Wedding Reception Guests Outfits Ideas for Ladies

What I Should Wear on Wedding Reception Function:

Wedding reception is one of my favorite functions. I like to attend this event. Whenever I prepare for a wedding reception party then I select my dress by keeping some very important points into my mind.

Today, I want to share these points with you so that you can also get a flawless & perfect look. Don’t ever try to wear too much body revealing attires because these never makes you to look hot but these can add a vulgarity feel into your personality.

Similarly, make sure a right fit dress. Don’t try too loose or too tight. If you have plus size then keep your plus size in mind & choose right attire. Some more tips about reception wedding dress are described into the following points.

Short, Medium & Long Length Attires for Wedding Reception:

You can find dresses in different lengths such as short, long or medium lengths. The short dress may be thigh length or knee length while a long dress may be ankle length or floor length while the dresses that range in between knee & ankle length are called medium length dresses such as a calf length dresses.

What length you should choose?

Well it depends on your height & skin. Mostly the girls & ladies who have too much height they can wear short dress in order to reduce their height while short height girls can wear long dresses with high heels for increasing their height.

The girls who have an average height they can go with short, long or medium (all types of lengths). Similarly, the women who have tan skin or they have dark spot on legs then they should avoid shorter dresses & try to choose long length attires. If you think that you have flawless skin on your legs then you can try mini dresses on wedding reception.

Short Length:

Medium Length:

Long Length:

Day time & Night Time Wedding Reception Attire Ideas:

For day time wedding reception, I usually suggests to my dear fashion loving ladies & girls that you should always choose pastel colors such as you can try a peach color lace dress or you can go with white dress that have colorful flower pattern.

You can also go with light sky blue, beige, min green, pink & light turquoise color dresses in day time functions. Choose those attires that have less sparkly embellishments. Use minimal piece of fancy jewelry. Keep the strokes of make up very light & gentle.

In night time wedding reception function, girls can wear darker & brighter tones such as black dress can be a best one wedding reception dress. You can also wear navy blue, red, emerald green & other bright tone such as plum & fuchsia pink etc.

At night time events usually the crystal embellished or sequins work attires are best. You can apply dark makeup strokes at night function but keep in mind that if you apply dark lipstick then keep your eye makeup very light & if you apply dark eye shades then keep your lipstick very light.

Similarly, select jewelry piece very wisely. If your dress has heavy embroidery work around the neckline then skip necklace & only wear earrings. With sleeveless attire wear necklace or fancy bangles.

Seasonal Inspired Wedding Reception Dresses Ideas:

In winter season try to cover up yourself with such accessories that not only look stylish but can also give you a trendy look. Try to wear fur shrug that match with your dress, try a trendy over coat or a gloves with your formal attire.

In winter you can wear shimmer dresses at night events because these can warm up your look. Try pumps with close toe so that these can provide warmth to your toes. In winter you need velvet stuff, georgette stuff or satin stuff dresses, the stuff that can provide coziness to your body.

In autumn feel more special try the shades of grey, Black, blue, etc. In autumn I personally love to wear glitzy clothes on wedding reception.

In spring, try to wear flower pattern clothes. The plus size ladies should choose small size flower print clothes while extra slim ladies & girls can wear big size flower print dresses.

In summer season, try to wear sleek and simple attires. Try to wear light weight & airy dresses. Choose fresh color, pastel tones. The breathable fabrics such as cotton linen are best for summer.

Stuff & Styles Guide about Dresses for Wedding Reception:

If we talk about stuff then there are lots of options such as lace, chiffon, satin, tulle, net, georgette, silk, velvet etc, choose one that is season suitable. Similarly, in styles you can find tube dress (a body hugging dress), flare dress, high low (asymmetrical dress), jumper suit etc.

Don’t think only about short dress or long gowns but also take a look at some other trendy styles that are in fashion. Wedding reception is not only about gowns but it is a function where you can wear jump suit, high low attire or pant shirt etc.

Unique & Trendy Latest Collection of Wedding Dress for Men

On the big wedding day grooms are also looking too much charming as well as the bridals. South Asian wedding traditional men dresses are sherwani, kurta pajama, shalwar suit, pant coat and royal prince coat.

These dresses are also embellishing with some kind of fancy and sequin embroidered. Traditional dresses are also looking with cultural touch. Here we have a collection of unique & trendy latest collection of wedding dress for men.

