Amazing Trend of Wearing Nose Pins Studs and Rings for Girls


Well nose piercing is associated the trend in South Asian countries mostly in Pakistan and India which was found even thousands of years ago. Nose piercing is considered the second worldwide piercing after earlobe. Nose rings, pins and studs are the tools to embellish the nose beauty and this is perceived that a nose pierced lady has more charm than any other for men. Well the significance of nose rings vary from region to region, now this trend has got worldwide appreciation and girls like to pierce their nose to wear trendy nose studs and pins that’s why this time I have decided to make you show the glam of various styles nose dazzles.
Well looking for this trend signification I have found that for Indians, nose rings contain cultural value and talking about west they follow this fashion after the revelation of punk group who visited the India in 1970s and bring this trend of nose wearing to show up their aggression and rebellious nature having specific ideals. Mostly the South Asian girls wear nose ring in left side due to some interpretations of considering it from cultural point of view attaching the fertility and sexual needs to it. On the other hand in South Africa the nose wearing has tribal value, the size of nose ring worn by a lady represent the wealth status, the more big a nose ring will be the more wealth the family contains.
From the last two decades this trend has become more popular among girls and even boys too. Admittedly nose embellishments predict the entire facial beauty in the most alluring way so get it pierced and make your features stand out but make sure about piercing, consult a pierce professional because sometimes it becomes harmful if nose vein is pierced then you have a panic. I have collected different styles that you can wear in various ways and events.
Simple gold nose ring:

This single gold nose ring has much charm for girls and generally girls seem wearing this nose ring casually. The enchanting gold color becomes prominent on nose and makes this sensual organ amazing by giving fantastic look. This suits best to round face shape girls but also recommended to long face girls to maximize the face look.
Traditional Jhumka style nose pin:

Jhumka style nose pin have cultural values as it is worn by desert side ladies in Pakistan but in India mostly women see wearing this nose pin and from glamorous point of view now girls are styling this nose pin in functions to make the beauty of pin prominent. This very nose pin looks alluring and sometimes preferred by bridals.
Buffalo nose rings for Emo girls:

With the arrival of punk group there emerged Emo fashion among young girls and boys that appeared with specific signs which of them piercing was most prominent. So this buffalo nose ring is worn by Emo girls that is pierced same like the mid nostril of buffalo. I have given two design of buffalo nose ring you can select for your Emo style.
Sterling silver nose stud:

I just love the charisma of sterling silver nose stud that is just more than wow because of the glitz. Mostly this very type is preferred to young single girls who are not married and just want to present their innocent beauty. Size choice is up to you whether you want to go with tiny one or the normal biog size.
Different objects nose ring:

Now there are different objects nose rings that are designed and available on goldsmith shops. Triangle, moon and snake nose studs are amazing to wear and look unique. Leave, rose, and star design is also famous among girls. In daily routine of university you can collect various object nose studs in your jewelry collection and change on daily basis to be versatile.
Traditional Indian bridal beaded nose rings:

The two Bollywood celebrities are wearing out the Rajasthan style beaded bridal nose ring that is styled by Indian brides on their wedding day. It signifies to the fertility of bride and also some sexual interpretations in Indian culture. But from fashion point of view girls can have this style nose rings to different events or functions to look prominent and fantastic. Sonam Kapoor and Vidiya Balan are dazzling the beautification of nose
Funky style nose studs for modish girls:

Teenage girls just want to experience funky accessories or things so I am offering them these funky nose pins in cat, glasses and music beat design. This very style nose pins are also for Emo girls to rock their funky signature style to have perfect face appearance.

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