Hottest Beard Styles Trending among Arabic Men

With the growing craze of haircuts among men, men’s beards are also taking a lead. Beard has been considered as the identity of a man that provides him a masculine appearance. A well groomed beard gives you a classy look and provides all the awesomeness that a man needs.

In Arab, according to their religion Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of Islam loved beard and he advised his followers not to shave off their beards, so that is why it is necessary for Arabic men to keep beard.

Arabian beard styles are not only famous among them but trending all over the world as Arabian boys are blessed with awesome and thick black beards that look stunning on their light skin. So if you want to get that Arabic style beard, then we have got a lot of options for you.

Scroll down to get the one which will suit you the best:

Goatee Styled with Joint Moustache: It is short trimmed beard of Goatee style that gets joined with the moustache. This beard style is perfect for young college going boys and even this Arabic beard style can be worn to work. If you want to keep this trendy beard style,  then always make sure to trim you beard regularly otherwise this look can even become a mess if you will not pay attention.

                                 Goatee Styled with Joint Moustache

Omar Borkan’s style: Omar Borkan is a very popular name in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a famous Arabian model who has always been criticized for his excessive sexiness. He most of the times try to show off his hot beard styles which a followed by people from all over the world. Girls, keep your heart alert because this man is too hot to handle with his beards.

                                                       Omar Borkan’s style

Long, thick and full hot Beard styles: If you love to have thick and long beards, then this a perfect option for you. Thick and long beard are trending now-a-days in most of the Indian regions. Just show the world how much you are able to grow your beard and once it is fully grown, trim it according to the shape you like.

                                    Long, thick and full hot Beard styles

Light Beard Style, Extreme Lining:  This beard style is not everyone’s cup of tea as it required a lot of patience and maintenance to have this kind of beard. This Arabic style beard is perfect for those men who are very particular and careful about their appearance. Anyone who owes this beard keeps the lines so sharp and clean that it instantly makes a good impression on people around them.

                     Long, thick and full hot Beard styles

The Arabian circle: If you are someone who don’t like beard on all of his face, then you can go with this beard style. This Arabian beard style for men is popular among youngster who can’t bear the pressure of heavy beards. In this style, the beard of your chin connects with your moustaches that it resemble a circle that is why it is named as Arabian Circle.

                 The Arabian circle

Medium Length Beard: Among the trendy beard styles, it is very common among the gentlemen looking men. The length is this beard is not very short as well as not very long. It is perfect to carry to work as well as in college as it is not much heavy. This beard too requires maintenance in case your beard grows too slow or too fast.

                                               Medium Length Beard

Rough Facial hair: This will not be a favorite for most of the working men as it requires guts to keep this rough beard, which every men can’t. This beard will give you funky look that you sometimes require, being a model or a college student. It does not require a lot of maintenance, all you have to do is sit back and let it grow how it wants to be.

                              Rough Facial hair

Thin untidy Beard: If you have a thin body structure, then this beard is for you. It looks trendy as well as doesn’t require so much of maintenance at the same time. So you can carry if without any hustle. You can team up this beard with long hair and you can perfect to go to college, parties and hangouts.

                                              Thin untidy Beard

Middle Eastern Ethnicity Adult Beard:  This Classical styled beard represents the cultural beard of most of the Arab people. For this beard, you need to maintain a very thin and nicely trimmed beard. You can join your moustaches with the beard but you have to make sure that the thickness of both the beard and the moustaches must be the same i.e. both must be thin.

                                            Middle Eastern Ethnicity Adult Beard

The Religious style beard: If you are a follower of Islam and need a beard that represents you religion, then you can go for this one. This beard does not contain moustaches. Shave off your moustaches and let you beard grow to an extent. Proper care must be taken if you want to keep this beard and if you don’t, then it can appear as untidy hair on your face.

                                                The Religious style beard

A Soul Patch: It is a stubble kind of beard that can be a real gem while having Arabic styled beard. This beard generally does come in light beard styles as it is so light that it properly enhances the features on your face unlike other beards which does not represent your facial features well. You can try this look, if you want attention of others.

