Difference between layer cut and step hair cut


Wondering what is the difference between layer cut and step hair cut?

When it comes to haircuts, girls really get confused in which will look good on me , will they cut my length?  As most of the girls are obsessed with their hair length and doesn’t wish to cut. There are less women who wish to experiment with their hair.

These questions and the confusion between the haircuts are usual, come let’s understand the difference between step haircut and layer haircut.

In layer haircut there no spacing between hair, it properly merged and blended whereas step cut has spacing between the hair. It looks very neat and gives less volume to hair.

Whereas step cut is more at the bouncier hair and gives hair a set of volume and gives a little fizzy look to hair because of which, hair looks dense.

Lets see and understand the difference:

Layer cut is subtle and bit different from the step cut. Layers are beautifully blended in layers and looks much even. Its looks beauteous and glamorous .

In layer cut you can’t see individual layer as they are merged properly. It looks really pretty in long hair and medium length hair.

Step hair cut gives a bouncy look and you can see the steps as they aren’t merged with each other. There is gap between the layers and that gives volume to hair. Those who have flat hair must try step for a changed look. There is not much difference between layer and step but who understands haircuts really well can figure out.

Step cut is never of out trend.

Those who are looking for little bouncy hair can go for step haircut and those who are looking for neat and merged haircut must go for layer haircut.

There are more other similar haircuts like step and layer , just a minor difference make them altogether a new haircut. The hair quality is also to be taken care off when you go for any particular haircut. If you have frizzy hair then you must try layers as it will help your hair to merge properly and look neat and peachy.

Whereas when you have dead straight hair then you can go for either of the haircuts. As step will give your straight hair a bouncy and new look and also layer looks amazing in straight hair.

Haircuts similar to layer haircut and step hair cut:

  • Feather haircut give outer look to your hair looks amazing in long and medium size hair.
  • Layered V shape haircut is another attractive haircut and it actually goes for long hair. As it only gives proper V in long hair.
  • Ghost layers is not as its name, its much more elegant and stylish. It looks good in short and curly hair, its for only those who can carry it really well.
  • Long layers is more like long V layers and the only difference is there is no V. It looks lovely and properly merged. Long hair are quite tough to manage so layers are the best option as it gives definition to long hair and makes them easy to manage.
  • Splendid layers does justice to its name as it does look splendid. They are no different from the other layer, its just that mostly everywhere it is done by razor. That razor cut makes it look spendid.
  • Short choppy layers are of my favourites, looks super classy and goes with western really well. Highlights in these haircuts looks amazingly amazing.



There are many haircuts to choose from, what suits your face and personality should be taken care of, when you cut your hair.

Stay beautiful, stay stylish.

Neha Gandhi

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