A Clutch is a strapless small purse and container, carried in the hand and used for money and small accessories. A clutch purse is a woman’s accessory designed to hold a few necessities like a cell phone, credit card, money, etc.

Although clutches are designed to be carried by hand some are designed with detachable chains or leather straps so they can also be worn hanging from the shoulder.

Clutches come in a huge variety of shapes and styles; they come as little square boxes, oval, triangular, or heart shapes, covered with satin, beads, and brocade. They are fastened with tassels, loops, and other fanciful decorations.

1. Little Square Boxes Clutches.

Clutch purses are often used to personalize an outfit. This article is about bridal clutches, clutch purse is perfect for brides because it is small in size and a bride can carry it easily in her hand. Bridal clutches are specially designed to match their wedding dresses.

1. Clutch Purses Are Often Used To Personalize An Outfit.

Clutch Purses Are Often Used To Personalize An Outfit.

A small swagger-style purse is designed in silver color satin with a metallic frame and a cute handle to hold in the hand. A metal bridge is placed in the center of the purse to make it more beautiful.

1. A Small Swagger-Style Purse Is Designed In Silver Color Satin With A Metallic Frame.

Stunning Bridal Clutch Designs

The brochure is designed in metal with sparkling stones; this beautiful purse will definitely compliment the dress of a bride on her special day. A bride can put her necessities in it like a mirror; cell phone lipstick etc. and another girl can also use this purse with her fancy dress.

Clutches are designed in crochet patterns too these clutches are designed as shown in the picture. These clutches are perfect for white wedding gowns designed with lace details.

2. Clutches Designed In Crochet Patterns.

Stunning Bridal Clutch Designs

Two of these clutches are designed with a metal frame, one is made with a zipper lid and another is designed in pouch style, all are decorated with light pink color rose flowers and a rectangular shape clutch is also decorated with the flowers, pink pearls, and white stones also looking so beautiful and simple.

The ivory shade clutch is designed with a metal frame and lace details and decorated with a motif made of pearls, beads, and stones. Some pearls in a teardrop or common shape are also dropping down from the top of the clutch.

3. Ivory Shade Clutch Is Designed With A Metal frame And Lace.

Stunning Bridal Clutch Designs

Oval shape ivory clutch is designed in satin in chunnat style, a metal broche with big shaded stone and some tiny stones are placed in the center of the clutch. This clutch is looking so nice and unique and a bride carrying this clutch will definitely catch the attention of the people.