Keep Your kids Room Clean and Tidy With Some Brilliant Storage Ideas

It is always difficult to organize thins in your kids room in a good manner because children are careless and don’t put the things on right place and if they have many toys then you have to face the difficulty to store things. Here we are giving you ideas to store things nicely and neatly.

Put some buckets on the wall with some nails and give them a shape as you can make a flower, circle, square and rectangle with these buckets in this way your wall will also look good and your kid can store things in these buckets. Place a big basket in the corner of the room and a little basket in the room to put toys in it and you can make boxes with a hard board to keep books.

Make shelves and put small baskets there that your child store things in these baskets no mess and no trash. It is a genius idea to make organizer with fabric you can make it at your home easily and quickly with different kinds and designs of the fabric.

Take a long cloth and some small pieces of clothe4s of different designs and sew pockets on the long cloth you can stitch pockets according to the need and hand this fabric organizer along the bed side of the kid and this can be hanged anywhere in the room. Your kid can put his/her books, toys and other things.

Make boxes of a hard paper in different colors and put them in shelves and lots of things can be store in these boxes or place a seat between two book shelves to save the space. And you can use a curtain rod system to hang some copies, story books and other lightweight things by clippers and you can display your family picture in this way.

Plastic containers are also used for storage purpose. Keep the containers of different colors in the shelves and write the names of things on boxes which for your kid to store like toys, shoes, clothes and books etc and you can do this with hard boxes that made by you. In this way your child will keep things in the right place and there will be no mess in the room.

Hope you will like these clever diy storage ideas for your kids’ room. Just follow one of them and you will find the room always clean and tidy.

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