                                                                A Soul Patch

Rugged looking Beard: Another one in the least of hot beard styles is this beard which perfectly looks so sexy. So guys those who want to impress girls, can definitely go for this look. It does not require proper clean trimming, it looks stunning as it is.

                                  Rugged looking Beard

So these were all of the Arabian style inspired beards that all men from other regions are obsessed with. You can definitely pick one according to your choice and according to what will look best on you. Also change your beard styles after every month to skip that boredom that the single beard creates in your life.


Most Popular 3 Fashion Trends for Boys to be Popular in College

Boy college life:

Youth, grace, energy & fascinating for opposite sex are ingredients of college life. I don’t believe that there is a guy who doesn’t want to be popular among the college fellows. Crave of looking dashing and individual is enormously found in college boys. It’s a part of college life and guys really you must enjoy this thing in your college life. Be cool, dashing, unique and attractive among the other fellows.

It is desired for most of guys bit show it can be possible. How we can develop a distinctive grace and be popular among the others. Here we have some extraordinary great fashion tips which will assist you in developing splendid elegance. From these easy and regular fashion tips you will find excellent change in your outlook and your popularity among your college fellows will be matchless. Leave a charming expression of your college’s appearance at the mind of your fellows and be individual by your particular style and fashion understanding. Let’s discuss these excellently fabulous tips which will assist you in developing and impressive unique personality.

1: Outfits:

Your selection of outfits must be trendy and it has to be tidy. Pay attention your dressing style and keep your wardrobe well arranged. There are some outfits which you must have to produce classy magnificence.

Basic T Shirts:

Keep a good collection of basic T Shirts to deal with casual college appearance. in simmer, you just have a fine quality T-shirt with handsome jeans to look trendy and attractive.

Upper jackets:

Being a college personality, keep your wardrobe update with latest designs of upper or jackets. Fine colored contemporary designed jacket will produce classy magnificence. You have to keep a fine collection of different stuffed jackets to deal with college formal appearance and to look inspiring in winter season.

2: Footwear:

After dressing you second main concern should be shoes. Make your show selection adorable and impressive, some guys are paid too much to their dressing but not conscious about their shoe. It is biggest fashion flaw. To create an exclusive symmetry, your shoe must be elegant and well in their expression.


Some chic designs of sneakers will greatly assist you in dealing with different college appearances. It creates very funky and cute magnificence. Select sneaker shoes with different jean dressing styles and produce a classy elegance.

Leather show:

Sneakers are not suitable for all kinds of dressing styles if you are selecting a dress suit then definitely you have to wear leather show. Keep a latest designed pair of leather show in your wardrobe to tackle the formal college events.

3: Hairstyle:

Hairstyle is one of most significant things which expressed your personality in most authentic way. your taste and and personal style exclusively express from your hairstyle. Sometimes college boys are selected those mature hairstyles which do not produce desired magnificence.  Mature hairstyles are not for college boys, to deal with your young college college look. You must select something chunky and adorable hairstyle.

Shaggy hairstyles:

Those dashing boys who have model like facial features and ideal height must think about shaggy hairs. Shaggy hairs are excellently matchless to enhance the masculine beauty. Their rough grace and medium length hairs produced very splendid elegance which boosts up masculine beauty I inspiring way.

Spiky hairstyle:

Mania of spiky hairs is enormously popular and it is also one of bet hairstyle for college boys. For emo fashion lovers and for those who have bohemian inspirations, spiky hairstyles are awesome selection for them. This funky hairstyle produces classy grace which excellently justifies youth and produce perfect expression of exclusive personality.

Final note:

try to keep your wardrobe update with contemporary style accessories. It will greatly assist you in developing of individual and trendy personality among your college fellows.

How To Pick Your Wedding Jewelry Matching With Your Bridal Dress

Some Tips to Match Your Wedding Jewelry with Bridal Lehenga:

Wedding is no doubt the most special and memorable day of life. It is a day when you have to look perfect and just glamorous with your amazing personality. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of life full of celebrations, customs, rituals, guests, camera flashes.

