0. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

A flower is  a  collection of colorful flowers  in the creative arrangement  flower bouquets is made for the decoration  of  the houses ,buildings and the wedding places but  the bouquets in the hand of  bride and the bridesmaid  on the wedding handhold bouquets  are in different specific shapes and style as just like the cascading ,crescent  and the  nosegay bouquet are  made for the bride they hold it in their hand  and  these  bouquets  is traditional thing which is used for the brides in the wedding  and these bouquets are not used in wedding it can present to the others on the birthday and the anniversary  ceremony.

all the flowers have different significance with the flowers and the symbolism is connected with the flowers  according to the culture  and these flowers are effected on our personality perfectly  as just like that red color tulip  show the love and loyalty  and the yellow show tulip show the friendship  orange is the symbol of perfect love  white tulip is used to apologize to  someone and the pink show the innocently of a young girl.

Red roses symbolized the love and beauty it is mostly associated with the ladies.  Here I am talking about the  wedding bouquets which are made up of the  tulip and  the rose combination because  both  show  the love and  loyalty  and the  wedding is the name of these both things.

Lavender tulip with rose:

1. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

Lavender  color is very beautiful and unique color it is not  much common but in the tulip it is  famous  this tulip  show the   fall in love with someone  and you are going to wedding with her so  for the wedding arrange a  flower bouquets which is made up of  the white and the purple color  combination  you can wrap it according to your choice because  purple and the white both ribbons are good for  make a  nice bouquets.

Orange with orange:

2. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

Orange color is very bright and bold  so when we make a contrast of the  orange tulip with the orange rose then it become a great   and beautiful bouquet  because orange tulip  is the symbol of  perfect love  and the rose  is mostly liked by the  people because it is very  cute and the  much petals are in the rose and it  is in so many colors  so when you make a contrast orange tulip with the orange rose then fasten it with the  green ribbon it look  so good.

Soft colors bouquets:

3. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

In the summer   we prefer to wear the soft colors because in the soft colors we feel less hotness  so if we   want to make the   wedding bouquets then it is good thing to go with the  light colors as just like baby pink color  rose with the  touch of pink tulip and the other beautiful pink  flowers with the   leaves  and the   other  small flower  with it you can cover it with the  white silk ribbons and   dark pink color is also  decent.

Rustic inspired wedding bouquet:

4. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

The brides who are inspired from the rustic inspired wedding ceremony then you can go with the light colors and very simple collection of flowers because the rustic weddings are very simple  and you can  wrap  the bouquet with the rope  because it is rustic inspired wedding ceremony your   light pink color  rose with  white roses and the light yellow tulip flowers  because the  yellow  pastel color touch is making  your wedding  bouquet  beautiful  you can use the   white color net stuff to make it in a shape of bouquets

Yellow with the white:


6. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

Yellow color tulip with the  white roses and the small white  flowers   with the frill style is giving your bouquets a decent touch  you can wrap it with the colorful ribbons because with the white  and the yellow  every dark color is good  it can be hold to your  bridesmaid because  yellow tulip is the  symbol of friendship  yellow ribbon with the  fancy buttons are  good style  for  hold in the wedding.

Boho wedding bouquets:


7. Wedding bouquet with tulips and roses

Many brides are inspired from the fashion of boho because boho can do everything according to their wish so if you are inspired from the boho then you can select the rough and dull colors cascading bouquets  with  different color flowers like  white light pink  ,peach and the light  color  tulip  flowers  is the choice of the boho brides  so if you want to  make a boho   bouquet then collect some wild but light color  flowers and  fasten it   with the colorful ribbons and the buttons.  With your long train dress this cascading bouquets look perfect.