My Body Shape & Selection of Right Type of Boots:

As the winter season arrives, ladies starts to fill their wardrobe with lots of winter accessories. In this effort a most important & essential accessory that they buy is “winter boot”. Yes the winter boots always helps you to protect your feet from the cold of winter. But I mostly observe that if two ladies wear the same design of boot but the pair of boot suits to one lady but never go best with other women personality. Why it happens? Do you ever try to think about it? If not then dear it’s the right time to think about it. Let me solve this dilemma. As we know that every women have different body type I mean different body shape. So, when she chooses clothes then she keeps her body type into the mind but the same point is ignored while she is buying footwear, so dear this point is as much important for buying footwear as it is important for clothes. So, don’t ignore your body type especially when you are buying footwear because when you ignore it then you never find suitable footwear & in this way a wrong selection can ruin the impact of your personality. Today, I am going to discuss about how you can choose right boots for the winter season by keeping your body type into your mind.

First of all, you have to determine you body type. Read the following points & look towards the picture & determine your body shape first.

1)    Round: Plus size woman body shape with no defined waistline.
2)    Triangular: In this shape hips are wider than shoulders & bust.
3)    Inverted Triangular: The bust & shoulder part is wider as compared from hips width.
4)    Hourglass: In this Shape the size of shoulder & hips are equal but the waistline is thin. Thus it creates curvy body shape like an hourglass. It is one of best body shapes.
5)    Rectangular: When shoulder, bust & hips are of equal size almost then it is called rectangular shape body.
0 Pick the Right Boots for Your Body Type

Look in mirror & determines yours!

Pick Right Boots for Your Body Type:

It is an obvious fact that the tall women should skip high heels boots & Petite women should prefer high heel platform boots. But still there is a point that you need to keep in your mind that is your body shape & selection of boots. Take a look below, read points carefully & choose right one for you!

There are different types of boots such as ankle length, knee length, over knee length, calf length, high heel, flat, medium heel etc.

1)    For fat or apple shape women I think wedge heel boots are best.
2)    The ankle boots are usually perfect for short, curvy, tall, thin, rectangular, hourglass, triangular  body shape ladies but if you are short plus thin women then i suggest you to use the same color of ankle boots with same color of pant because this monochromatic tones helps you to create the impact of longer legs.
3)    The calf length boots adds some volume on your leg so ladies with rectangular & inverted triangular body shape can add some volume by wearing this style of boot.  A stiletto heel helps to feminize your look.
4)    For hourglass body type women the cone heel boot with a platform & a rounded toe is best option.
5)    The knee length boots also adds volume on legs. So, ladies with inverted triangular shape & rectangular shape can balance their body by wearing knee length boots.
6)    Some stylist also says that knee length boots are also best for a curvy body because these make your legs to look longer & slimmer.
7)    The pear shape women want a slim legs effect so full-length boot are best for them.
8)    The over knee length boots are also designed for the tall & thin ladies.

balck coat with black shinny boots check shirt with ankle boots Grey Knee Length Boots oversized black dress with boots red-zara-boots-turquoise-blue-kira-plastinina-coat-red-mango-pants_400 tights and knee with high boots