Exclusive kurtas for men in summer

0. White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016

In summer many men prefer to carry kurta because it gives you cool effect in winter when you become fed up with your tight pent and shirt then you should wear kurta for your body relaxation. Kurta is a traditional dress but with the passing of time the changing is appearing in the kurtas. Some people say that only women spend their a lot of time and money on the shopping not it is wrong because in the shopping competition boys are not lag behind anyone when they go outside for the shopping   they   do chill in the market with their friends and like the women much popular brands introduced the men dresses on every festive. They  have don’t care which festival is  going to be held now a days when you go outside for shopping you can see the heap of new dresses which are latest and unique . All dress can’t be carry casually or formally only kurta is such a dress which is carried by you casually and formally .In summer you can carry  kurta  on the specail day like eid ,jumma ,shab brat and many other religious events  not only in Pakistan rather  kurtas are wear in the  India because  in India the kurta become an  ethnic dress and they wear it on their wedding  ,diwali , holi and other traditional events. So if you want to   wear in kurtas then you should try these kurtas in this summer. You can wear it with  skinny jeans ,narrow pants tights and the dhoti shalwar.

0+ White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016

Summer outfit for men:

1.    Traditional printed white kurta with white shalwar is looking so nice with the khula puri sandal   and it is good for going in the wedding ceremony  in the wedding   when you carry it you can carry  men duppata and khussa  it will enhance your traditional look.
4. White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016

2.    White color shalwar kameez with fully embroided on the neckline and if you are something senior then you can carry this kurta on the wedding ceremony of your relatives   with the softy and the moccasins.

5. White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 20165+ White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016

3.    Many brand has introduced their collection which  are   very fabulous and no compromise with the quality of a  fabric .The fine  and delicate embroidery is on your neckline  it give you attractive look when you wear it with skinny jeans and it is good for your tour and trip planned.

6. White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016

4.    On the wedding ceremony you go with contrasted  kurta blue and white is best for the mehendi and sangeet functions  Cufflinks ,ban and the  collar strip is fully embroided  with colorful thread and   the glittering work with this dress you can wear churi pajama and shalwar also  with matching khula puri and khussa.

White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016 (1)

5.    Short kurtas are traditional it is very old since in the emperor and royal people age  we say them “Nawab”  they wear such type of dresses .simple  white kurta with the   black button up weskit is giving you a   royal look  but you can wear  snickers with this dress  for giving the new and stylish look.

White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016 (2)

6.    White kurta is in new style and liked by many men’s and mostly put it young boys  pockets sleeves  ban Patti  and the shoulders are fully embellished with black pie pin it is half sleeves and it is best for eid in summer with your pointed moccasins  and black leather   moccasins.

White Color  Mens Kurta Collection 2016 (3)


in summer wear light colors white is selected by sophisticated person but it is good in the form of kurta  and you look so traditional  so wear kurta on your religious events  and  in kurats many colors are available which can attract you  for your comfort you can  leave the pent shirt in summer and wear the kurta  with the vest because vest can absorbs your all sweat otherwise the yellow spot of sweat can spoil your kurta.