Let’s have a look to these designs such as floral printed prince coat with bow, banarsi royal sherwani with trendy pajama, fancy embroidered wedding sherwani, front slit sherwani with pathani shalwar, embroidered front slit sherwani with Patiala shalwar, fancy bane neckline with embroidered sleeves kurta, open sherwani with pathani shalwar, side embroidered motif open kurta with shalwar and beautiful imperial pant coat dress. All these are the amazing designs of the wedding dresses for men.

These dresses are also available in online markets on reasonable prices.

Floral printed prince coat with bow

Banarsi royal sherwani with trendy pajama

Fancy embroidered wedding sherwani

Front slit sherwani with pathani shalwar

Embroidered front slit sherwani with Patiala shalwar

Fancy bane neckline with embroidered sleeves kurta

Beautiful imperial pant coat dress

Patiala shalwar with side slit button coat & shirt

Open sherwani with pathani shalwar

Side embroidered motif open kurta with shalwar

The Trendiest Wedding Fashion in India From 2016

Indian designers always try to bring novelty and newness in their trends. Bollywood heroine plays a vital role in promoting that fashion as people follow them blindly. Whatever they wear girls and women in east or west love to follow them.

Through the movies of Bollywood everyone got the awareness about the fashion and that becomes famous trend in many of the countries. If we talk about the wedding dresses of Indian then we may have a variety of dresses like pishwas, Anarkali frock in different designs, lehenga, saree and shirts with different work of embroidery.

Different outfits that are worn in 2016 are given below.

Lehenga with choli;

Lehenga with choli is very much trendy these days for girls. In India, girls are wearing this outfit in different styles. In the given picture a beautiful Lehenga is shown in which omber color is exuding rich look to the surroundings.

Zari work is done on the Lehenga, shirt and dupatta. Floor length Lehenga in high volume with half blouse orange shirt is coupled with net dupatta. Multi layered side Maang tikka and jewelry is further an addition to elegance.

Trendy half saree in India;

Saree is a traditional dress of India and it is considered a symbol of their culture. Half saree is very much trendy these days. We found actresses of bollywood wearing Sarees in most of the functions and it really provoke the feminism of women.

In the picture shown here we can see a girl wearing half saree and she is looking amazingly hot. Multiple colors are used here that are truly complementing one another. Floral embroidery on boarder and on the edges of dupatta is looking fabulous.

Half blouse with deep v-line is making the dress sexy and appealing. If you are invited as a guest on wedding then this style and pattern of the saree is wonderful option for you.

Fully embroiled Lehenga with half blouse;

A very classy piece in Lehenga is shown here that is exquisitely beautiful and full of elegance and grace. The combination of red and golden color is already attention-grabbing then such heavy work on the dress is making it an awesome outfit to wear on wedding.

Half blouse with net dupatta having patches at the edges is making the dress very classy and outstanding.

Stylish frocks for wedding;

Mostly young girls love o wear frocks as they think frocks make them look stylish and eye-catching. Anarkali frock is the trend that never goes out of fashion. In it countless variety can be found as in the picture a number of girls are wearing different stylish frocks.

Girls look younger than her age if she wears frocks. Ankle length and above the ankles both kinds of frocks are trendy in Indian fashion. Work on neckline and simple bottom part with broad patches at the hemline is a very simple yet stylish design that can be seen in the picture.

Sherwani for men in weddings;

The trend for men also changes from time to time but Sherwani is a favorite of men in weddings. Here in the picture bollywood actor Imran khan is wearing black color Sherwani.

Broad patch at the center and work on the coughs is increasing the grace of the whole attire. A trouser is paired with the dress and a white shawl is draped around the neck that is accentuating the masculinity of the man wearing it.

The most important things all happy brides do

Your wedding day is all your day when you will remain the center of attention for everyone and would feel like a celebrity or princess. This day will remain in your memory throughout your life and after your wedding when you will attend a marriage ceremony of other people all the memories of your own wedding will came into your mind.

This is the day when every bride should enjoy each and every moment and people around them would do everything to please them. The feelings of bride do not vary from on another but some brides who are going to do love marriage or are very happy with the upcoming new life their excitement really knew no bound.

Some of the things which every happy bride must do on her wedding day are described here:

She wants to fly in air:

Every girl must think of her marriage life and wanted to have best of all. Every girl must harbor dreams of marriage in her heart and when the big day came, all her dreams come to their accomplishment. Now everything is going to change and she is going to have a life partner who will support her in every thick and thin. With these feelings every happy bride would like to fly in air and will not feel her feet on earth. She must jump on bed as she woke up in the morning.