And the memories of your wedding day lasts forever so make this day of your life just perfect and above the amazing. We know that bride contains the crucial importance on wedding day as she is the centre of attention on the whole event.

Everyone wants to know how bride looks, what bridal outfit she wear, which type of makeup she have, people focuses on her jewelry, shoes accessories and her complete look all over.

So if on your wedding day not only your bridal lehenga is important infect how you carry your bridal lehenga is more important so for this regard you need a style hunt and classy wedding jewelry which should amazingly compliment your bridal lehenga and your bridal look.

So today we are here as jewelry guider because we will give you some tips and guidelines that how you should pick your jewelry with your bridal lehenga.

So we know that jewelry is the foremost priority of every girl and especially when you are going to be a bride you should have a perfect master piece with glamour, charm and complete zone of suitability.

We complete realize that there is lot of work pressure even on bride regarding to her wedding and In all this hustle and bustle sometimes you just completely go wrong with the selection of your wedding jewelry by neglecting the importance of its suitability.

So here we are going to provide you some importance tips and you should keep them in mind while selecting your wedding jewelry in order to get perfect result with classy and just adorable wedding jewelry to make you the perfect and the most beautiful bride of the world.

Your Bridal Dress is Very important when you are selecting your Wedding Jewelry:

You should know about the color schemes, style and design of your bridal dress to match the suitability of your jewelry with your lehenga

Your Shirt Neckline is also important:

I mean for your necklace it is also important to consider your neckline because your necklace should completely be shown and it should give your dress a complementary look.

Mix and Match Ideas:

Yes it is not necessary to always go with one metal I mean if you have different stones and themes in your dress then you can go with different colors and even metals also.

Go with Traditional Instead of Too Much Trendy:

The trend keeps on changing but your wedding photos remain same which will stay forever so if you are going to see your wedding pictures after sometime then you should not feel awkward or mismatch.

Be Yourself:

You need to be yourself while selecting your wedding jewelry I mean you can take advices even from experts but the last decision should be your which reflects your personality and makes you the wonderful bride.


Trendy T-shirts For Boys

T-shirts fashion:

Summers are the best way of exploring and creating your fashion sense more ironic. Especially t-shirts are considered as must in summers because wearing t-shirts gives a casual look with an easy fashion and comfort

Designer t-shirts for men:

Our currently drafted presentation is associated with utmost sublime and ravishing men’s wear T-shirts fashion collection, from various brands.

Summer men’s outwear t-shirts collection 2015:

We are displaying topmost dazzling and fascinating batch consisting of designer men’s t-shirts, concerning men’s fashion wear 2015, currently introduced by fashion brands. We are presenting this unique summer t-shirts collection regarding men. Designing style statement is very fascinating and highly appealing, which presents classy appearance. This collection is fabricated with soothing stuff with application of graceful multiple colors along with western fashion extracts.

Summer t-shirts:

Our drafted collection is intra-linked with designer summer t-short collection for men’s fashion wears, showcased by various labels, a Pakistani fashion label.

Sherwani Collection 2016(The Wedding Outfit for Men)Has Elegant Designs

When we hear about wedding the most important thing which comes to mind firstly is bride and groom. And when we think about bride and groom we must think about their dresses. Wedding day is a big day for both groom and bride. Girls are more conscious about their wedding dress. But now boys are also conscious about it. A groom also wants to look beautiful and stylish on his wedding. He wants to select the dress according to fashion, season and his complexion.

Mostly boys like to wear a sherwani on the wedding. Sherwani is that dress which came to us from Mughal Era. In the Mughal Empire, from king to employees all wore sherwani. They felt comfort in it because it was their traditional dress. Sherwani has become a traditional dress in Pakistan and India and in India not only groom wears a sherwani but other men also wear it. In India groom carry a sword on his wedding day and look like a prince. A groom wears a kulah on his head and wears a haar around his neck to look more elegant.

