There are many sites available on the internet which have given the bettors what they need. A platform to put the money on a wager. When it comes to betting, most have taken up to the virtual world. 

Not because of the pandemic issue, but also because of the convenience and the availability of the slots that they prefer the most. The payout rate and the odds of the site make it more accessible for the wagerer to participate in such activities. 

Not on the accessibility, but the features and the bonuses offered by the sites are what makes the wagerer from all over the world coming back for more. 

These bonus points provide them with the multiplier they need to increase the rate of the win, plus they will be given other additional benefits. 

Unlike land-based casinos where live betting is nothing but a painful affair, online live betting on sports is a wholesome deal. In this article, we will check out these betting bonuses offered by 22Bet which you can avail whenever you desire.

Let’s check out these betting bonuses proposed by the 22Bet:

Bonus features are nothing but additional rewards that failures the bettors from all over the world. While it may seem like a promotional tactic, this is what separates, and at the same time, takes the online live betting sites on a whole other level compared to the land-based casinos. 

Additional characteristics of the online sites for betting include convenience, accessibility, proficiency, safety, bonuses, and the inclusion of good odds. 

With a 95% payout on both pre-match and live betting and more than 65 methods of withdrawal process have retained the respect of the bettors. Let us discuss what the 22Bet has to offer to their bettors. 

  • Reload Bonus every Friday: 

This particular bonus can be only availed of on Friday. The Reload bonus will be added to the funds you have procured if you bet on this day. The conditions you need to satisfy in order to get this bonus activated are written below. 

  • Make a deposit on Friday. No specific date is mentioned. 
  • The bonus has to be betted for three times in accumulator bets. It has to be carried out within twenty-four hours of the time limit of the bonus being credited. 
  • The accumulator bets must have more than three or at least three selections. The odds must be at least 1.40 per selection. 

Only by satisfying each of these rules, you will be able to avail this bonus. 

  • Accumulator of the day: 

To avail of the offer, you have to satisfy a certain amount of rules. Only then will you be able to avail of the offer. This particular bonus will be best applied on the combo bet. 

  • You will be given many accumulators. 
  • Select the accumulator that suits your preference. 
  • If you win, you will be getting an extra of 10% on your accumulated win. 

This is a form of promo bet which increases your winning amount by 10%. 

  • Rebate bonus: 

Rebate bonus will be activated by betting again and again. It seems too good to be true but this is the case. The more you bet, the more returns you will be availing. To satisfy the condition of this bonus, you have to fulfill certain activities. 

  • Place as many bets as you can. Keep betting in a regular manner. 
  • You will be eligible for a weekly cash rebate that goes up to 0.3% on the amount you will be winning. 

The amount of win ranges from €1 up to €1.000. Depending on your win, the amount you will be benefiting from the activation of the bonus will vary. 

  • 22Bet loyalty points: 

The activation of this bonus depends on how many 22Bet points you have gathered. The more you gather, the more you will benefit from it. The amount availed by this bonus can be used on placing free bets, free spins. 

  • 100 points will get you a €1 free bet or up to 10 spins free of cost. 
  • 500 points will get you a €5 free bet that can be used on a single or an accumulator bet. 

With this, you have the chances of availing of up to €200 free bet or 100 free spins.


What are you waiting for? check out these betting bonuses on 22Bet to double your money now. Go to their official site, place a bet, and win.