Roberto motti

Roberto motti is considered as spotlighted Italian fashion designer who has been working with other fashion companies since 1995. In 2013, he decided to initiate his own fashion label concerning wedding dresses designs for young brides.

Current presentation

Our currently presented collection is linked with exquisite trendy fashion bridal collection, currently launched and showcased by Roberto motti.

Elegant bridal collection 2015 by Roberto motti

We are elaborating scope of western designer bridal outfits by presenting latest designer collection of wedding gowns, currently launched by elevated bridal fashion designer, Roberto motti. Every designer drafted segment is soothingly fabricated with pure comfy stuff and managed with bold stitching style techniques along with fabulous graceful designing facts and figures like white thread embroidery and stone crush that presents perfect fashion appearance when amalgamate with gorgeous white color texture.

Suitable for

Our drafted collection is associated with display of amazingly designed fashion bridal collection 2015, currently launched by Roberto motti.

Roberto Motti 2015 Wedding Dresses

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Roberto Motti 2015 Wedding Dresses (2)