Various designers in Pakistan are making stylish sherwanis. Deepak Parwani, HSY and Junaid Jamshaid are most famous designers in making dresses for both men and women also but here we talk about only men and only sherwanis. They introduced exclusive and adorable designs in men’s wedding outfit. They use different and fabric in making sherwanis like silk, jamawar, brockcade etc. They embellish their outfits with different material like stones, pearls, thread and zari. The most common color in sherwani was cream but now they are available in every color like black, maroon, grey, skin etc.

If you are going to marry and want to buy a sherwani then here are some ideas to select a sherwani. First thing is the color of sherwani; choose a dark color because dark colors are vibrant and they will give you confidence. Second thing is the size of cloth, it must be fit to your body and feel you comfort if the sherwani is loose then it will not suit you and if it is narrow it will irritate you so try it on your body and then buy. After buying the sherwani, select the cloth which you really want to wear with sherwani. Mostly boys wear a chooridar pajama with it; some wear simple shalwar, some wear pant and now Patiala shalwars are in fashion.

Skin color sherwani embellished with brown thread with a haar and kulah looking so elegant. Plain black sherwani with rd kulah, chooridar and khussa look good. Cream color sherwani with yellow dupatta and yellow shirt looking nice. Short sherwani in cream color is designed in jamawar with pant will make you graceful. Sherwani in blue color is embellished with some stones, pearls and thread work will give you a smarter look.

The border of the sleeves and neckline of this outfit is decorated with golden zari work .It is the perfect choice for your big day. Sherwani in the combination of black and golden with black chooridar pajama made in silk, brown with golden shalwar, brown and golden with golden chooridar pajama and black sherwani with golden zari work and same pajama all are looking nice.

A pink kulah with light golden sherwani and white pajama is looking good. If you are going to attend the wedding ceremony then just try this dress. Contrast of purple and white is looking great and the waist coat made in velvet of purple is embellished with light golden zari work will give you a stunning look.

You can wear this plain black sherwani with red piping and black shalwar on formal party. This sherwani in light grey color is looking graceful. Its ban is embellished with pearls and maroon piping. This will look great with same pajama and maroon kulah.

This skin color sherwani is designed in jamawar and pajama is made in brockcade stuff no work is done on the sherwani so a dupatta which is carried with it enhanced the beauty of the dress. The dupatta is designed in two colors dark green and red and the borders of it are embellished with golden dabka, tilla and pearls. The kulah in dark green color is also simple. You can carry dupatta match to the dress of your bride.

Graceful Islamic Clothing For Men

Men`s Islamic clothing

Every religion consists specific dressing and clothing sequences which the followers have to follow it. Islam also presents info about clothing style toward both men and women.

Current presentation

Our current presentation is connected with Islamic aspects of clothing regarding with menswear.

Graceful Islamic clothing for men

We are disclosing you with sophisticatedly designed Islamic clothing styling trend concerned with menswear to enhance dignified and graceful appearance in them while retaining concept of Islam correlated with clothing field. Our presentation involves sirval which is long trouser like, blangtoun,  bisht, boubou, kura and a lot more and is usually worn out in Saudi Arab.

Suitable for

Our presented batch of collection is concerned with men Islamic wear which will enhance utmost grace in their appearance.


Kids Summer Dressing Style with Trend

Trendy outfit for kids in summer

Trendy outfits are the demand of everyone because it is the right of everyone that they should spend their life according to the modern lifestyle and when we have babies then It is our duty we keep them in stylish and modern outfits because when we go outside any party and wedding etc all people see toward your child that which dress is wear to your child and which brand is this dress because you sit at a place but your child wandering here and there in the parties I means people guess your personality through your children’s style .Kids fashion is same like the fashion of young girls and you can dress up your child in every kind of dresses but keep in your dress should be comfortable and never feel the kids the effect of hotness because in the uncomfortable dress they became xanthippe and become fed up from the functions so here I have different ideas to make your child trendy and beautiful ,because they are already very cute and innocent but when you dress up in a good way then their innocenty and cuteness increased.

