The winter is going to an end because the leaves are starting to fall so the dresses of the designers are changing according to  the season  the dark and something fall dresses are introduced by the designers when the  new season starts the  ladies  become excited for the new style and trend  many new styles are  introduced by the designer.

When season is start the colors of the dress are very beautiful with different embroidery and stuff  with the gowns carry the different footwear and make gorgeous hairstyle valentino is a well know designer  of the western her dresses are really liked by the  girls for the different occasions  in the fall season dark colors in the floral prints are  included in the  dresses so stay with us and see the different dresses.

Green color floral dress:

1. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

Off shoulder  dress with full sleeves in the georgette stuff  different lining are on the overall dress  very tiny flowers in the  purple color with the frock style is looking nice the cape is on the dress  with collar neckline and the leather long boots  in black color flat  with the red color pouch  and the pendent .

Mauve color floral:

2. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

Mauve color is very light color it gives you cute and decent look becau8se in the light color every person look beautiful  ankle length frock  bodice is overall pleated  with cuffed full sleeves  and bleated collar neckline with the  black leather long boots you can also go with the high heel red pumps for the fancy look.

Dark grey and light :

3. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

Grey color is very beautiful and attractive grey color long sweater in the frock style  is looking nice full fitted sleeves simple  bodice  ribbon flowers are on the sleeves and the crochet pattern  made bottom  flowers with the leaves are made on the frock with collar neckline and  leather long boots are looking gorgeous  in black color carry the black jewelry with this dress.

Floral maxi style:

4.Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

Floor length  maxi in the double shaded flowers  sky blue and brown  triple layer on the maxi with the three quarter sleeves  with frill embellished  ban neckline is looking decent  carry the Racine boots in grey  color  your shoes are matched with your dress carry the silver jewelry  and nude makeup for the decent look.

Golden and red shaded dress:

5. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

Golden shaded frock full sleeves knee length frock with full of flowers it can be carried in the spring season also because the flowers are made on it red color roses are the flowers of love and sincerity overall dress is pleated  bateau neckline this frock is looking beautiful carry the high heel golden shoes at the place of leather boots  can give you formal look .

Burgundy mermaid style:

6. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

In the fall season if you want to  carry the dark colors  then burgundy is the best because it gives you an elegant look  floor length mermaid style and the neckline is  in the collar style   bind it with the dory and the cuffed sleeves it is in the silk form  with it you can carry the net veil and the high heel shoes in the black color  with antique jewelry for the fancy look.

Red sequence embellished dress:

7. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

Red color look so nice  when you carry it in the night parties  floor length gown with the straps deep neckline and the sequence embellished on the overall gown  with it carry the pointed high heel  maroon pumps with it silver and black are also decent in the cocktail parties, wedding anniversary and the  prom partiers carry this dress with the simple jewelry.

Multi shaded dress:

8. Valentino Pre-Fall 2017 ladies collection

A-line v gown   front open style is looking awesome  overall dress is embellished with the koura work stones work  and sitara work in the beautiful colors full fitted sleeves the work is also on the  sleeves  with net skinny pajama  it is formal dress the brides can also carry this dress  with this dress wear the pointed Racine boots in the white color with the white crystal embedded  jewelry.