Attractive Stage Decor Ideas for all sorts of School Functions


Simple Stage Decoration Ideas for College Annual Function

In almost every school function, the theme differs from one to another according to the respective need of festivals, sports day, teacher day, republic day or any other functions. The most attractive thing in the these school functions are the décor of the stage.

The different decoration is the attraction of the function, as we have widely seen these days that marriages and birthdays parties are taken care by the event companies, but why? Because they come up with new ideas and work according to the theme. For instance a girl like colours and its her birthday, the event manager will keep this in mind mind and will decorate her hall with colourful accessories.

Similar way when it comes to school functions one should keep the theme in mind and start the décor. Like for children’s day stages can decorate with balloon and flowers which are close to children’s heart.

Events are important and even more is the way we make it grand. When you enter in any function what is the first thing you see? Yes, it’s the décor of that place.

The more beautiful it is  when the idea and execution is done rightly. People are willing to input a lot of money and efforts in the décor these days.

Recently I visited my school reunion and I was astonished by the décor, in 90’ s we use to get kiss me bar, roll cameras cassette with walkman, sipsi and a lot other thing and all those nostalgic things were hanging on the stage. We thought we were back in school and the idea of décor is when you can relate them.

School Stage Background Decoration

Balloon, flowers, candles, curtain, snow flakes are quite commonly used but when you give it a twist that’s the real décor.

Balloons used with led lights or wide curtains with twist.

Craftwork can be displayed on stage.

Putting frames is also a great idea.

You can also use handcraft to display the culture of country.

Development of india can also be displayed as a collage.

The stage should be bright so that the audience can enjoy the clear view of performances.

The stage should be wide enough and well decorated with the related theme.

  • Bright colours
  • Big pictures
  • Wide stage
  • Long curtain
  • Flower décor
  • Craft décor
  • Balloon décor
  • Hangings
  • Umbrella art
  • Hanging stars
  • Hanging birds
  • Shimmer stage
  • Lanterns

Simple Stage Decoration For College Function

Simple Stage Decoration For College Function

These are the few ideas to play with.

Balloon are evergreen and can be used quite well.

When schools have annual functions and parents as crowd, school pays a lot of attention to make the décor upto the mark.

Majority of time goes in arranging the right colours and lighting for the stage.

Long curtains always embraces the look of stage.

School functions give enthusiasm to kids for performing better and the look of the functions plays an important role.

An attractive stage can give great impact on the performer and viewers.

School Decorations Themes idea’s

  • Republic day-  tricolour satin curtains or tricolour flaps or tricolour paper plates.
  • Children’s day- candy flaps, balloons or fresh flowers.
  • Annual day- bright colours with craft, long curtains
  • Plays- use of cardboard art with sparkles.
  • Frills are commonly used in school functions and also glitter tassels.
  • Glitter tassels curtains change the whole look of the stage and makes it more presentable.
  • Art work also adds content to the stage and gives it definition.

Here are few craft stage idea’s.

  • Hard board castle with balloons
  • Hand cut flowers with glitters on top
  • Colourful pompom
  • Paper art work
  • Tassels
  • Hanging stars
  • Hanging flowers
  • Hanging stills
  • Dome
  • Back drops

Back drops with school name and introduction to the event does it all.

It carries a great message with the decorations.

Cartoon characters also is a great attraction on stage, mostly school uses cartoon to deliver messages amongst the children and is great way of decorating the stage.

Butterflies on the curtains gives an astounding look and can change the stage beautifully.

As we are saying no to plastic, we must re use newspapers and make different articles to cover the stage, while u make the articles then apply water colours to make them look neat.

Recycling is a great idea when it comes to school functions. You can always use waste plastic bottles to make a great art out of it.

Stage looks beautiful along with a great message.

         College Fest Decoration Ideas

An amazing idea is to play with colourful stationary as shown in the pic , these can be made with the help on hard boards.

School Annual Day function Theme Ideas

And corners filled with balloons will give the complete look. This look goes really well for primary and pre primary.

Where kids can relate to their colourful books and material.

But when we move to higher grade, attention should move to décor that gives a message to the upcoming youth power.

  • Recycling products
  • Craft with a message
  • Re used things
  • Eco friendly
  • Save nature
  • Less use of plastic and paper
  • Use re usable ball hanging

So that student understands the need and importance of resources.Décor doesn’t end when it looks beautiful rather It should give away the message as its done in SCHOOL.


Simple Stage Decoration Ideas for College Function
Simple Stage Decoration Ideas for College Function

These beautiful looking hanging balls can be used in decorations of stage and can be reused, these can be made by paper or newspapers.

When the functions are held in schools, it must leave an impact on student and parents as the art of learning starts from school.

There are many décor ideas of stage but only thing to keep in mind is the theme. According to the festival, the theme changes.

Mentioned above are few ideas that can be done intrinsically to the stage.

Like for Diwali parties or celebrations at school the stage should have back drop of “say no to crackers” and should be decorated with diyas and lighting.


Décor is a thought which is gathered together to make an astonishing stage.

Put your ideas together and do it.

We will come up with more new ideas and art work.

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