Bridals always prefer to wear fancy shoes to complement her heavy dress. They wear shoes with high heel sandals that could maintain their outfits well. The shoes can be adorned with different tools such as rhinestones, pearls and beads. A very sophisticated design in this regard is butterfly clip that look too awesome on the shoes. Butterflies can be designed differently on the shoes as it may be placed at the top or at the side of the shoes.

Especially in spring season butterfly will look very nice and accordingly to the season. These accessories enhance the charm of shoes and also the beauty of feet. Try to match the design of shoes with your dress so as they do not look separate and should go together. Butterfly signifies cuteness, innocence and sweetness. And butterfly clips give cute charm to the bride’ feet. Young brides love this kind of shoes more than the other brides. They look adorable wearing high heel shoes embellished with butterfly clip.

Pointed edge sandals and coat shoes;


Wearing pointed edge shoes bridals look very delicate and fragile. Pointed edge sandals are for summer while coat shoes can be worn in fall and summer. In winter high heel coat shoes decorated with only one butterfly clip will look very decent and nice. The color of the clip should go with the color of the shoes in order to increase the charm of the shoes. In the picture white sandal can be seen that is decorated with blue color butterfly clip. Sandal is looking very classy and can be worn with gowns of silver and white color.

Pumps with butterfly clip;


If a bridal is not accustomed to wear high heels then pumps are the best option for her. Silver color pumps decorated with single piece of butterfly clip look so nice to behold. In the picture both the colors, the color of shoes and the clip are same and they are looking stunning together.

Both rhinestone and pearl embellished shoes;


If you want to make your shoes look stylish and elegant instead of looking decent then you can select these shoes. Two butterflies embellished with rhinestone and pearls are looking very attractive and modern. It is also adorned with net lace at the sides and at one end of the edges half butterfly clip is fastened. Backside is decorated with rhinestones fully at the end of the heel

Colored shoes with silver butterflies;


White color is for western bridals but in east countries bridals wear bright colors like red, maroon or an outfit with multiple contrasted colors. A bright color as royal blue color with silver butterfly on its upper side and side back side is looking very pretty and gorgeous. The west brides can wear these shoes if they are wearing colorful costumes. These peep toe shoes will cast a spell on people when they are coupled with slit gown in royal blue color.

Flat shoes with butterfly clip;


These flat shoes are for the bridal who got tired of wearing heels. You can wear these casual shoes just adorned with a beautiful clip. The butterfly clip is enough on shoes to give grace and charm to the beauty of the shoes. These can be worn after the marriage functions on feasts or at the time of get together.

Nude color shoes with butterfly clips;


Load your wardrobe with nude color accessories as they are best for those who hate to look ostentatious. Nude color gives you natural look. Same is the case with shoes for nude color matches with the skin tone and gives a very classy look. Further more if it is adorned with butterfly clips of silver color then it will complement your dress the best and these shoes will give you regal look.