Ideas of Handmade Wool Knitted Slippers for Girls:

It’s the right season so indulge yourself into the knitting projects. I think creating a pair of slipper with your hands can give you an inner happiness. Here I am going to share some very beautiful, pretty & cutest patterns of knitted slippers. So that you can make these at home if you know the knitting technique.  If you never know then I am sure that your mother or grandmother must be familiar with it. So, you can take assistance from them. Spend some time with your grandmother & learn the knitting technique. I know that now all fashion loving people try to search something unique & different. So they will look distinctive into crowd & when you need something unique then that creativity always comes from your mind. So, if you have skill in your own hand then you can think in a new way & you can create your dreamy things.

In winter season, due to the extreme cold weather our hand & feet skin starts to damaged. So, there is a great need to protect skin or the bare parts of body from the severe weather conditions. That’s why as the winter season starts then usually people try to wear cozy & comfy clothes, sweaters, socks, boots, gloves, hats, mufflers etc because all these accessories pack their body parts fully & protects from the coldness. So, here are very cutest handmade slippers designs for you. Make these with your own hands & wear in winter season so that cold can never harm your feet. Look below & get ideas about different styles & designs of knitted slippers!

Simple Knitted Slippers:

1 simple handmade woven knitted slippers ideas

These are simple patterns. In simplest designs you need to use only one color wool fiber. As you move ahead & get a strong grip on the knitting skill then you can create designs on slippers by mixing two or three different color threads. You can create geometric patterns as well as leaf or flower designs.

Flower Pattern Woven Knitted Slippers:

2 flower handmade woven knitted slippers ideas

These slippers are looking beautiful due to flower embellishment. These flowers are made separately & then attached on these slippers. You can attach one flower on the toe part or near ankle part. You can attach one flower or two or three. The choice is yours.

Bow Design Knitted Winter Footwears:

3 bow handmade woven knitted slippers ideas

You can also take inspiration from “bow”. The knitted winter slippers with bow at the toe part actually look very impressive & cute. I think for little baby girl these bow design knitted slippers are best. The teenage girls can also follow this design.

Cute Pom Pom Design Knitted Slipper Idea:

4 pom pom handmade woven knitted slippers ideas


Turn your simple jeans into a stylish one by slipping your feet into handmade pompom style knitted slippers (as shown above into the picture). I love the pom pom style. If you want to add some fun into your bore look then try this idea!

Knitted Slippers for Girls with Ankle Strap:

4 pom pom handmade woven knitted slippers ideas

I personally love the ankle strap style knitted slippers. If you think that you slippers usually slip from your feet again & again then these ankle straps will make you feet’s grip strong on slippers. If your slippers have these straps then dear you can also run fast without any kind of fear of slipping (if you like).

Sneaker or Lace up Design Knitted Slipper Idea:

6 lace up sneaker style handmade woven knitted slippers ideas

These slippers are knitted by taking idea from the sneakers style shoes or from lace up style footwear. This idea is best for boys. If your brother also wants to wear handmade knitted slippers in winter then follow this pattern for boys.

Colorful Pattern of Knitted Slippers:

7 colorful rainbow handmade woven knitted slippers ideas
Play with colors. Try four or five combination for making colorful knitted slippers. You can take inspiration from rainbow colors. But always combine bright colors with bright colors & light colors with light colors. I mean bright orange, bright red, bright blue, bright green etc in one category & light colors such as light pink, light blue, light orange, light red etc in one category. Know color combination & try best combination.