings. Use dark shades for crease and lighter shade for eye lids, this will give your eye a catchy look.

Now tale the flat brush to apply eyeshadow on the eye lid and the corner of the eyes and blend evenly. Light shades will make it more poppy.

Now take a bit darker shade to make V on the outer edge of eye and do not forget to blend inside. It should be done evenly in crease and outer lid of eye. Use more dark shades of pink, purples, browns etc.

how to apply eye makeup

STEP 4 highlight them well

Now is the turn to use the highlighter brush to highlight the brow bone.

Take shimmering colours to highlight the brow bone and do not over do it. Highlight gives the perfect finish to the eye makeup and eyes look stunning. Beige shimmer is all time favourite and you can wear them in day or night, it does go well with both.

how to apply eye makeup basic eyeshadow

STEP 5 put winked eyeliner

Okay! So we are almost done as the kohl is ready to give you pinch of dramatic look, put the kohl on your lower and upper lash line. And now wink your eye with liquid eyeliner.

Make sure that its not too broad or too thin. Follow the steps as shown in picture.

Perfection will come from practice.

 STEP SIX  Roll that mascara honey!

Time for mascara to roll the eye lashes and give it volume.  Mascara is the most essential part of makeup, girls eye look even more beautiful when the lashes are tick and long and this is what mascara does. Take the mascara and open your eyes and apply outwards. Try to close eyes while applying, that gives the lashes a perfect curl.

For better results put on upper  and lower lashes. Tip: change your mascara every 3 months to avoid heaviness on lashes.



Here you go girl! You are ready to turn heads.

How to put on eye makeup in different ways?


Now when you exactly know how to do eye make, bluff with your brushes and try your hand in glitter.


As shown in picture that how to put on eyeshadows, we can do many different types with your colour palette.

  •  Take purple shade and apply on your eye lid and blend properly. For eye crease take blue glitter and on the outer crease put golden glitter, now blend both the glitter on the inner side if the eye. Take stars or any other shape that you like. Stick it with the help of toothpick or back of your brush and press it with your finger carefully. Now is the turn of your beloved eyeliner, winked is the trend. Take pink shade to highlight the lower part of your from inside and take it till out and apply kohl in the end to give definition to your eye. You are done and ready to flaunt.
  • Now that of my personal favourite, smokey eyes with a tint of orange. You can try other colours instead of orange as per your choice and dress. For Smokey look take a black eyeshadow or u can also us kohl, yes yes! You can try that out as well. Coming back to black eyeshadow, use flat brush to apply the shadow evenly on the eye lid taking upwards to the crease and now take orange shadow and from inside to out on the crease and blend it inward. For this you can use fluffy round brush and similar for lower lid of the eyes. There you go, girls never forget to apply mascara for defined lashes. Blink!
  • The third one is simple and yet attractive. Not much to be done with these glitter look.first conceal you eyes neatly and take your glitter eyeliner and put it from inside to outside lid of your eye and take it upwards as shown in picture with the wink in the end. Also you can use nude shades of shadow before you apply glitter on the top.
  •  Pink and purple with a colourful glitter is the game all about, starting from the eye lid take the soft purple and take it to the crease. Now take baby pink to cover the lower lid if the eye. Take colourful glitter and apply small amount on the upper and lower lid. Take liquid or gel eyeliner to give a nice wink to your eyes.
  • All you need to achieve look number five is red eyeshadow and glitter eyeliner. Start with apply red eye shadow with flat brush on the eye lid and crease, blending is a must when u apply eyeshadow. Now apply on lower eye lid and apply kohl. The eyeliner from in to out from thin to thick layer and glitter liner on the top on black liner. Keep it neat girls and you are sorted.
  • For the sixth look, create a base of orange or rust apply on your eye lid with flat brush and with fluffy brush create the crease. Once base is done properly then apply the same shade on the lower eye lid. Now apply the loose glitter to get the exact look and eyeliner is a must. Don’t forget to curl the lashes. Also follow me on instagram

Simple easy eye makeup tips:

  • Always use good quality products for your skin and eyes.
  • Applying fake lashes is good idea but only with good quality glue.
  • Always read reviews before you buy products.


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