Weddings are auspicious for couples not only because this the day of meeting two souls but also the remarkable moments that make their day awesome. At present, the trend of theme weddings and the personalized essentials both groom and bride use, is surely a great thing like today my topic is about wedding shoes for brides but you are thinking what is special about the shoes, the special thing is about the designing art at bottom writing or putting decals in a fun way is very much enjoyable. My assortment is containing the best ideas of these decals in different ways. I will give you ideas that with which designs you may go with even if you have theme based wedding.
It’s a fun way to have meaningful stickers at bottom of wedding shoes to create pleasant atmosphere walking down the aisle and the gazes of guests at your shoes with outstanding designs but for this purpose I will recommend you the dress train must not be so long so it may hide your artful shoes but if you want to go with long dresses then these shoes be grateful having bride groom photo shot.
Some brides go with the couple shoes ideas like the ‘I do’ sticker on bridal shoes and the ‘Me too’ stickers on groom shoes which look amazing and joyous for sizzling photo shot of cute couples. Ok brides! Do you want to have such decaled shoes on your wedding day? Then lets come to find some designs that are most wanted and alluring.

I DO stickers for bottom of shoes:

1 wedding shoes designs and stickers for bottom

I do stickers are most famous for bottom designing that can be put with three ideas I have shown in the picture. If your shoes are full of rhinestones then the same rhinestone I DO will be best. On colorful shoes matched color stickers will look amazing for example blue glittery I DO stickers and the mini mice for bride. The third option is simply take big size simple sticker and put on shoes that will work well.

Different designs with rhinestones:

2 wedding shoes designs and stickers for bottom

Mostly the wedding shoes are heavily designed with glistening rhinestones that’s why for bottom shoe art the rhinestones can use to make any flower or write something significant like He’s mine or Mrs. Peedle. Choose your pose for photo shooting and make your shoes designs noticeable.

Name with date:

3 wedding shoes designs and stickers for bottom

The trend of shoes bottom designing with name and date decals is very popular these days. Just write your name on one shoe bottom and the special day of wedding date on other. This will be even remarkable symbol for the couple to keep it safe in the closet as a beautiful memory of their meeting moments.

Disney inspired shoes bottom stickers:

4 wedding shoes designs and stickers for bottom

Some weddings are held according to themes which of them Disney land and the characters are very popular. You can take such stickers on which Disney castle or the different characters couple designs are made to give you chance of having princess like wedding shoes.

Rose flower design idea on shoes:

5 wedding shoes designs and stickers for bottom

Rose contains a huge importance for weddings as there is a big use of flowers. You may have rose design at the bottom of wedding shoes on which the very strong words ‘Till death Do us part’ are written that shows the eternal love of the beautiful couple. The important thing about these shoes is this can also wear on other events like Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers.

Beautiful red heart decal for brides:

6 wedding shoes designs and stickers for bottom

It is said that the couples are made in heaven and definitely these are matters of heart. So show your beautiful red heart on your special wedding day shoes bottom to signify your divine love feelings. Both groom and bride make the love sign I mean heart on shoes bottom.