0. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

Dresses are made in different color  but the choice of everyone is different  because all like the color according to  their taste  basically seven colors  are natural  and all the  produced from these natural color  blue color is the  natural color .blue color is the color of honesty ,trust and loyalty  blue is the responsible and the decent color it   gives our eyes the feeling of cool  blue is the color of  spirit ,devotion and the  study of religion .if your favorite color is blue then you are very conservative person  you are very loyal and faithful with your marriage partner and  when you are   sitting in the gathering then you think first and then speak you  can be rigid  the person  who like the blue color they are very careful about  their family and   very sensitive  they are very emotional  and    little soft heart you can easily weep on the sorrows of the others  so we are  talking about the blue dresses which are very inn  now a days so you can select blue color dress for your formal ,semi formal and the daily  routine.

Short sheath dress:

1. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

The girls who like the prom parties they can carry the short sheath party dress because it is very beautiful and the bold blue color is looking nice with the draping sleeves and the deep V neckline you can carry the high heel net sandals with the top bun with it you can make the ponytail also for the Barbie like look   natural make up is good.

Short frock style:

2. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

If you are a model and you want to go in the ceremony  then you can put on the short belted frock  it is in the self printed style  cape sleeves with the bateau neckline with it black flat sandal is good but the net  stuff  high heel  pumps are gorgeous   carry the   long earrings  with the pendent  and  bracelet  of antique style  for the office ladies  this dress is well.

Slit gown:

3. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

For the parties and formal functions you can carry the  slit long gown  it is off the shoulder and the  strap styled dress   the fabric of chiffon is also very  comfortable  you can carry the high heel   pencil sandal  it is vintage style and for the modern look you can carry this dress and leave your hair open with the natural makeup  and carry the  golden jewelry with it for a complete party look.

Maxi skirt:

4. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

Maxi skirt is very elegant style  and you look very  stylish in this dress  with the blue maxi skirt you can carry  the lining shirt   it is up to you can  carry the matched shirt  also it is up to you  with this dress wedge heel sandal is  gorgeous . You can carry the jewelry with it silver jewelry is nice choice and leave your hair open.

Top with the skirt:

5. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

When you are going in the   birthday party  or  attend any university and college  farewell party you can carry the  grey off the shoulder top with  the  long maxi it is nice and the high heel sandal  with watch and the  necklace because for the student  wrist watch is best   ornament  and your neckline is off so the bib necklace look elegant .

Blue for the winter:

6. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

Blue is not a cool for the summer but in the winter  when  you carry it in the coarse  and   warm stuff it look so nice   velvet crop top with the skinny  pent and the long coat  is perfect for you  if you are  connected any job  or  and owner of any  company then you can easily carry it with the silver  high heel  pumps and natural make up is nice.

Floral dress:

7. Blue women fashion outfit clothing

In the summer mostly digital and the  floral prints are carried by the ladies and the kids  so in the summer with the blue color  you can select the floral print it is good for the beach side going and the  party  if you want to go in the party or any  get together in the summer  wear the  floral  maxi style dress  with the spaghetti strap and the high heel  nude striped  sandal is good for you.