Different kids dresses:

1.    Lining  style and pattern is most famous and look nice in the kids wear because it give them   pretty look  and you can wear the  lining frock with any bottom  and these lines in horizontal and vertical both shape  and this style was an ancient style like the vintage  style  you can give them hat    when they are going  in beach places it Increase their beauty.

2.    Ruffle  design  sleeveless with  printed shorts are perfect for stylish and summer season   and you wear   dotted print sandal with this dress and make two  pony tail but if you have short hairs then you can  make side parted hairstyle and  pins and now your kid is ready to go on a party .

3.    In the summer floral styles are very beautiful and look very   cool because in summer you should wear cool and light outfit .Spaghetti strap long frocks    looking gorgeous with the shorts and nikkar and you can use cat eyes glasses it give you stylish and model look with the floral style and royal hats are good choice.

4.    Sky blue and grey shades are    elegant in the scorching summer   so you want to send your child in the school party then you can wear multi shaded flowers frock with v neckline and spaghetti straps and frill style on the hemline are for those child who want to go in   any function of their school they can wear red and black floral sandal and leave your hair open.

5.    Printed sky blue  frock with bow style and  smoking and pleated style on the    bodice and you can also use bow on the  hair  with this frock  you can wear gladiators and fancy pumps   and your kid is ready for travel and  you can go with her in  the farm  side and  indoor party.

6.    In the wedding ceremonies you can go with bnarsi   dress with plain Capri and patches with angrakha style on the shirt with fancy shoes  give your child a fancy and traditional look  and you can use fancy golden hair band with this dress but if your kids have long hair then you can use  fancy ponytail on your hairs.

7.    Plaid style and checkered style is most famous in the babies dresses and you can go with flowers style frocks and plaid style if your kids want to like modeling and street style look and you can plaid style bodice and bottom part is floral half moon bag and canteen bags are best for those kids who are going in birthday parties.

8.    Bnarsi stuff kurta style is best for the mehendi ceremonies for your kids you can wear golden heel sandals and golden bangles with your dress but you can also g with red color bangles and   beaded necklace.

9.    Short floral print skirt with half sleeves top with gladiators look so modern and  nice and if you have long hair then you should do it curl  and leave it open if you want to make hair style then you can make half up and down hairstyle   and you are looking like cow girl  if you add a  sun  hat on your  head.


Summer season is very long period of a year so in the summer buy such clothes which in light colors and the patterns are also very dim and according t the trend and not make full sleeves of your kids dresses because they feel hotness and hotness make them lazy and boring. In the summer don’t wear heavy dresses to your kids and always wear close sandal and shoes not open chapel.



Men Summer Kurta Designs with Little Bit Embroidery on It

Summer collection of kurta for men

Now a day’s summer season is continue and steadily it is moving towards its peak and in June July very scorching sunlight, hot temperature, dirty climate and hot air everywhere which become the cause of our boredom .People remain worried about their dressing of summer because in summer we have no choice of formal dresses and everybody avoid formal dresses in summer. Easy and simple dresses are preferred in summer because shalwar kamiz create the feeling of hotness and mostly boys wear kurta in summer season. Here we are talking about the embroidery which can mostly seen on the kurta.In daily routine you can wear simple and casual dresses but for the formal look you can wear embroider kurta which give you a something casual and  decent look. Here I have different collection of men’s kurta which can make you dearest in everyone’s eyes.

Different style and design in men’s kurta:

There are many colors and style are inn in the men fashion which is adopted by mostly young boys and fashion lovers because they want to something new at any event and dressing of someone reveal his personality so wear to these dresses which Impact a good effect on other’s mind.

1.Black color is most favorite color of everyone whether they are girls or boys both want to make anyone dress in black color so in the season of summer you want to make black dress then it is your choice but if you do some embroidery on your black dress with maroon and brown color then it will become something formal and then you can wear on any function.

