What I Should Wear on Wedding Reception Function:

Wedding reception is one of my favorite functions. I like to attend this event. Whenever I prepare for a wedding reception party then I select my dress by keeping some very important points into my mind. Today, I want to share these points with you so that you can also get a flawless & perfect look. Don’t ever try to wear too much body revealing attires because these never makes you to look hot but these can add a vulgarity feel into your personality. Similarly, make sure a right fit dress. Don’t try too loose or too tight. If you have plus size then keep your plus size in mind & choose right attire. Some more tips about reception wedding dress are described into the following points.

Short, Medium & Long Length Attires for Wedding Reception:

You can find dresses in different lengths such as short, long or medium lengths. The short dress may be thigh length or knee length while a long dress may be ankle length or floor length while the dresses that range in between knee & ankle length are called medium length dresses such as a calf length dresses. What length you should choose? Well it depends on your height & skin. Mostly the girls & ladies who have too much height they can wear short dress in order to reduce their height while short height girls can wear long dresses with high heels for increasing their height. The girls who have an average height they can go with short, long or medium (all types of lengths). Similarly, the women who have tan skin or they have dark spot on legs then they should avoid shorter dresses & try to choose long length attires. If you think that you have flawless skin on your legs then you can try mini dresses on wedding reception.

Short Length:

1 short  dress to wear on  wedding reception

Medium Length:

2 medium length dress for wedding reception

Long Length:

3 long edding reception dress idea

Day time & Night Time Wedding Reception Attire Ideas:

4 day time & night time wedding reception dresses ideas
For day time wedding reception, I usually suggests to my dear fashion loving ladies & girls that you should always choose pastel colors such as you can try a peach color lace dress or you can go with white dress that have colorful flower pattern. You can also go with light sky blue, beige, min green, pink & light turquoise color dresses in day time functions. Choose those attires that have less sparkly embellishments. Use minimal piece of fancy jewelry. Keep the strokes of make up very light & gentle.
In night time wedding reception function, girls can wear darker & brighter tones such as black dress can be a best one wedding reception dress. You can also wear navy blue, red, emerald green & other bright tone such as plum & fuchsia pink etc. At night time events usually the crystal embellished or sequins work attires are best. You can apply dark makeup strokes at night function but keep in mind that if you apply dark lipstick then keep your eye makeup very light & if you apply dark eye shades then keep your lipstick very light.
Similarly, select jewelry piece very wisely. If your dress has heavy embroidery work around the neckline then skip necklace & only wear earrings. With sleeveless attire wear necklace or fancy bangles.

Seasonal Inspired Wedding Reception Dresses Ideas:

5 Seasonal outfits ideas for wedding reception
In winter season try to cover up yourself with such accessories that not only look stylish but can also give you a trendy look. Try to wear fur shrug that match with your dress, try a trendy over coat or a gloves with your formal attire. In winter you can wear shimmer dresses at night events because these can warm up your look. Try pumps with close toe so that these can provide warmth to your toes. In winter you need velvet stuff, georgette stuff or satin stuff dresses, the stuff that can provide coziness to your body.
In autumn feel more special try the shades of grey, Black, blue, etc. In autumn I personally love to wear glitzy clothes on wedding reception.
In spring, try to wear flower pattern clothes. The plus size ladies should choose small size flower print clothes while extra slim ladies & girls can wear big size flower print dresses.
In summer season, try to wear sleek and simple attires. Try to wear light weight & airy dresses. Choose fresh color, pastel tones.  The breathable fabrics such as cotton linen are best for summer.

Stuff & Styles Guide about Dresses for Wedding Reception:

6 chiffon red jumper night time ideas of dresses to wear on wedding reception
If we talk about stuff then there are lots of options such as lace, chiffon, satin, tulle, net, georgette, silk, velvet etc, choose one that is season suitable. Similarly, in styles you can find tube dress (a body hugging dress), flare dress, high low (asymmetrical dress), jumper suit etc. Don’t think only about short dress or long gowns but also take a look at some other trendy styles that are in fashion. Wedding reception is not only about gowns but it is a function where you can wear jump suit, high low attire or pant shirt etc.