Simplest & the Most Trendy Designs of Matha Patti for Girls

Matha Patti in Most Simple Designs for Casual & Party Wear:

Now days, the trend of Matha Patti (headpiece) is getting rapid fame among brides as well as fashion loving girls. They are wearing this piece of jewelry for getting modish, classy & hip look. No doubt that this piece of jewelry work well & fulfills the requirements of the of the fashion addicts girls. When you will visit the market then you can see this jewelry item on almost every shop. Different jewelry designers are also promoting this fashion by designing it into different styles such as one side style, double layer, triple layer, heavy, simple & similarly there are lots of categories. But today, my focus is only on the simple Matha Patti. In the last few years the concept of “minimal” is getting popularity which means use makeup but minimal, wear jewelry but minimal, eat but minimal & so on. This concept actually gives rise to natural look. When you follow this rule then your actually personality will appear. When you choose a headpiece especially a simple headpiece then it means you are following fashion (this shows a fashion loving aspect of your personality) but you also want to keep yourself simple & elegant (it shows the simplest aspect of your personality). Take a look at the following headpiece which all are simple but I am sure that these can give you ultra chic look. All styles are new!

Rhombus Design Matha Patti:

Chain Matha Patti:

Simple Pearl Bridal Matha Patti:

Simple Gold Matha Patti:

Arab Culture Inspired Dancing Girl Matha Patti:

Silver Crystal Embellished Double Layer Matha Patti:

Elephant Matha Patti:

Stone Embellished Matha Patti:


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