Wedding Mehandi in The Bombay Style Designs

Mehandi  is the great  thing for the brides it give you great look on your  hands when a bride apply the mehandi on her hand it look so beautiful without the mehandi a bride is incomplete the smell of henna and mehandi make you  hands more beautiful .in the previous ages the girls apply the mehandi with the help of twigs and the  different sleek things but now in the age the plastic paper made cone mehandi is common that apply the mehandi in the cute  and rapid way .many styles are common among the girls like the Arabic mehandi, Rajhistani , Indian, Bombay style and floral  mehndi.

the mehandi is applied not only in the weddings rather you can use it on the many functions like the Eid, valentine’s day,  sangeet function, karwa chotth  and many other functions which are celebrated .the demand of Bombay style mehandi is increasing day by day among the girls .mehandi is the best way to  become an expert in the art of painting and the sketch  making .Bombay style mehandi is a classic example you can make the different style  mehandi on your hand with the help of sleek cone mehandi. So stay with us and see the different mehandi design in the Bombay style.

Fully heavy mehandi:

On the hands you can make the jaal style  flowers  and the  full spread design till the elbow is looking beautiful  it can be applied quickly and the full heavy design is good for the slimmer girls because they have thin arms so on their sensitive hand this sleek mehandi will be suit  it is In the Bombay style you can apply it on your wedding day  because f you don’t wash it then it look so nice.

Simple and light design:

the Bombay designs are much in styles you can make it easily the design  of mehandi is in the  floral ,paisley pattern, jaal style ,snail style is looking very nice this is in the wide style it is best for those girls who like the light design and don’t want to go with the intricate pattern  this is very simple it look appealing to the eyes with this mehandi you can use the colorful beads and the stones for making it formal.

Paisley and floral printed:

On the wedding you  can make the flowers and the paisley style  design on the hands and the arms  it is very thick and black color  mehandi it suits on those girls hands  who have fair color those style mehandi can be applied on the  front side of  your hands  this style is for those girls whose like the Bombay design but that should be in the  ethnic and traditional style.

Peacock style mehandi:

On the wedding you  can make the pigeon and the  different animal  on your mehandi peacock on your mehandi is nice choice if your wedding is on the valentine’s day  because peacock is very dear bird it is the sign of love  sometime mostly girls make the peacock features because it is  most of the young love birds  who want to impress their young lovers and the groom.  With it you can make the flowers and the peacock style animal that look enchanting on your hands it can make on your front and back both sides hand.

Decent and sleek style:

In the mehandi you can apply the very sleek and decent mehandi only in the center of the hands now a days the trend of front side mehandi is increasing with the paisley you can make the flowers  and   the dotted style with full heavy applying mehandi on the finger  it can be applied on the engagement party and the  evening parties like Eid, karwa chooth Diwali and many other religious functions.

Jaal style with paisley:

On the hands you can make the paisley style with the floral style and jaal style is made with the dotted style it is something empty and sometime full heavy it is till the wrist you can apply this Bombay style mehandi with the glitter mehandi and the stones for making your mehandi beautiful and the formal.

Amazing Birthday Cakes Ideas


cake is a food and sweet dish in modern form basically it is a sweet and yummy bakes dessert. Cakes are used in many celebration specially on birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, valentines days etc.

Current Presentation

Our current drafted presentation is affiliated with the display of unique and alluring ideas of remarkable and stunning birthday cakes for girls, boys, kids,elders etc.

Birthday Cakes Decorations

Here we are presenting you some amazing and ravishing ideas of decorations of cakes. Our presenting cakes are fascinating for their extra ordinary beautiful decoration with white chocolates, stunning oranges, sponge, fruits, etc for all types of age person like man,women, young bloods, kids etc with new exciting themes and presentations.

Post Review

Our current drafted images are allied with the display of beautiful and stunning ideas of stylish and amazing birthday cakes.

