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20 Best Things to do in Forks, Washington State

Steve Jennifer
Updated: April 24th 2023



Are you ready to get yourself redeemed in Forks? Let’s explore the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I would like you to dive into the adventure with us in the city of Forks, United States. Its lush green meadows and rainforests call you as if it’s a perfect runaway.

The destination has come into light due to the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. In the bucket list try adding all the destinations below.


01. Tree Root Cave

The first thing that pops into anybody’s head when it's Forks is Tree Root Cave which is at Highway 101 near the beach at Kalaloch campground, Forks, Washington State 98331, United States. It’s a tree that survives on nothing but air hence making it an amazing marvel of nature.

This immortal tree which is more than a thousand years old would leave anybody awestruck.Underneath this popular tree of life they're a cave like hollow and that’s how people started calling it the Tree Root Cave.


02. Hall of mosses

The hall of mosses is a loop trial through a portion of the Hoh Rain Forest near Hoh Rain Forest visitors centre in the Olympic National Forest in the Washington.It is filled with very old temperate trees ,covered in green and brown mosses including towering Sitka Spruces and Bigleaf Maples.

It is less than a mile walk with a height of 100 miles.It is open 24 hours. Time to reach at Hoh Valley Road, Forks, Washington State 98331, United States


03. Rialto beach shortline

It is a very popular beach but a lot of people do not know about the hike called hole in the wall.This beautiful rock that literally looks like a hole in the wall overlooking the ocean and you can only go during the low tide.

So Visit at Rialto Beach. It is located 36 miles southwest of Lake Crescent, and about 75 miles from Port Angeles . La Push, Washington, 98331, United States and experienced the waves of excitement.


04. Washington second beach

A breathtaking beach that will puzzle around with a lot of rocks lying.More fascinating experience is the sunset when hiked down before an hour of sunset. Hence do not in any case forget your cameras.

One needs to plan their timings well in advance to make sure they hike back when there is enough light.You should be able to see starfishes,seals and eagles.What a treasure trove it is yet beware of the marine life underfoot. So don’t miss out on reaching La Push, Washington 98331, United States.


05. Twilight tours

As the name itself suggests it’s all based on Stephanie Myer’s book which had an inspiration from the places in Forks .They have put up clothes from the movie for display in the museum where the entry is free.Book readers would relate to the places more.

On purchasing these books they put a stamp that these books are purchased from Forks. To know more experience the place at 130 Spartan Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States.


06. Quillayute River

This river falls in between Rialto and La Push beaches and is itself made up of three larger rivers.It’s a nice fishing spot in the season.Apart from fishing there are other exciting activities like kayaking,swimming and canoeing that one can go for.

The Quillayute River is formed by the convergence of the Bogachiel River, the Sol Duc River and Calawah River.So, enjoy the air at Quillayute River, Forks, Washington 98331, United States.


07. Forks Timber Museum

Forks has an economy of timber industry as it is the rainiest place it’s called the logging capital of the world.This museum has a great mix of artefacts from very long periods of time.

Mostly people visit this place to see Bella’s truck from the actual movie.Worth a stop if you are exploring the area. Having said that, visiting 1421 S Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States should be on your list.


08. Sully’s drive in

Looking for some nice food in Forks then this is a perfect drive in.It serves American styled fast food delicacies.There is definitely a reason for this place to be crowded. The food here is all reasonably priced.

People really enjoy the butterscotch shake here,do not miss it .The staff works so fast and is super friendly in spite of the long lines. So, enjoy the good times at 220 N Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States


09. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is one of the diverse national parks in the country. Everywhere you spot huge lush green trees and their shades help you in refreshing. In one Park one can explore three different landscapes of mountains, rainforest and beaches.

Summer would be the best time to visit. Olympic 12 months pass costs 55$.Vehicle parking, motorcycle parking per week costs would differ as per the website. With that being mentioned, explore more at 3002 Mt Angeles Rd, Port Angeles, Washington state 98362, United States.


10. Sol Duc Falls Hiking Trail

Sol Duc is another beautiful and easy hike located in the Olympic National Park. June is the best time to visit the brimming water coursing through huge rocks and cutting all the paths within.

