Modern White Living Room Setting Ideas


How to set my living room in white color

In a house so many places are such which need too much   decoration and in the house living house is a place where the family members spend their lot of time together.

All the day people remain busy in their works and remain outside from their houses and in the evening when they return back to home they want to see a clean and tidy house because in the dirty house you don’t feel   comfort  and there are so many designs are common now a days and the  time is passing day by day  and   with the passing of time the  trend of  everything becomes change whether it is  dresses , shoes, bags home accessory ,furniture and white wash style .

Some time the vintages style is inn some time classic and some time French it is according to the time span but now a day’s according to the modern era the people are still stylish but simple they want to create elegancy in the simplicity   so white wash looks cool and   give a tidy look   to your house so if you are setting your living room and your room is white washed with white color then   come with us and see the different style of white living rooms.

1.    In your wide room  hang the white organza  stuff curtain on the window which are   floor length  and keep white color sofas in the room with the couch  and no decoration piece keep  in the room just white marble  lamps and chandelier with the  flower vases and your living room look like  a modern  and add  a printed carpet for more decency .

2.    Now a day’s wooden floor is very famous among the people   so do white wash and  make the floor with wooden tiles and  wooden form  with this floor skin sofas  and the   beige color curtain are nice choice but you can go with the sky blue curtain  and near the window of the room you can keep the easy chair  because you want to take rest  with this floor you have no need to   put the carpet  because wooden floor looks very attractive.

3.    There is a fashion that the kitchen and the room is  on upper floor and the drawing room and living room  make in the lower floor  or in the basement   people make a stage  where they keep dining table   near to the kitchen  at the corner of the  drawing room make   the stairs and you can  use the wood for make the stairs and tiles are also good for the    stairs  black with the white is great combination   put simple couch and sofas  in your white room with the beautiful decoration on the wall and in the center of the room  put  carpet and mat.

4.    In the white room the combination of black, red, skin, blue and brown all are good but you can use chiffon blue curtain and the blue theme of the LCD place and it is up to you can make grey color wallpaper on the wall and the sheet which are available in the market is also a nice choice .L style sofas in white color and add cushion according to the paint white with the red and blue both are great for the modern look of your room.

5.    White color sofas  are good in your wide room  and you can use the  building inspired  pictures  and the sceneries  and the floor is made of wood but to make the  room fancy you can use the fancy and glittering mat in the center if the table  it looks so gorgeous if you use printed   curtain with golden color  and you can use the  glass decoration  in the room to make the room embellish.

6.    LED stand in beautiful style are available in the market many people use it in their home with the base and buffer system so if you want to attach the LED on the wall then make design on that wall and leave all the wall of your room simple white   and in the front of the TV keep the white sofa with the beautiful sceneries and the pictures.

Bounce tips:

never use the glitter paint in the living room with the white sofas it will spoil your room all beauty   and  in the white room the use of green plants is much more because green with the white looks so cool especially in the summer . I hope you will really like this article because now a day’s people are rapidly adopting every style of the world.

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