She must feel excited for her dress:

A bridal dress is a princess dress that makes her feel out of the world. She wants to look heavenly beautiful and gorgeous to win the heart of her groom. Wearing her white color outfit when she first came to church she at once catches the glimpse of every one and most importantly she knows that her groom is dying to look at her how she is looking in wedding dress. That is the reason a bride remains conscious for her dress what design and style will suit her most.

She dances with her groom:

A bridal dance with her groom and this is time of their first dance together as husband and wife. A happy bride takes it as advantage to look into the eyes of her groom and she anticipates what could be the feeling of her groom at this time. She also dances with her friends and bridesmaid but the feelings of dancing with her groom for the first time pleases her more than anything else.

A happy photo shoot:

Photo shoot are the memories that will remind all the happy moments of marriage day throughout your life so how a happy bride can forget to take photos of her wedding day with her groom. A happy bride would like to take snaps with groom with smiling face looking into the eyes of each other. Every different pose taking hands in hands will please her.

She gives a passionate kiss to her groom:

Although every bride and groom kiss on the wedding day and a happy bride gives a passionate kiss to her groom to show him her happiness and thriving sentiments for the moment. Almost all brides are found happy and why they should not at least it is the time for the fulfillment of dreams and a change optimistically a happy change in which the whole life transform.
We also wish every bride to be a happy bride on the marriage day and may have a happy and blissful new life.

Some Beautiful And Modern Style Flower Garlands For Indian Couples

Best Indian Wedding Garland Ideas:

Every country has its own traditions and cultures which represent the true colors of that country. And wedding ceremony is an event which is special for every country civilians and it is the event full of traditions, cultures, religions and many rituals.

There are lots of things regarding to a wedding event no matter how much modern and trendy you became there are still some events and occasions where you have to follow some traditions and customs and wedding ceremony is the same event.

So South Eastern weddings are more colorful as the love to jeweled and decorate every single thing that make the luxury look. So let’s here talk about some beautiful and colorful rituals of Indian weddings.

No matter how much contemporary and classy wedding you are going to attend but still they blindly follow all the traditions of a traditional Indian wedding.

While we know that bride and groom are the main focused personalities in the whole wedding so there look should be complete. Indians also believes to do all basic traditional requirements regarding to the appearance of a bride and groom I mean there are still some rituals and customs about their apparels.

So while as a bride or groom you have selected your wedding day outfits and you’re also decisive with your shoes and makeup. Then jewelry is also completed but still you can neglect the important of one main thing and that is flower garland which gives you the pure Indian wedding look and make your appearance more charming on Mandap.

So this thing may look un important to you but really it is very crucial because it is the major affecting part of your look on your most special wedding day. Suppose you spent lot of money in buying your wedding day dress and branded shoes but you bought simple local floral garlands which are adorned with just typical flowers it may completely fade your charm of wedding look.

So you have to get some exciting ideas and mind blowing wedding garland themes to make your complete look ravishing and just extra ordinary beautiful.  So here we are going to shoe you some beautiful Indian wedding couples who wear modern and beautiful flower garlands.

So now browse out our list and have a look on these beautiful and charming wedding flower garlands that looks mesmerizing and just too much appealing.

Perfect Flower Prints Lehanga Skirts for Gorgeous Brides

Lehanga skirts:

Lehanga skirt is the contemporary charm for brides; trendy brides are enormously fascinating towards this wearing style to add the adorable grace in their bridal look. It’s something beyond the conventional style of lehanga and has delicate grace also.

Lots of lehanga designs are popular in Asian countries to enhance the bridal elegance but lehanga skirt is most distinctive and classy because t has excellent blends of foreign and native touches. Lehanga insert the native grace while skirt stitching patterns add the western charm. Brides are selecting this wearing style immaculately to boost up their young and girlish bridal appearance.

Talking in this regard here we are sharing some excellent designs of floral printed lehanga skirts. Floral prints are superbly terrific and have romantic delicacy which is desired fort bridal magnificence.

These floral printed lehanga skirts are paired with different style of choli and fancy dupattas. To enhance the charm of alluring bridal beauty, these floral print costumes are greatly terrific. To create a fresh grace which is far away from those of conventional style lehanga dresses, these inspiring floral print lehanga skirts are superbly amazing for brides.