The waterfall is very beautiful to witness and that comes with a caution to pick up hiking boots instead of sneakers as it would be very muddy at Sol Duc, Washington State 98331, United States.


11. Ruby Beach

An Olympic Peninsula trip is incomplete without visiting pristine Ruby Beach. The driftwood logs on the beach to rest and witnessing the rock formations seep into them the light and make it a beautiful setting.

The name Ruby Beach got its name from the rock formation resemblance to rubies in crimson colour. Parking might be iffy during the season. But it's worth the visit at Ruby Beach 157151 US-101, Forks, Washington state 98331, United States.


12. John’s Beachcombing Museum

This beach showcases lost, discarded, float corks and many nautical items collected from the beaches. It was founded by a plumber named John Anderson. John could be named as a true collector of seashells to weird contents of container pills.

The collection of messages in bottles thrown in the sea before would be a very inspiring read.He has also included things he collected during the tsunami in Japan. Sounds just fine to you? Explore more at 143 Andersonville Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States.


13. Quileute Indian Reservation

Quileute Indian Reservation has more than 1800 years of history since the Quinault treaty was signed. The popularity kicked in due to their roles in the twilight series of books. It is located near the Quillayute River, to be precise, it is at its Quileute Indian Reservation, Forks, Washington. So, plan a visit because Twilight water tour is famous amongst several activities offered.


14. The Tree Graveyard

It is located on the Rialto Beach in La Push Washington. This is a very infamous tourist spot with huge, uprooted trees stacked up one upon another due to storms. Fierce ocean winds and black sand deposits at places makes this place appear quite ghostly when combined with the thick white fog coming from the frosty seas. Camping and hiking activities can also be picked up in this spot.


15. Olympic Loop birding trail

Witness more than 200 species out of 346 annually recorded bird species in the entire state is truly an eye-catching experience. Do not forget your binoculars when you reach 3002 Mt Angeles Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98362, United States.

Olympic Loop of great birding trail starts from the Nisqually River Delta in south Puget Sound. Viewing and hearing different birds in the temperate old grown rain forest is an absolute soothing experience. It is a self-guided tour with nearly 54 spots to explore at various spots. The Olympic loop is around 400 miles.It is open all around the year .Olympic Annual Pass to the Park costs $55 per person.


16. Springer’s Sport Fishing

Fishing is a skill and not everybody knows how to fish. Gone are those days where every weekend kids used to go fishing with their fathers and grandfathers. Here a group of fishing experts provide guidance in fishing making it a fun experience.

Please check the schedule for fishing different fishes on their website and plan slots accordingly before travelling to 71 E Division St, Forks, WA 98331, United States


17. Storm King Ranger Station

If historical places and structures excites you then this is a must visit place located in Olympic National Park. It was built in 1905.This building has a connection with Chris Morgenroth as he was one of the first forest service rangers.

So, here is the exact location for you, Port Angeles, WA 98363, United States. Furthermore, early peninsula log style construction standing strong on the uphill after many years leaves everybody awestruck. In the year 2007 it made an entry in the National record for historic places.


18. Bogachiel State Park

A perfect spot for a campground and offers lots of private sites at 85983 US-101, Forks, WA 98331, United States. This state park was first established in the year 1931.At the campsite there might be lack of hot water availability hence make sure to carry a stove and pot to boil water. The river nearby is a very shallow river hence one cannot expect to go fishing here.


19. Forks Chamber of Commerce

It is a place set up especially to help the novice travellers. It is open almost round the year to help the visitors with required information. May it be itinerary planning or directions issues or travel recommendations ,it is a one stop go.

The staff working here are very friendly and cordial irrespective of the rush.So don't forget to visit at 1411 S Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States.


20. Pacific Pizza

Who would not love a lip smacking hot pizza on a holiday.Reach at 870 S Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331, United States.This restaurant is known for some really delicious pizzas in the town.Food id very tasty and the service is very quick and friendly.

After an entire day hiking one can consider their option of personal pan pizzas as per their appetite.In their menu of gourmet pizzas they have Ricotta-Spinach pizza,Alfredo pizza,Ranch Chicken pizza,Basil Pesto pizza,Meatball pizza,Margarita pizza.