What?? Flat bridal shoes for wedding? Well a general reaction when hearing that flat shoes are also appropriate to wear on your big day. I mean it’s enough sane to have high heels with the proper shape and glamorous sexy walk but wait, flats are not insane OK. When moving towards the aisle or the section of dancing on floor, most of the brides do want to be free from tiring heels and some brides never go right for heels and pray that all go right with their shoes miraculously. Don’t push yourself for the undesired things and find comfort in flats on your wedding day to stand freely, dance charmingly and walking exquisitely.
It is recommended by the photographers that brides must keep the second substitute flats when taking shots for wedding photos, so you can think about having just flat. I just like the flats because I have unsmooth walk in heels and not used to wearing heels, even having the proper height I wanna wear flat shoes on my wedding to attain the higher level of ease and sophistication.
Now the designers are working to create designs both in flat and heel for brides so that they may get advantage of whatever style they want to go with. Never and ever compromise for three things when buying the wedding shoes that are price, style and comfort. Secondly your personal preferences matter a lot in shopping for your wedding day apparel, just be confident and rock your style to tell the people you are something.

Something glittery in shoes:

1. Flat Bridal glittery Shoe

If your wedding gown has the glittery spots of sequins or shimmer then opting for all that glitters in wedding footwear would be the right thing. Just match the metallic gold sequined flat pumps but take care of the quality of shoes because if the glittery shoes are made of fake glitter then there are much chances of being the quality low. Select sequin shoes that can save in the closet for long time.

Designer inspirational footwear:



2. Designer Flat Bridal Shoes

The Modern girls mostly conscious about the quality and search for brand that is why I have presented this inspiring cage design flat gold bridal designer shoes. You may make these awe-inspiring bridal shoes prominent during your wedding photo shot. But if you can’t buy the expensive designer shoes then waiting for the off on collections can help you in buying the shoes on reasonable prices.

Comfy tom flat bridal shoes:

3. Unique bridal flat shoes

Well its fun and also ease to handle the flat tom shoes on your wedding day, I think it’s the addition of something sporty silhouettes that is surely great and inventory. I am presenting here the silver shiny tom flat footwear for brides to be unique and calm on wedding day but with these calm shoes make the voice of your happiness prominent by enjoying your special day.

Flat bling bridal sandals: 4. Flat wedding shoes for brides

That’s the wow thing for me to try strappy bling shoes on wedding day, well its stylish and also trendy attaining the sizzling hues. Get the colorful hues by painting your nails with red nail paint that would look gorgeous while being prominent in silver shoes. Do have Pedi cure a day before your wedding for the sexy great look.

Charm of rhinestones in flats:

5. Rhinstone flat shoes

It’s simply elegant, classy and fantabulous for a bride; the charm of rhinestones on flat shoes will clear your appearance as shiny as a mirror is. Moreover pointy shoes have classiness it may be in heels or flats. Pair this with your bridal gown and get awarded by the sophisticate bridal title on your wedding day.


A bride must buy wedding shoes about a week ago so that it may check the fittings of right pair and try to get used of wearing your wedding shoes by wearing for some time daily. In this way you will attain the most reliable walk on your big day.