If You Want to Look Graceful you can Wear Saree

A saree is such a outfit that gives you sexy and fabulous look .Saree is a traditional dress of Indian .In an ancient time saree is the costume of Indian ladies but now it become formal dress of every culture’s ladies. Saree is a formal dress of Pakistani ladies they put on saree on wedding ceremonies birthdays and other parties because saree give you a graceful look. Saree is such kind of dress that remain ever green and ladies put on in different ways .Some time short blouse and some time long blouse because it is up to you that what kind of dressing you like most. The quality of saree is that it fits for all type of bodies no matter you are tall and elfin, thin or fat, dark or white  etc you can wear it in any function and make your function memorable. Some people consider that saree suits only that girl whose waist is long and smart. No its wrong views that saree is restricted for specific persons rather it is for everyone just one thing should remember that the stuff and work is elegant. Here we have some ideas to wear saree for looking graceful.

Different styles and ideas to wear saree:

As we know very well saree is a traditional function dress. There are many kinds of stuff in sarees such like silk, tissue, organza, bnarsi, chiffon, georgette etc. An aged lady just like 40 to 45 like bnarsi saree but when you wear bnarsi saree then doesn’t use fancy jewelry  otherwise  it can spoil your overall look. The aged women who have plus size and having a big belly should not wear light colors and not wear glittering or glossing fabrics in saree because these types of fabrics show you more chubby and plump.

  1. Flat and wedge sandal and chapel are not go with saree it can give you bad impact rather than normal heel sandal is best for you. Because if you have short height then flat shoes show shorter than actual height. If you are going in wedding function then golden heel is go best with your bnarsi saree. But if your saree is combination of black and silver then black coat shoes is good.
  2. Dark make up is not good with your bnarsi saree although light make up is exact for your face. If you are slim then you should wear long prints if you use short prints then you seem too much slimmer but if you have short height then small prints because long prints give you shorter look.Misfitt blouse is not going well with your body because your body is in tightly form look you sexy look but can spoil your overall look.
  3. If you are a young girl then put on light colors light sky blue, peach, copper and light grey color because bold color can vanish your all innocent look. Some girls like simple dresses and some like to wear embroidery dresses therefore with embroidery dresses you can wear light accessories as just like bracelet and simple pendent but if you wear light saree of silk and chiffon then you can wear jewelry to show your formal and graceful look.
  4. According to your saree you can make your hairstyle for example if your saree is heavy then a knot bun is going best. Curls, straight, braid, high bun and twister are best hairstyle with saree it gives you graceful and chic look. Further if you want to add more embellishment then flowers, clips, fancy pins and broaches make you trendy.

Flabby dressing looks very odd and ridiculous .My meaning is that if you are invited in dinner party and you wear very fancy saree it looks so bad and in a lunch party you should wear simple dresses to look more elegant and fabulous with light jewelry and make up. These are some ideas to make you gorgeous and chic.

Fascinating Beauty of Muslim Girls With Pictures in World

Every girl is beautiful in her own way while she is Muslim, Indian, and American or from any other nation.  Beauty is in heart that reflects out of face in fact in whole personality. Today with different category I am excited to write out article about enchanting beauty of Muslim girls. We have categorized the beauty to a specific nation so we would write about that very girls. Because most of the Muslim Countries lies in the continent Asia and Asian beauty is very famous because of the attractive features and ivory brown skin color tone. Most of the Muslim girls are beautiful with attractive eyes like deer and sleek nose that accentuate their face features. But I think beauty is in heart it’s the eyes that specifies the rank of beauty so one beautiful face that I like may be not of your choice.

On the other hand one ideology to measure the beauty is that it’s not the women face that make her attractive but the beauty is reflected by her soul. We have collected the most beautiful Muslim Girls throughout the world which will define the Muslim features that can fascinate anyone. Most of the time Muslim girls seem wearing out dupatta that make their beauty elegant and charming in fact their beauty is incomplete without wearing dupatta or scarf. Their beauty is innocent more than charming that’s why you will feel it breath taking. To observe the Muslim girls beauty you can search my collection in which a close view will give idea about their eye catching beauty.

