How to wear Modern Hijab Step by Step Guide

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Different styles of wearing hijabs with scarf and dupatta.

Islamic women wear hijab to show their modesty, now in years different styles and ways have come up for hijabs. Islam is widely spread across the globe and women look for different styles of hijab with short and long scarfs for gowns and dresses.

In this era of fashion it does gets difficult to match with trend and the values of tradition at the same time. Hijab is part of islamic tradition and we will get you the best modern styles of hijab.

London fashion week is known for showcasing the best of couture and in 2016 they showcased hijabs. The headscarf can really get stylish and elegant at the same time. There are many modern ways to wear hijabs with scarf and dupatta.

We will help you find the best styles of hijab step by step. Also how to wear modern hijab and dupatta. Hijab adds beauty to women and these different styles will make you look even more gorgeous.

 Hijab style will only get better with practice, so keep practising until you get the perfect look.

Lets start with the simplest style of hijab.


  1. Simple hijab style for everyday wear


  • Drape the rectangular shaped scarf over your head.
  • Pin up both the sides of the scarf together and make sure, its seamless.
  • Flip one side of the scarf to the opposite side of the shoulder and turn it from the back and bring it back to the same shoulder and pin it properly.
  • Now spread the remaining side in the front.
  • Keep it simple and nice, you look beautiful girl.



  1. Formal hijab
  • Drape the rectangular shaped scarf over your head and pin perfectly both side together.
  • Take one side to the other shoulder and pin.
  • Repeat the very same with other side of scarf.
  • Making a flowing v on the chest or uplifted as you wish and there you go!
  • You can try the same style with long scarf or dupatta and give a bit different look and also you can cover the chest.
  • It look beautiful either way, so keep trying.
  1. Bow style hijab

This style is famous in teenagers, quick and trendy.

  • Drape the scarf over your head.
  • Pin it properly to join both sides.
  • Take both ends if the scarf and make a knot.
  • Stretch the knot and tie as shown in picture.
  • And you are all set to flaunt your stylish hijab.
  1. Hijab without side pin

Look at this beautifully draped hijab, follow the steps to this look.

  • Drape the scarf Over your head and do not pin the either side.
  • Now take one side behind the other side and pin it inside as shown in the picture.
  • Keep the other side as it is. Let it be flowing.
  • Keep it quick and trendy as it look beautiful with any outfit.
  1. Super stylish hijab

This particular look is of my favourite and super super stylish, it’s a must style for every islamic beauty out there. Learn this style and bling!

  • Take a scarf and pin it behind your head from inside and keep the look neat.
  • Now turn one side round the head and the other side the very similar way.
  • Pin it properly and give it a very neat snd tidy look as shown in the picture.
  • You can show your earrings in these type of hijab.
  1. Hijab styles for gown

 See this beautiful picture and the even beautiful hijab. You can try a lot more styles with the gown.

  • Make a triangle shape of scarf.
  • Then put it head, turn side ways behind.
  • As shown in picture, the edges are taken back and pinned, it looks graceful and beautifully done.
  1. Stylish hijab suitable for sunglass

  • Thus hijab style is suitable for sunglasses, it is simple and quick and can be worn on daily basis.
  • Take a long scarf and start wrapping from your mid to head into your chin.
  • Now repeat the clock wise and leave the remaining hanging on your shoulder.
  • It looks not only graceful but also very stylish.
  • It is most worn with western outfits and easy for wearing sunglasses as well.


  1. Quick without pin hijab style

Are you in hurry, gotta reach office as soon as possible, kids aren’t giving you enough time? Here is the most favourite and quick style of hijab in just two easy steps.

  • Take a long scarf and set it on your head as shown in the picture.
  • Leave one side as it is and take another to the opposite shoulder tightly.
  • And there you with just two steps you are ready to leave house.
  1. Hijab style with dupatta

Dupatta style if hijab us little different from the scarf as it takes a little more time and practice.

  • Take quarter dupatta oh head as shown in the picture.
  • Tie the dupatta with pin around your neck and try to keep it seamless.
  • Now take excessive cloth from behind on head as shown.
  • Pin that as well.
  • Now take the short side of dupatta on the same side, a little upwards and pin it.
  • Afterwards take the longer side on the back and clip it with pin.
  • You can also use fancy, glittery and heavy hair pins to give it more stylook.

10 Hijab styles with fancy accessories

Look is this hijab beauty, this is another amazing style of hijab. You can try as many accessories as you want.

  • Firstly put or place the dupatta on head as shown in the picture.
  • Take it behind and make a knot.
  • Now place them on your shoulder.
  • Now take one side opposite way over the head neatly as shown in the picture .
  • Now pin that behind .
  • Same way take the other side also and pin the very same way.
  • Now keep repeating the process until you reach till the end of dupatta.
  • See the picture while performing the steps and do each and every step with ease and perfection.
  • When you done with draping the dupatta , its time to put your fashion accessories.
  • Choose the right colours of accessories matching with your dupatta colour.

All the islamic beauties, you are all set to try your hand on new and stylish styles of hijab. Add glitter to your beauty by trying our hijab styles.


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