Ideas How can i Arrange my Room Cupboard


Bed room is an imported place of a house and everybody wants to see his bed room neat and clean because it is a place where we spend our spare time because resting there. The person who keeps his house clean he is called a decent and sufficient .

But the person who doesn’t like the cleanliness he is called a rough and insufficient .We should keep our things in apple pie order to show our goodness. My dear friends! Are you known? The setting of rooms can easily tell your personality .A keen observer can easily judge your personality on the behalf of your room.

There are many kinds of people as just like that who only care and maintain themselves and their house remain untidy and dirty and some people are those who only decorate their houses and themselves remain grubby and untidy .

If you have a small room then you can manage it after little effort and can make your room bigger than before. As my views girls are very uncomfortable in dirty room they are just like a fish out of water. Girls are very delicate and gentle creature of God and they like cleanliness and furnished things.

1.Outfits arrangement in your cupboard:

Outfit is a main and important thing in our daily life without it we can’t move in the society because it is our need otherwise the revealing of body which is not good .But it is  our duty to keep our dress clean and keep it on their right  place. If you have a cupboard   then you should keep your dress in one box in a symmetrical order .

The place of party dress is separate and you should hang it if your cupboard has the ability of hanging .One side is for party dresses and one is for casual dresses because it impacts a bad effect when you pull out one dress and other its own selves fall out over you.

2. Working ladies cupboard

If you are a working lady then it is a compulsory thing that you should always keep your wardrobe ready and the daily use dress keep in front of your eyes and the other less important keep in center and those which you use often you can put on top of your cupboard it need some effort to keep your wardrobe clean but it is for your benefit.

One important thing is that which is facing us is that the winter garments which is compulsory for going out   is always be placed on otherwise you have to face difficulty. If you have much space in your cupboard then you can hang your coat and jackets in it and caps, muffler, scarf and what warm dress do you want.

3. Shoes setting in cupboard:

Shoes are another essential thing after dress which should be keeps in good arrangement. The footwear which are for  party wear keep in aside because I is for functional use and casual shoes which is daily use keep it on the top and  the other jogging shoes keep in the centre of the shoe rack.

If you have no single place to keep your footwear in it then you can buy shoe rack from market it is available in every style and every material for instance steel, plastic, iron, fabric stuff and many other. You can also make shoe rack at your home by net, fabric, wood, plastic what kind you like most.

4. Well settled wardrobe:

The  people who have not much resources then they  not be dishearten they can make many shelves in their room side where some use of wood make your room perfect but  the theme of your room should keep in your mind. White color is best for dark brown cupboard where 9 to 10 shelves are enough to keep your things arranged.

One side is for hand bags, clutches; one is for shoes where you can all type of shoes there. Compulsory dresses are hanged and other casual use dress is another place. But if you find some space then you can put books and grooming things as just like lipstick, nail paint, face powder tooth brush, shampoo and all makeup brushes.

5. Wooden cupboard in living room:

Mostly cupboard are in the bed room and store room but if your cupboard is in living room where people are mostly sitting therefore be your cupboard should be clean and tidy otherwise your impact create a bad effect on coming person you can paint your wooden cupboard in different shades according to your room theme and your room work two in one way as a cupboard and a living room. After reading this post you will be able to arrange your cupboard .I hope you will like my ideas. Thank you!


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