Different kinds of embellishing touches as zardosi works, lace embellishment and native salma sitra works are making these bridal perfectly terrific. Intricate stitching designs and appealing concepts of trendy manifestations are making these bridal attires immolate selections.

Let’s discuss classy expressions, allure patterns and splendid schemes of these floral print bridal lehanga skirts which are designed for gorgeous bridal beauties:

Wedding day lehanga skirts:

Every girl wants to look like a beauty diva at her wedding day. Those who are interested in delicacy of flower demonstrations I their bridal dress must think about printed lehanga skirts.

In this regard we are sharing some excellent bridal lehanga dresses to split the exact charm of flower print bridal lehanga dresses. You can convert these style bridal costumes in your favorite hues and can also derive the apt idea of bridal hairstyling from these pictures.

Perfect reception dress:

Definitely wedding reception also demands an accentuate bridal lo, you have to create immaculate grace at reception, to make a right choice of dress you can take a look of these floral print lehanga shirts which are perfectly amazing. If you are confusing due to absence of dupatta then don’t worry there are lots of option. You can carry a fancy dupatta in both matching and contrasted patterns to create the exact elegance of bridal beauty. Enjoy immaculate bridal grace at your wedding reception through these wearing ideas.

For after marriage function:

Wedding functions are not confined to wedding day or reception, rather there is many other pre wedding and after function also which are mostly celebrated as low profile.

For those pre wedding and after wedding function, flower print lehanga skirts are terrific to enhance the charm of girlish bridal beauty. Idea of dressing style which is expressed by pictures # 1, 2 is perfect for pre wedding functions sangeet or mehndi while pictures # 3, 4 lehanga dresses are perfect for after wedding marriage celebrations.

Gorgeous black for wedding wardrobe:

Black is not preferred for wedding wardrobe due to some superstitious rumors but I am assure that you will not restrict to select black lehanga costume when you will see these perfect flower printed black lehanga dresses.

Olden, monochromic and multi floral prints are explored to boost up classy grace of black. For wedding night parties these bridal lehanga skirt dresses are perfect to boost up sizzling elegance of bride. Slight makeup and both bun or curtly hairstyle will go superb for these dresses.

Newly married costumes:

For those who are newly married and have to wear some fancy and accentuate dresses to attend dinner parties or other celebrating events can rely upon these styles of floral print lehanga skirts.

These are excellent blend of decent embellishment and fancy stitching concepts. Keep some exclusive aspect as prominent with these floral print lehanga skirts as if you are wearing heavy jewelry then go light with makeup and if you are selecting dark makeup then stay away from heavy jewelry and formal hairstyle to enjoy the perfect elegance.

Matching Dresses of Flower Girl to The Bridal Dress

In western wedding, there is a little girl of age three to eight walking with the couple of bride and groom and she is called flower girl because she scatters the rose petals along the bride’s path.

She totes the basket full of petals and other alternatives include wrapped candies. Also instead of scattering of aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander or blow bubbles. She carries the ring barrier and sometimes she even precedes the bride.

The role of the flower girl is very important so her dress should also as elegant as the bride. Flower girl will look good by wearing the mini replica of the bridals dress. Tea length white dresses with a bonnet or satin bow are standard and sweet. So let’s talk about the dress of flower girl.

The flower girl wearing a shape white gown designed in floral net with the silk underlay is looking good and the dress match to the trumpet dress of the bride.

Bride wore a ball gown with long train in pink color in the stuff of net and the flower girl also wore the same ball gown but there is no long train in mini dress because a little girl cannot carry the long train. Both bride and little girl are looking gorgeous.

The ball gown of the bride is designed in the stuff of chicken and the replica is designed for flower girl and she is looking so cute. the strapless mini dress is designed in the stuff of net in shape of ball gown match to the floor length strapless mermaid dress of bride both are looking good with a different shape of neckline.

The ball gown in sweetheart neckline in the stuff of chiffon is stitched in many flares and looking puffy and decorated with floral motifs and beads work and the mini dress is designed with the same pattern looking nice and the little girl in this dress is also looking so cute.

The dresses are looking good in the combination of pink and white both have same designs bodice is made in pink lace and the lower part is stitched ion white chiffon sand adorned with pink floral motifs.

