Decoration with Money Plants


                                            Decorating home with money plant

History and origin of money plant

There is an old story about its name and origin. This plant got its name after an old man discovered its leaf in his field. The old ma should pray to the God for solving his financial problems. After many prayers he found the leaf of money plant and then he planted it in his field. He took care of the plant and hen this plant yielded seeds, nuts and more of this plant. The old man sold seeds and nuts in the market and in this way got relief from his poor wealth condition. After this happened, money plant got its name. There are many other norms and beliefs about money plant and nobody knows whether it true or not.

Money plant for house decoration

Everybody wish to keep their house clean, and give an attractive look to their house with decorations. Everyone wants their house to be beautiful and not congested. There are many materials that are available in the market which helps in decorating the house. You can decorate your house with different kind of lights, candles, earthen pots, fabric materials, even with a set of pictures hanging on your front wall. You can also do money plant decoration in home. This idea is least follow because people think that planting a money plant needs much maintenance and care, but the reality is that you plant it in proper place and in proper manner. Money plants are easily available in the market and at cheap rates. It is the easiest houseplant to take care of. It grows well in low light condition.

Money plant is a symbol of good fortune and good lucks. We can find money plant in many houses but they are just planted with other plants and no special cares are taken of it. People are actually unaware of the beauty that a money plant can give to the house.

Here are some amazing facts about money plant

  • Money plants also have seeds, though people had never spotted any.
  • There are 5 leave on each branch of money plant.
  • If money plants are left to grow in open and wide area, than it can grow up to 60 feet.
  • The leaves and the seeds of money plant are consumed by people; it is use as ingredient for cooking.

Money plant decoration ideas

  • Usually people are busy decorating the hall, room, lobby, and the front portions of the house or till the part where the guest can reach, rarely anybody care about the backyard of the house. You can plant money plant in the backyard of your house, plant it close to the wall of the house in backyard. The money plant will spread  all over the wall and give an attractive look to the backyard of the house
  • In the lobby you can use some hanging pots and plant money plant in it. As the pots will hang the plant will fall downward out of the pot from all the side. This will give a beautiful look to the lobby. Use only 3 to 4 numbers of pots in the lobby don’t make it too congested. This will keep your lobby fresh as the fresh airs will come inside through the plant.
  • If you have a balcony attached to you bedroom than planting some money plant in balcony is the best way to let natural airs come to your bed rooms. You can put some hanging pots in a row in your balcony as like mentioned in the above point. This will give two benefits firstly it will bring some fresh air in the room and also it will create an attractive look of the balcony from outside.
  • The hanging pots can be used in many ways, you can put it over the railings of the stairs, and we had always noticed people keeping flower pots on the corner of the stairs. This is different from other way of decorating your home stairs.
  • You can decorate your dining with money plant. One amazing fact about money plant is that it can stay alive by keeping it inside a water pot. So you use money plant in water decoration. Take a glass pot, fill it with water and place the root of money plant inside it. Keep the glass pot on the middle of the table. Make sure that you change the water of the pot in every 2 to 3 days. This will keep the plant alive and fresh for longer time.
  • If you have a roof top garden than you can plant the money plant in front of the wall, plant will get support from the wall. This will led to spreading of money plant on wall, he plant will cover the wall and thus enhance the beauty of your roof top garden.
  • The rolling nature of the money plant strengthens in decorating the railing of your terrace. Over your terrace you can plant the money plant nearby the railing of the terrace in such a way that the growing branches the plant will fall on the railing and thus spread around there. This will partially cover the railing walls of your terrace and it will give an amazing as well as a beautiful look to your house from outside. You have to make sure that you cut the extra branches of the plant at a regular interval. It this is not maintained than the plant will spread all around your house and will spoil the beauty of the house.
  • If you have water aquarium in your house than you can place few branches of money plant inside it instead of putting fabric plants. This will give a natural look to the aquarium. As money plant needs less sunlight so it will grow well inside the house.
  • You can plant this plant on the both side of the entrance of the main gate, this will partially cover the wall of your entrance and thus will give pretty look.
  • If you have a house which have bamboo fences than you can dig some money plant beside the bamboo fences.  Money plant will roll around the fences and will enhance the outer beauty of the house.


While keeping money plant at home there are some norms and beliefs on the basis of Vastu sastra this means that while placing a money plant people have to be concerned about the direction in which he pr she is keeping the plant. It is believed that the five leaves of the plant symbolize the metals, the air, the water, the fire and the metals. According to this it is believed that planting money plant in house bring prosperity and wealth. So many people plant this inside their house. It is also believed that the growth of the money plant shows the growth of the owners’ wealth, as money plant get dry and dead it means the owner is not good by his/ her financial conditions. Similarly the good growth and well condition of the plant means the good growth and good condition of owners’ wealth.  

According to other beliefs it is said that when some steals or cut money plant from someone else planted money plant then the person who is stealing will grow rich by wealth and of those whose plant had been stolen will become poor y wealth. It is completely not sue about this fact.  It is also believed that one’s wealth grow after he or she steals money plant from others house and plant it in their own house. These were some superstitious beliefs about money plant. These are some where true and somewhere not true.

Reasons for why decorating house with plant is more beneficial than that with other artificial things.

Putting lights and other artificial thing can give a good look but not a natural look. Plants are providing you fresh air as well as giving natural look to your house. You need to maintain little about your plant. When your expensive lights breaks down or get spoiled than you get little worried. More over there are numbers of new things coming in the market than once you put it you need to replace it with the latest one. This problem is not there with these natural plants. If ever it gets dried of dead than the other branches of the plant can be used in place of the spoiled one, it is not too expensive so you do not have to worry about money. There is no upgraded version of money plant that will come in the market, so you don’t ever have to worry about its up gradations. One more point is that plants are naturals they don’t harm the environments at all even the waste products of the plants can be decomposed or can be used as a fertilizer to the soil, where as the waste products of artificial materials are neither completely decomposable  nor completely recyclable.

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