The dresses and the footwear  are the compulsory thing for everyone because it make your personality good  and if it is in the good form then all people  praise your  personality and impress .

The footwear and dresses are different of all seasons  because we become fed up with the same things  and it is only due to our  seasons . In the summer open and the airy shoes are used by the ladies whenever in winter close and shoes style shoes’ are preferred.

In the summer the shoes are in the colorful; and light both form because colorful are used with the printed and the colorful embroided lawn and chiffon dresses whenever with your light color dresses nude and natural colors are used. In the summer shoes the sandal strappy heel  chapel , flip flop , pumps, wedges  and many other which you can carry with your skirts , Capri , pajamas ,pants , maxis and many other bottom which look gorgeous  in the summer season and these outfits are selected for formal , semi formal and casual functions .

Here I have some styles of shoes which  you can include in your wardrobe because these are essential for your perfect  summer  look.

Lace and sitara embellished sandal:

1.Colorful summer shoes for girls

In the summer if you are carrying top and the tunic  in the lawn and the silk  form then with this shirt carry the pent in the  boyfriend style and crop and select the colorful flat sandal that is embellished with the pum pum  lace , sitara work sparkling.

Gota  style and the  paisley printed  lace  with orange and blue color with the fringes lace  and steel  sequence  on the shoes it is looking so beautiful  when you are going in the semi formal functions then carry it with your simple dress it look  nice with the matching nail paint for the young girl this shoes is best.

Light brown and yellow:

2. Colorful summer shoes for girls

Light brown and yellow is a nice combination because both are in the light form and you can wear this sandal with your dark shaded dresses because  dark can go with the light  cork high heel wooden  style heel and the yellow straps  on the shoes with the backup  ankle strap it is for the  young and senior all ages ladies because it is simple and easy to walk non slip  with your mini skirt Capri pent and crop pent  wear this sandal and move on.

Colorful coat shoes:

3. Colorful summer shoes for girls

In the spring season when the summer is not come on properly then you should go with the colorful and the sparkling things because the spring demands something colorful and attractive  three to four shaded are  used in the sandal on the foot the cross strap and the back of the coast shoes is  fully made of  colorful straps carry this hoes  with your cigarette pants maxis and the gowns  but if you are going on the dinner party then  for this it is also good choice because it can go with every color.

Polka dotted pumps:

4. Colorful summer shoes for girls

In the summer season tiny and little printed are selected by the ladies because it will keep them save from the sweating and the perspiration so their dress designs are n the floral, dotted, lining checked and the intricate pattern so some ladies like to match their footwear with their dresses polka dotted pumps are really very nice it can be carried with any dress because in the shoes white and black both colors are added and both are good with every outfit.

High heel net sandal:

5. Colorful summer shoes for girls

Black color is the favorite color of the many ladies it give you elegant and charming look net stuff is very trendy in the  summer season because it is open the crossing of air is easy through the net  shoes  floral net  ankle strap sleek heel is looking fabulous it is liked by many young girls for the hot and glamorous look they select this sandal with it apply the red and the  silver shimmered nail paint for  enhance your charm.

Floral gladiators style shoes:

6. Colorful summer shoes for girls

In the summer season you should wear light and simple shoes that look so attractive  but if you are going in the  parties and  outing  with  friends  then carry the something new and different here the floral  gladiators in the pink shaded  and brown plastic  flowers with the Swarovski stones are used on the  shoes with your mini skirt  , shorts and the one piece dress wear this shoes it is in the  wrapping  style  apply the shimmered pink nail paint for the decent look .
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