Ivory ball gown of the bride has two layers but the mini dress is designed in a single layer in a thick stuff and embellished with motifs of hot red roses and flower girl wearing white shoes with this dress is also looking a flower.

Both girls are looking fairies in these most beautiful dresses designed in the stuff of organza in fresh blue color and stitched in so many flares and decorated with beads and some tiny butterflies.

These two dresses are designed with feathery patterns at the lower part looking fabulous and a flower girl will love to wear it.

Sheath dress is designed in organza stuff in pink color and decorated with floral motifs of the same stuff the girl is looking nice with floral head band.

Light grey color organza stuff is used in making two dresses and both are embellished with floral motifs of different colors the dresses are looking awesome and the both girls are looking so beautiful by wearing flower crown on the heads with this beautiful dress.

These ideas are enough to make the stunning dress for a flower girl to make it as beautiful as the bride and they will look good if the dresses are same.

Lovely And Adorable Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

After your wedding the things that could make you remember the happiest days of your life are the photographs. With different style and gestures you can make your photo shoot of wedding interesting, lovely and full of love. Making fun or with giving lovely expression creating romantic atmosphere you can make your photo shoot outstanding.

Bride with bridesmaid can make different photographs. Then the photos of groom and bride must look inspirational showing the happiness of both at the moment. You must try to make the photo shoot lively and expressive,.

Some ideas for your wedding photo shoot are given here for you:

Bride with bridesmaid:

Brides maid give compliment to bride with their presence and their appearance in photo in amazing manner will be a nice addition to your photo shoot. This picture of bride looking in the mirror and all bridesmaids holding and surrounding the mirror will look very nice and praise-worthy. Bridesmaids are there with holding bouquets in their hands. Bride is looking at herself while the bridesmaids are looking her through the mirror.

Photos of bride:

Take the pictures of the bride letting her sit in the car and looking outside. It is the time and moment of her departure. To capture the moment go with this idea of taking the picture. Make the bride stand at some worth-seeing place holding bouquet in hands and thinking about the current moments. She must seem to be thankful for having this time period in her life.

Show the chemistry of both in photo:

You can show the chemistry of couple with taking the picture in this manner. Love is made of four alphabets so bride can make the alphabet L and O with her fingers and ride can make the alphabets of V and E. This gesture will show the love and amazing chemistry between the couple. Both are making the sign of love using fingers of hands and are looking at each other in most lovely manners.

A romantic picture of couple:

This pose will look very romantic for the couple. Hand and hand and the groom lost in love of the bride while the bride is looking at the people with pride for having such lovely husband are making the picture absolutely amazing. Bride is holding a bouquet in her other hand that is also visible. This picture will be loved by everyone.

How To Pick Your Wedding Jewelry Matching With Your Bridal Dress

Some Tips to Match Your Wedding Jewelry with Bridal Lehenga:

Wedding is no doubt the most special and memorable day of life. It is a day when you have to look perfect and just glamorous with your amazing personality. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of life full of celebrations, customs, rituals, guests, camera flashes.

And the memories of your wedding day lasts forever so make this day of your life just perfect and above the amazing. We know that bride contains the crucial importance on wedding day as she is the centre of attention on the whole event.

Everyone wants to know how bride looks, what bridal outfit she wear, which type of makeup she have, people focuses on her jewelry, shoes accessories and her complete look all over.

So if on your wedding day not only your bridal lehenga is important infect how you carry your bridal lehenga is more important so for this regard you need a style hunt and classy wedding jewelry which should amazingly compliment your bridal lehenga and your bridal look.

So today we are here as jewelry guider because we will give you some tips and guidelines that how you should pick your jewelry with your bridal lehenga.
So we know that jewelry is the foremost priority of every girl and especially when you are going to be a bride you should have a perfect master piece with glamour, charm and complete zone of suitability.

We complete realize that there is lot of work pressure even on bride regarding to her wedding and In all this hustle and bustle sometimes you just completely go wrong with the selection of your wedding jewelry by neglecting the importance of its suitability.

So here we are going to provide you some importance tips and you should keep them in mind while selecting your wedding jewelry in order to get perfect result with classy and just adorable wedding jewelry to make you the perfect and the most beautiful bride of the world.

Your Bridal Dress is Very important when you are selecting your Wedding Jewelry:

You should know about the color schemes, style and design of your bridal dress to match the suitability of your jewelry with your lehenga

Your Shirt Neckline is also important:

I mean for your necklace it is also important to consider your neckline because your necklace should completely be shown and it should give your dress a complementary look.

