White shoes will never go out of style and it is always good to have a pair of white sneakers. White shoes care very popular among all especially fashion girls are obsessed with white shoes and they are most liked to wear in summers. But white shoes are easily got dirty and they have tendency to yellow over time then it is difficult to make them bright and totally depends on the fabric. Here are some simple and easy ways by following them you can easily make your shoes bright and give them a new look again and never put your shoes in washing machine.

The basic thing that your white shoes turn yellow is the sunlight because sunlight breaks down the chemicals that are used to create white and bright sneakers or shoes.

First of all you should remove the laces and then start the process of cleaning shoes. Take a plastic tub and fill it with warm water not too hot and then rinse your shoes in the water and then make solution of water shoe cleaner. Use a soft brush and scrub every part of the shoe with the shoe cleaner mixture but don’t scrub the shoe too hard because it can damage the shoe. Finally rinse the shoe in warm water again and do this inside and outside the shoes and in the end stuff your shoes in paper towel because it will absorb the water and speed up the drying process.
There are some home remedies to clean your shoes.

If your shoes are heavy yellowed stains, take warm water and some baking soda mix them well and make a fine paste and then rub the paste into stained areas and leave it to dry then wash it off with water. You can wash your shoes with a shoe cleaner. To remove odors presoak your shoes in white vinegar because vinegar not only helps to remove the odors but it also helps to clean the shoes well.

Olive oil or walnut oil can also help to clean the shoes and they protect the leather also. To clean the shoes with olive oil take a soft cloth, dip it into some oil and then gently rub it on the shoe. Olive oil will polish your shoe and make your shoes shine and bright. Lemon juice is best to remove regular dust spots from leather. Take equal amount of lemon juice and cream of tartar, make the mixture and apply this past on the spots with soft cloth leave it for few hours and repeat the process if needed.

The most important thing you should keep in mind that always wash white shoes alone or with one or two pairs of white shoes. Wash your laces with solution of warm water and common soap and let them air dry. After cleaning and washing treat your white shoes or sneakers well and when they are not being worn, put them in a cool dark place.

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