1.    Blue color eyes and dark skin tone beautiful Muslim girl

2.    Attractive politician of Pakistan with beautiful features

3.    So cute baby with striking beauty

4.    Beautiful Muslim girl in hijab

5.    Pakistani actress with enchanting Asian beauty

6.    Turkish Muslim lady who is very gorgeous in her look

7.    Beautiful features of Muslim little girls wearing out head jewelry

8.    Hijabian girl is looking amazing with her beautiful personality

9.    Accentuating and featuring beauty of Muslim girl all the time

10.    True defined beauty of Muslim bridal with sharp features


Talented Beauty Kareena Kapoor Upcoming Movies 2014-2015

Kareena Kapoor Khan, prologue:

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of most talented and high pied bollywood actress. She is member of fat Kapoor family as well, who are dominated at the bollywood since it establishing times. Recently Kareena has got married to Saif Ali Khan; who is also a talented and prestigious personality of bollyewood. Kareena has worked with all leading directors and production houses and has very prestigious place among then leading contemporaries.

Upcoming movies of kareena Kapoor Khan:

Here we are going to share upcoming movies of beautiful Kareena which are going to be released in 2014-2015.

Bombay Samurai: it is one of most awaited upcoming movies of kareena Kapoor Khan along with co-star Farhan Akhtar. It will be great movie due to its unique story. This movie is directed by Dev Benegal.

Singham 2: this movie is sequel to the 2011 super hit singham. The staring cast is based upon Ajay and Kareena. It is an action drama movie directed by Rohit Shetty.

Shuddhi: it will be Kareena’s romantic plus comedy movie, directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. Kareena is performing leading role along with co-star Hirthik Roshan. It will be released on 25 December 2014.

Badtameez Dil: it will be first time when Kareena will be seen with co-star Emraan Hashmi. It is a romantic movie directed by Akshay Roy and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar.
Along with these movies Gabber and Golmaal 4 is also most awaited movies of kareena which will be released during 2014.

Glimpses of Kareena Kapoor Khan in upcoming movies:

In our exciting picture gallery we are sharing some elegant glimpses of beautiful Kareena’s looks which we will be seen in her upcoming movies. Have a jovial glance of below shared excellent exciting picture gallery with entertaining outlook.

How to Wear the Hijab Dopatta Draping Step by Step:

Hijab is a trendy wearing scarf style and this style introduced by the Arab Emirates for young girls. Girls are wearing the Hijab in different styles & with different designs. You can wear Hijab with Abaya &with your casual dress. Hijab is wear in different styles in different states also. It is ethnic, religious, Islamic & eastern attire for every Muslim girl. Very famous Hijab dopatta draping style is very popular in girls. There are different styles to wear the draping Hijab styles such as you can seen below and also readout the essential steps to drape.

Required things:
Hijab cap, Hijab dopatta, safety pins

Steps to wear the Hijab dopatta:

•    Wearing the Hijab cap:

First of all to draping the Hijab is to wear the Hijab cap and covers the hair in it. These Hijab caps are available in different shades. This Hijab cap is stable the Hijab drape with layers on hair.

•    Take Hijab dopatta for draping:

The second step is to war the Hijab dopatta on Hijab cap. These Hijab are also available in different prints. You pick up the rectangular Hijab dopatta and sets on head with pins.

•    Attached the pins with layer drapes:

Now this is the time for draping the layers in different styles on Hijab. You can drape the front layers on Hijab and also drape the layers or waves on head. These draping layers are freeze with tagging the pins.

•    Enjoy the Hijab:

After draping the layers on Hijab, the Hijab dopatta draping is almost complete. You can tag some brooches on Hijab and also wearing the jewelry with Hijab. Now Hijab dopatta draping is complete and enjoy it with pleasure.

Ideas to become handsome and attractive naturally in modern ways

How to be a handsome hunk?

Being handsome and attractive is dream of every person and specially men as they like to have dashing and divine personality by not so much activities as they don’t have much time. Women have lots of to do things like makeup and dressing along with hours and hours in salon as well. Men as compare to women have not so much time and devotion at their selves because they have to spend out lot of time in their job activities and outing as well.

Some of guys have their natural personality factors which have attraction while other guys have to spend some time in doing major thing that will be easy in nature and create out personality for life time. Some people have to do effort for their grooming purpose and they love to spend some time on their personality for doing so.

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of remarkable and highly amazing tips  for grooming of men in new and simple ways that will make a normal person in dashing hunk. Girls like guys having dashing personality with strong body and impressive dressing along with fully settled hairstyles with gel and hair spray whether long or short hairs. Attitude is another way of creating out a impression on people and being unique is major form of attitude as well. Just take a look at our drafted tips and ideas and you will be satisfied in accurate manner.