2. In the previous year’s men wear quite simple and casual dresses but now men also remain in the wait of designer’s dresses because they become conscious about their dressing so if you are conscious then you can also buy a dress which has little bit on it .Mix blue color with red and silver embroidery is great for the eid festival.

3. White color is very elegant and sign of purity and this color is especially very best for summer season because in this color the feeling of hotness is less than other colors. White color with black embroidery is very good but with color you can also go with chocolate brown color.

4. Some boys don’t like pure white color they can wear off-white color because it is also good for your many festivals .You can wear on any mehendi function and eid etc.with these dress you can wear waist coat of black color. After off- white some extent similar color is almond and cream color which is best for the summer season because it is very light color and light color create the effect of coldness. With skin color you can select silver and copper color for embroidery.

5. When we talk about white and black color where the brown color is also very important and apt color for men but in brown color there are many shades like chocolate brown, light brown  etc .With dark brown kurta and pajama you can do little bit embroidery of skin ,peach and sky blue color because the combination of light and dark is good.

6. Blue color kurta is new in the trend and this is for those boys who are fashion lover and want to go with colorful dresses you can wear it with jeans, narrow pants and pajamas because it is a new style and with these styles you can be look chic and stylish .

7. There are so many colors in this universe which is adopted by different people .Grey ,black ,green ,blue color are common in men’s wear .You can wear brownish black with little embroidery with weskit and it is best for any traditional functions you can put on with jeans and pajamas.


When you are going to buy any dress for your summer season then firstly you should careful about the stuff of your kurta because in summer season first thing is calmness and easiness and then embroidery should be suited to your dress.

Amazing Patiala Salwar Wearing Winter Fashion In India

Patiala salwar back in trend:

India is land of many cultures and here we have exact and allure expressions of traditions. People are living their lives according to their cultural and traditional customs. Their wearing style and other ways of life are purely according to their conventions.

In Mumbai we see all trendy outfits, in Gujarat there is fusion of colors with trend of salwar kameez, in Maharashtra, saree is most popular while in Punjab trend of wearing Patiala salwar kameez is tremendously popular. Exiting Patiala salwar kameez us not confined only to Punjab rather in all over the India we see this fashion trend by carrying young fashionista.

For partial dressing style, here we have exciting news. You will become tremendous festive by knowing that this allure fashion has back in India’s fashion trends. Once again designers and India’s trend setter considered this fashion trend as most popular one for this winter.

That’s why here we are sharing some terrifically outstanding Patiala salwar kameez dresses which are greatly outstanding and according to the latest fashion pattern. Latest stitching ides and embellishing touches are paired with Patiala salwar, contemporary and unique ideas of hues are also going to accentuate here. let’s discuss fabulously terrific charm of these terrific Patiala salwar dresses which are perfectly outstanding for young Indian girls.

Angrakha style shirt with Patiala salwar:

To rock the formal events and to boost up exact charm of Punjabi girl’s beauty, this fine and trendiest dressing idea is perfectly outstanding. Angrakha style short with plain contrast Patiala salwar is producing excellent dressing style. This fabulously terrific dress has immaculate embellishing vision and idea of accessorizing. To rock the formal events by your stunning beauty, this terrifically stylish dress is perfectly terrific.

High and low shirt with Patiala salwar:

Take a look of this fine embroidered high and low shirt which is excellently paired with Patiala salwar. For 9indsia young fashionista, this allure dressing style is perfectly outstanding to look stylish and prominent among the fashion crowd during this winter. This classy Patiala salwar dress will be superb choice if you will pair it with curly bob hairstyle and natural tone makeup.

High neckline shirt with Patiala salwar:

To look inspiringly compact at special celebrating events, this alluring Patiala salwar dress is tremendously terrific choice. Fancy stuffed button down high neck style shirt is paired with contrast formal Patiala salwar. This allure dressing idea is perfect to look unique at night wedding events. Wear this trendy dress with trendy footwear and bun hairstyle to add further elegance in your look.