Mix and Match Ideas:

Yes it is not necessary to always go with one metal I mean if you have different stones and themes in your dress then you can go with different colors and even metals also.

Go with Traditional Instead of Too Much Trendy:

The trend keeps on changing but your wedding photos remain same which will stay forever so if you are going to see your wedding pictures after sometime then you should not feel awkward or mismatch.

Be Yourself:

You need to be yourself while selecting your wedding jewelry I mean you can take advices even from experts but the last decision should be your which reflects your personality and makes you the wonderful bride.

Incredible Chiffon Bridal Backless Dresses

Ideas to wear flower girls dresses on wedding

Flower girl is mostly used for these girls who scattered flowers in the aisle of the wedding ceremony .In the traditional wedding ceremony flower girl is a member of bride or groom families or a friend of either family and usually she is 3 to 13 years old and her work is scatters flower petals in the doorway of the wedding procession these flowers were throw in the aisle before the bridal come but some Venus do not allow the flower girl to scatter the flower in the aisle.

Symbolically a flower girl shows the role of a bride which she has to be like childhood to adulthood and innocence to mother and wife. The dress of the flower girl is to some extent similar to the bride and the expenses of the flower girl is bear by the family of groom and bride ,however mostly today couples want to pay the flower girl parents by themselves .

Flower girl symbolizes to scatter flower is related to deliver happiness and joy among the couple and all the people which are present at wedding ceremony .In the wedding ceremony some girls carry the flower petals, candies ,bubble ,a single bloom instead of flower .

Here I have some dresses for the flower girls who are going to become a flower girl of her any relative wedding.

How to wear dress as a flower girl:

1. Flare pleated frocks embellished lace bodice and cap sleeves with flower hair band made with lace and she can go with flower bouquet and scattered it in the wedding procession.

2. Net style bottom and the bodice is decorated with lace sleeveless and jewel neckline giving you a vintage look and with this silver sandal you can use flower garland on your head.

3. Ankle length frock with full sleeves lace illusion neckline center is embellished with lace fabric flowers if you carry red pumps with this dress you look like a doll with your golden hair.

4. Frill style frock half low and high gown embellish with pink ribbon is giving you a touch of innocenty and cuteness with chiffon and georgette three quarter sleeves with the messy bun is looking nice.

5. Toto dress is mostly common in the kids and these dresses is carried by kids in the formal functions pink color Toto dress is full flare with organza with a stone crown and a large organza flower on the bodice with the fancy shoes.

6. Plain silk ruffle dress with a big flower is very beautiful sleeveless and jewel neckline is something look like the dress of bride and many brides carry ruffle gown on their wedding and you can carry silver and white high heel sandal and make a French braid now you are ready to scatter flower .

7. In the boho inspired wedding ceremony the get up of the bride is according to the boho dressing and the flower girl is also in the same dress full sleeve short dress embellish with lace and the crown of the flower garland with golden gladiators is looking a perfect boho flower girl.

8. Full and flare floor length organza and net fabric frock sleeveless embellished lace bodice and the front border is lace style with boat neckline and messy bun with flower crown is giving you a vintage touch with this dress you can make messy up do .

9. Green and white full flare frock with silk, organza and net fabric and bateau neckline embellished with beads and lace with floral clips made of net is looking gorgeous and you can carry high heel silver sandal to enhance the beauty of your green and white frock and this is perfect for garden wedding ceremony organized .

10. Lace ball gown illusion neckline sleeveless and the hemline is embellished with the lace work and ribbon with the fancy clips and with this dress you can carry veil like a bride because with this dress mostly veil are carried by the brides.

11. Ruffle organza floor length bateau neckline sleeveless and in this ivory white beauty the flower girl is looking very cute if you add the silver pearl necklace in her neck with the silver bangles and pumps if girl is too little then you can wear it shoes which give her comfort in walking.

12. For the floral girls many designers has organized the dresses which is made from the flower inspired if you want to go with flowers ten you can select the floral style frocks for the flower girls and same flowers garland on their head is great choice with the floral fabric shoes.

the flower girls are very cute and little so select the comfort dress for them in the hot seasons select knee length frocks or the winter season ankle length dresses are good and these dresses are not for wedding rather you can carry it on any party like birthday, Christmas and prom.