You are thinking what is a Garter Set? My dear readers when I am here then no need to think any more because I will try my best in order make every thing clear to you. Basically, a garter is a band that is worn around the leg or on the thigh of a bride. The tradition of wearing a garter set is common in the west. Brides usually wear this accessory on the right leg.

Groom, usually, throw this garter towards all the bachelors in order to make their destiny good. In simple words this garter signifies good luck for unmarried boys. The boy who receives the garter is considered as the next person who will be going to marry soon. This tradition is same like the tradition of throwing a bridal bouquet & the girl who receives the bouquet is considered a future bridal.

I hope now you may become familiar with tradition very well. Are You? Now have a look at the following garter set collection. In this collection I only include crystal garter sets. These luminous & precious crystal are making these garter sets very fabulous & superb. Hope you will like it. You can get outstanding ideas from this collection about the color & design of garter for your own upcoming wedding ceremony.

Collection of: Garter Set
For: Western Brides
Embellished with: Crystals

Beautifully Designed Crystal Garter Set for Brides

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Outstandingly Designed White Color Lace Garter Set Adorned with Shinny Crystals

2 women Crystal Garter Set 2014

Pair of Wedding Crystal Garter for Brides

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