Casual Patiala salwar dresses:

In India trend of wearing Patiala salwar dress is not limited for formal events rather fashion addict girls are selecting this trendiest dress to look fabulous causally. University going and young working divas are carried sophisticate style Patiala salwar dresses to define their decent magnificence. Take a look of this fine style dress which has short shirt, Patiala salwar and long dupatta. Multi colored pattern and idea of accessorizing this dress is further increasing fabulous magnificence of this dress.

Double shirt with Patiala salwar:

For this winter wedding functions, this fabulously terrific stylish dress is outstanding selection. Fancy stuffed Patiala salwar is paired with front open double shirt. Both shirts have excellent deigning pattern in luxurious stuffs. Hue combination and formal grace of this dress both are perfectly terrific. To look inspiringly gorgeous at special celebrating events, this excellent dress is perfectly terrific choice.

Some more festive and allure Patiala salwar dressing styles are shared here. All these terrific dresses are contemporary charm of Indian girls. To enhance your traditional grace, select some fine styles of Patiala salwar dresses and enjoy classy magnificence at special celebrating events.

Outfits Those Are Wearable in Engagement Functions for Guests

This is a perennial problem with women that they always become confuse with the thought that which suit will be suitable for a specific occasion. And especially if there is any wedding occasion women become conscious about how to dress and embellish to look prominent and graceful in the function. What to wear and which ornaments can go with them, these thoughts hover around their mind. To get rid of this problem seems to be impossible but here we will discuss some ideas regarding different outfits for engagement functions. Hope this will help you to decide how you should dress up in engagement ceremony.

Anarkali frock for engagement functions:

Anarkali frock is the best option for women in eastern countries. In winter you can wear a dark color outfit while in summer try to wear a frock with light colors. These frocks will give you very elegant and sophisticated look. There is a variety of styles and designs in which Anarkali frocks are found. You can select any of them which are trendy to attend function. In the picture a beautiful anarkali frock is shown that is in royal blue color. The overcoat style is making the suit an awesome piece to wear in engagement functions. Royal blue with golden color patches on hemline and golden color embroidery on neckline is increasing the grace of the suit.

Skirt with tops for girls:

Skirts with tops or shirt are especially for girls to look amazing on function. This dress is wearable in western countries where women do not like to wear heavy dress. A girl in red skirt and skin top is looking lovely and adorable. Skirt high above the neck and skin laced shirt are complementing each other. The suit is looking adorable. With this dress you can make your hairs curly and can place them on shoulders. The dress will not demand very high jewelry but simple stud pearl earring and nude pointed pumps would be enough ornaments to pair with the dress.

Sari or lehenga choli for Indian guests:

Sari is favorite dress to wear for Indians and they like to wear this outfit. In engagement function if you desire to wear sari then keep this thing in mind that wearing a sari which is highly embroiled with motives will not be suitable according the function. A sari in one bright color with embroidery on its boarder will look very decent and modest at the same time. Lehenga choli is one of the most trend wearable for the time. Candy pink color lehenga coupled with black velvet shirt look. Drap a dupatta of candy pink color with golden patch at the edges of dupatta is looking very classy. Long earrings and a pendant are sufficient ornaments to adorn you. Finish off the look with light color lipstick and smoky eye make-up.

One piece suit with zipper backside:

You can wear one piece suit on engagement function that is simple but classy. On these kinds of functions embellishment is not important but the suit must be in stylish form. The style of dress should be enough to turn the heads of the people around. Nude color suit with laced net fabric is looking very marvelous piece to wear on party function or in engagement party. Lace at the edges of the dress is making the suit stunning and the way it is stitched the suit is making its owner extremely hot and graceful.

Short sleeveless frock with floral pattern:

Short sleeveless and shoulder less dress will make you attractive and beautiful. If you want to go at the function with your spouse or husband-would-be then try to make color contrast then both of you will more nice. In the picture both boy and girl are complementing each other. The girl with shoulder less mini frock having a sash around the waist is looking cute and exuding very vibrant vibes.