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20 Best Things to Do in Terre Haute (IN)

Steve Jennifer
Updated: Apr 24, 2023



Did you know, when I went to Terre Haute,I learned that it lies on the western border of Indiana and above the Wabash River. And once you visit there you would understand why Terre Haute is popularly known as Queen City of the Wabash.

It is a city full of art, culture, heritage, and entertainment and beautiful outdoors. In fact, there is something to explore for everyone like experiencing live performances, shopping to your heart’s content, visiting museums and art galleries, participating in sports matches and feeling the vibrant energy of the city.


01. Downtown, Terre Haute

Downtown, Terra Haute is a sight to see for its historic buildings and architecture mixed with the new transformations brought to the area.

Along with the stunning architecture, it also has a lot of famous eateries where you can enjoy delicious and plenty cuisines. Walk around downtown and explore the area and click beautiful pictures while enjoying tasty food.


02. Candles Holocaust and Education Centre

This museum was founded by a Holocaust survivor and opened in the year 1995 and dedicated to the lives lost during the Holocaust. It aims to educate the people about the Holocaust, and the lives of people who suffered under the Nazi regime in Germany.

Here, you can not only learn more about the Holocaust but also see the documents that describe the genocide in detail and know the experiences from the survivors.


03. Terre Haute Brewing Company

This is the oldest brewery in the State and the second oldest brewery in the U.S. and boasts of a great collection of drinks. The brewery serves modern, high grade beer.

Their Madame Brown, Wango Tango, Velvet Cream Milk drinks are highly recommended. Spend an enjoyable evening here tasting drinks and snacking on delicious nachos and other food.


04. Terre Haute Children’s Museum

This museum has been designed for children up to the age of 12 and provides for a very unique learning experience. It is a place filled with fun activities, exploring and the kids can learn and explore science and technology without being bored.

They get to take part in activities like driving a tractor, using high tech devices and learn about health and body. This is a great place to take your kids especially to inspire them to be more curious and willing to learn about different things while having fun.


05. Square Donuts

Are you in Terra Haute and craving mouth watering sweets, then this is the place for you. Known for its doughnuts as well as the unusual name, Square Donuts has been in business since 1967. The store is shaped like a square and was found by Richard Comer and run with his wife and daughters.

Beside its unusual shape, here you can also get square shaped donuts that come in various flavors. Along with that, you can also try their long Johns and cinnamon rolls with strawberry icing, chocolate icing, or peanut butter icing.


06. Terre Haute Action Track

A half mile long dirt race track, the Terre Haute Race track was opened in the year 1952. Also known as The Action Track, Every year, it hosts United States Automobile Club midget car, sprint car and Silver crown events in which several prominent drivers take part.

The races are very exhilarating and fun to watch. This is a great way to have some fun time with your family.


07. Deming Park

Sprawling over 177 acres, this park in Terre Haute is a recreational park that has a golf course, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, playgrounds, fishing areas and picnic spots.

This is the largest park in the city and a great place to have fun and relax with family, especially kids. The park stays open at all times and you can enjoy walking around at night as well.


08. Haute City Center (Honey Creek Mall)

This is a shopping centre in the city that has been opened since the year 1968. Here you can shop all you want from its various retail stores, try out delicious food, while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere inside the mall since it doesn’t have any big department stores.


09. Vigo County Historical Museum

Built in 1895, the museum showcases the local history for over the last 200 years. The facility spreads over 34,000 square feet and m exhibits vintage artifacts, transports, as well as documents relating historical events and so much more.

It also shows displays about the locally designed Coca Cola bottle which was designed here by Root Glass Company in 1915. Visiting this museum is a must of you want to know more about the city and its heritage.


10. Terre Haute Masonic Temple

Built in the Classical Revival style Masonic architecture, the temple opened in 1917 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995.

The temple has four stories but its foundation was built for twelve stories and also includes a ballroom, a library, a card room, cloak rooms and offices. Its beautiful interiors, stunning historic architecture and furniture make is a great place to visit and learn more about the Masonic literature as well as how this temple was founded.


11. LaVern Gibson Championship Cross Country

This is a 250 acre complex which has been specially designed for cross country running, making it one of the very few such courses in the whole world.

The course has hosted many championship meets here and has been designed in such a way that the spectators are able to watch the races till the end. This is a great place to go to and enjoy watching the races especially if you are a sports enthusiast.


12. Crossroads Repertory Theatre

Initially started as ISU Summer Theatre in 1965, the theatre has hosted plays like A Doll’s House, The Fantasticks, The Sunshine Boys, Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It, Ladies of the Jury and many more.

They aim to perform a range of plays including international plays instead of focusing on a particular type and also involve artists that include well known to amateur actors in their plays. Make sure to watch at least one performance when in the city.


13. Memorial Stadium

Constructed in 1924 and with the seating capacity of over 12000 people, the stadium is home to the football team of Indiana. It was built in the memory of people who served in the First World War and the arch on the entrance of the stadium serves to honor them.

Besides football, it also used to host baseball and soccer matches and hosts events like the Fourth of July celebrations but now, it has been turned into a football only facility.


14. Indiana Theatre

This is a historic theatre opened in 1922, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997. It was designed by John Eberson and the theatre is built like a grand palace that became the first prototype of what was to become his signature ‘Atmospheric Theatre’ design style.

Initially founded to screen silent movies, the theatre has since then been host to performers like Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and many more. Besides enjoying theatre performances, movie shows and other events here, you can also admire its breathtaking architecture


15. Saint Benedict Catholic Church

Another historic place, this church was established in 1864 by German immigrants and dedicated to Saint Benedict. The current building of the church has been built in the Romanesque style of architecture.

Don’t forget to visit this place and offer your prayers. Look around and explore the architecture while basking in the peaceful atmosphere of this place.


16. Charlie’s Neighborhood Pub And Grub

If you want to indulge in some delicious American food, this is the place to be at. Here you can treat yourself to juicy cheeseburgers, hot dogs, onion rings, baked buns, and so many other dishes that will make your mouth water.

All the ingredients used here are locally sourced and they also serve drinks that are locally brewed. Spend an evening filled with amazing food and drinks in the company of your friends.


17. Piloni’s Italian Restaurant

If you find yourself craving Italian food, Piloni's is here to serve you.

Here you will be able to experience classic and authentic Italian dishes as well as fresh seafood, sandwiches, veal, lamb, chicken, shrimp, and many other dishes. The ambiance of this place is beautiful.


18. Grand Traverse Pie Company

Visit this is local chain outlet if you have a sweet tooth and try out their wide variety of pies and coffee while enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the place. They also serve sandwich and soups. Their pesto Mayo, chocolate cream pie and cherry pie come highly recommended.


19. Dobbs Memorial Park

This beautiful park serves as a peaceful retreat away from the rush of the city and allows you to calm down and relax, surrounded by beautiful pine trees and beautiful scenery.

It is also a recreation park and has hiking trails, a Nature Centre, a pond, a Native American museum as well as a State Nature Preserve. This is a great place to spend time with your family and enjoy the calm and nature.


20. Swope Art Museum

This museum was founded by a Civil War veteran and jeweler and opened 1942 and is one of the biggest buildings in Downtown Terre Haute. It showcases works by local artists as well as art that tells the history of the city and country with the aim to collect, preserve and celebrate American art.

It also offers summer art classes as well as hosts lectures on art every year. Don’t forget to visit this museum and explore the rich collection exhibited here including works by artists like Edward Hopper, Grant Wood and many more.