In the last few years, few television shows have built up the reputation and the impressive number of viewers as Desperate Housewives.

This interesting take on the dark side of suburbia, complete with affairs, murder, and complicated personal relationships has somehow made a connection with audiences, who hopefully don’t have too much in common with its main characters.


Without a doubt, one of the biggest elements that have led to the success of the show is its attention to hair and how the external styles reflect the inner attitude of the characters.

With the series slated to end after this season, the upcoming final episodes may be the last chance you have to take inspiration from the main stars of the show.

Teri Hatcher’s character of Susan Delfino is obviously the romantic center of the show and gives a firm emotional base to make the extreme behaviors of the other characters more believable.

As such, her hairstyle is relatively understated and is meant to reflect more the “girl next door” look. If you fall under the hopeless romantic category, this hairstyle may be a new idea you might want to try.

The side part and gentle waves give an appearance of being down-to-earth while still keeping a bit of a sexy edge.

If full-on sexy and unashamed-to-show-it is more the hairstyle you’re looking for, then Marcia Cross’s role as Bree Van de Kamp should serve as adequate inspiration.

The striking red color and voluptuous styling make it clear that Bree is on the prowl. However, the style is used perfectly in the show to provide balance to the character’s perfectionist nature and show that looks are not always what they seem.


If your hairstyle is too one-dimensional, it may be time to spice things up by following Cross’s lead and taking a new vibrant color or adding some curves to your locks.

If Susan Delfino is the emotional rock of Desperate Housewives, then Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria, is the show’s unbridled sexual appetite and her haircut does absolutely nothing to hide that fact.

The long flowing mane has turned Longoria into a veritable star and her image is synonymous with Hollywood sexuality.

While not every woman can pull off this look well or would want to deal with the implications of the overly-sexy appearance, there are some for whom it is a viable option. If getting more attention is the goal, then this long, full-volume look will certainly turn more heads in your direction.

For supermoms that want to feel like they’re still in the game, the sophisticated hairstyle worn by Felicity Huffman is a way to bring refinement and sexuality together in an elegant combination.


While the character of Lynette Scavo is often seen as a stressed and somber woman, her carefully crafted locks reveal a much more complex character.

Being a mom doesn’t mean that you have to abandon the idea of looking good and this hairstyle is ample proof. For an interesting change, ask your hairdresser to recreate this style and bring a new dynamic attitude to your appearance.

The roles played on Desperate Housewives are an excellent microcosm of suburban life and their hairstyles have been painstakingly created to reflect the truth about who the characters actually are.

So, what does your hairstyle say about you and can you improve the message that’s being sent? Take a closer look at the Desperate Housewives hairstyles and you might discover your perfect style just waiting for its chance to shine.