Some useful tips for you to ready on the marriage ceremony

0. how to get ready for marriage function in saree

•    Take a bath before wearing sarree and use deodorant because when you take shower and use fragrance you feel fresh and   energetic in your whole function.
•     When you are going on  any function first see the weather if  it is summer season then use the cucumber   paste on your face it  is best moisturizer  in the summer   and  there many face masks are available in the market  you can use it before the  make up  at least 2 hours ago   because it  has to be absorb in the  prone of your face.
•    Try to apply the mask on your   neck, hands and the upper part of your busty f it look different from your face complexion then it is a major mistake   in your make up. Before the summer season make use the ice cubes and   massage these cubes on your face it will keep your make up fresh for long time.
•    Now select a sarree from your wardrobe and wear only petticoat and the blouse of it because in the preparation of makeup the press can be spoil.
•    It’s time to be makeup which is a  very time consuming work   tie your hair on your head  and apply the primer  according to your skin complexion  and  you can use the foundation and if there is problem to blend it then use concealer to  make it equal  and use the foundation on your  face ,neck and the hands  because your all revealing parts  should be same.
•    Now   use the  light color  eye shade on your eyes  try to go light because dark look like monster and  light look so natural and  cool  and blend the eyeshade on your full eyes and use the thick layer of black mascara  on your eyes with the  eyeliner .
•    Use the light brown color pencil on your eyebrow not attempt in double time because it can give you an artificial look. Never use your fingers to apply the eyeshades rather  you  should use the brush because brush can  help you to remove the extra  shades.
•    You can apply liner according to your eyes shape and according to the fashion because Egyptian, cat eyes, Arabic eyes and so many eyes are in the trend  but if you don’t want to use shades on your eyes you can go with the colorful glitter eyeliner .
•    Now high light your  cheek bones means blush on  pink ,brown color  and all the nude colors are good for the decent look but now a day’s  girls are using shimmer to   highlight their cheeks.
•    It,s time to use the  lipstick and out line  and  apply lipstick   to your favorite color and your make up is ready.
•     It’s turn to your hairstyle  first of all   tie your sarree and    make a top bun or top knot on your head and you can use the flower to make it embellish and with the sarree bubble bun  and symmetrical bun all buns are good . to make your hairstyle for long time use hairspray and hair gel.
•     Wear a high heel sandal with your sarree and the fancy   shoes will be good choice  and   peep toe heel sandal  can be carry under the sarree.

1. how to get ready for marriage function in saree   4. how to get ready for marriage function in saree  6. how to get ready for marriage function in saree