Over the Knee Socks Styling Ideas with smart Dresses:

Do you love to wear Over the Knee Socks? If yes, then can you tell what styles of attire or dresses you usually choose to wear with these long socks? Well, when you wear such trendy socks then of course you should be aware from the basic rules of choosing right attire with such socks. When you wear over the knee socks then you need some very stylish dresses that can complement your long socks in a best way. Any guesses? Here, I am going to tell you in detail how you can select best attire when you want to wear long socks. Mostly, these socks are used in fall/winter season for keeping legs warm & cozy. As we know that these socks already cover more than half portion of yours legs. So, now for covering the remaining half & upper body part, let me tell you about right outfits!

Rompers Dress with Over the Knee Socks:

1 rompers dresses with over the knee socks for girls (1)

First option for you is to choose little romper to pair with your over the knee socks. Yes, dear this attire can balance your look in a best way. A romper looks quite girlish & can give you an extra chic & smart look. Wear high heels footwear & a long chain clutch on your left shoulder. Mostly, the romper attire is best for teenage girls.

Wear Shorts with Over the Knee Socks:

2 shorts dresses with over the knee socks for girls (1)

Try to wear shorts with button down shirts. You can tuck these shirts either in your shorts or you can keep these shirts un-tucked. For those girls who want to keep shirts un-tucked in shorts, I think a high low style hemline shirt is best option for them. You can also try crop tops with shorts & Over the Knee Socks.  Wrap a scarf around your neckline for adding some style into your personality. For a rock & roll look, you can bind an extra sweater near your hipline. You can wear boots or high heel strappy sandals, the choice is yours.

Sweater/Mini Tube Dress Idea with Over the Knee Socks:

3 sweater dresses with over the knee socks for girls (1)

Try to wear a sweater dress or a mini tube dress with Over the Knee Socks. You can try oversize loose fitting sweater or you can go with body fit tube dress. I love a cable knit pattern sweater. Which pattern so you like the most? Mostly the sweater dresses with long sleeves are best. When you wear these short dresses then you can pair a long overcoat (ankle length) with such dresses for getting more stunning & magical look.

Try Skirts with Over the Knee Socks:

4 skirt dresses with over the knee socks for girls (1)

What do you think about miniskirts? Yes, dear you can also try skirts dresses with Over the Knee Socks. You can wear pencil shirt as well as flare skirt but I think a flare skirts looks more nice & pretty. Try fedora hats for adding more chic-ness into your personality. Try to pair blazers with your tops. You can wear any style of tops with skirts such as tank top, crop top, button down style top, off the shoulder style tops etc.

Casual & Party Dresses Ideas with Over the Knee Socks:

5 casual & party mini dresses with over the knee socks for girls (2)

For getting a vintage look or a 70’s girl inspired look I think you should try a checkered print knee length dress with Over the Knee Socks. If you are getting ready for party & want to wear Over the Knee Socks then I think you can try a delicate short lace dress or a short but fancy sheath dress with such socks. Wear stylish footwear & hold a clutch in your hand, add curls in your hairs & try a funky make over.