Cool hair styling trick for men grooming:

Here we are going to discuss out some of trending men hairstyles for men that will groom out men in appropriate way.

Wet look hairstyle:

Dashing hunk hairstyle:

Long men hairstyles:

Cool hairstyles for men:

Amazing dressing style for men

Men dressing:

Dashing hunk style dressing:

Attitude quotes for men

Formal black men dressing:

Men in attitude:

Cool men attitude:


Eye Makeup for Ladies Collection

Makeup: Makeup took utmost importance in women`s life. Now a day, it becomes essential for everyone including men. There are exclusive ideas for proper application and maintenance of makeup in classy way which can groom facial appearance as well.

Makeover fashion: There exist abundant makeup techniques and ideas which can bring about distinct facial appearance. Alike fashion outfits and other segments, makeup fashion also retain exceptional position which is concluded as latest fashion trend as well.

How to apply eye makeup: Our current presentation is concerned with magnificent makeup ideas which are speculated as latest fashion up to dated trends and is preferred for women.

eye makeup for ladies: Let us acknowledge you that eye makeup is all about eye color application and promoting suitable techniques for proper utilization of eye shadows. Eye makeup requires utmost practice and patience as it can retrieve abundant time. We are presenting some fascinating images from which you can assume suitable ideas in accordance with your personality and eye style.  Such presentation counts involvement of distinct but fashion up to dated make up art techniques for your eyes which will surely satisfy your groovy mentality.

Eye makeup for you: Eye makeup brings about hot and glamorous appearance in your personality and it can be carried for formal and un-formal events as well.

Exclusive Designs & Ideas of Trendy Girl’s Wear High Socks with Shoe in fall:

As all we know that winter season is just become & there are plenty of dress styles for wearing in the winter season frequently. The leggings, warm hats, scarves, socks, gloves & coat etc are the clothing accessories for everyone. The girls are wearing the short skirt also in winter season with long warm shoes. These high heel long shoes are also wearing with the combination of high socks. These high socks are available in different styles also having the different long sizes. The plane & printed warm socks are wearing with matching dressing in winter fall. Here we are searching for the trendy & fashionable design long warm socks for you. All these are the amazing designs of the winter fall long plane, printed colorful high socks for girls. Let’s have a look to these amazing high socks designs as below:

Grey high socks with pink stylish pump shoe with awesome dressing for fall:

Black shiny lace shoes with high black socks with top dress for fall:

Designer high heel laces shoe with high winter fall maroon socks:

Ankle length black shoe with high matching black socks for winter fall:

Black high warm socks with flat sneakers & shorts pant for fall:

High heel pump shoe with high cut work design winter fall high socks:

Lagging with grey high socks & with high heel black booty for winter fall:

High warm skin socks with leather long shoe in brown for winter fall:

Self printer skinny frill socks with dusty high heel pump shoes for winter fall:


Cool Fancy Toe Ring Fashion Trend you Should Know

toe ring

toe ring is considered as fashion accessory regarding jewelry which is worn out by women in toe or other foot fingers. Trend of toe ring is rarely adopted but currently its demand is increasing day by day.

Current presentation

Our currently maintained presentation is allied with display of remarkable and glazing toe rings designs for women, solely elected to fascinate women foot appearance and to built in confidence regarding fashion.

Blue stone toe ring design for women

Jewelry: jewelry is utilized to dominate personal appearance of women. There is wide range of jewelry which involves earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, anklets, toe rings and a lot more.

We have mentioned utmost statuesque fashion toe ring design for women which is based on glazing blue stone in center, covered with metallic pure silver surroundings to retain stone in single position. Blue ring with gold nails is just looking fabulous in accordance to my personal fashion opinion.

Traditional big toe ring designs for girls

Traditional jewellery designs: traditional jewelry designs refers to specific designing which indicate cultural shades which are likely to be worn out by people specially on traditional events.

We have elected special heavy jewelry pieces in form of toe rings for women based upon indian traditional designing ideas. This pair of toe ring is accomplished with glazing stones in form of floral circle and further elegance is added with dark green stone at center.