Fatima saleem:

Among the honored and well reputed anchors of Geo news Fatima Salem has noteworthy place. She is geo news sport anchor from long period. She is great support of Pakistan females and has done lots of projects for the empowerment of Pakistani ladies. Fatima is only one sister of three brothers and born in cricket lover family. This thing made her interested in cricket. From her childhood she was well aware from the cricket’s peculiarities.  Fatima saleem is good swimmer since her age of 11 years. Here we are disclosing amazing news about Geo news anchor Fatima Saleem. Stay with us.

Fetching wedding pictures of Fatima saleem:

For the fans of Fatima Saleem festive news is that she has been married now. Fatima tied the knot some days ago. It was lo profiled wedding; only close friends and realities were invited there. Fatima was looking gorgeous at her wedding day. She was in traditional wedding dress with opulent jewelry. Many of Geo new anchors, reporters and directors were there to wish her happy long family.

Rabia Anam, Marvi Memon and many other renowned personalities were increasing the wedding charm. Bride was enormously happy at her significant day. Her wedding pictures are excellent evidence of her grant festivity. By taking selfies and pout pictures with fellows and husband she is expressing her joviality.

For her fans here we are sharing exclusive wedding pictures of her wedding ceremony. Have an admiring glance of shared gallery with appreciating eyes and enjoy the fascinating wedding pictures of your favorite news anchor. We all wish her happy long married life with all prosperity and great happiness.

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