Tunic tops and Kutras are in fashion during these days and these types of dresses are very comfy and elegant .These tunic tops, kurti and Kutras are famous all over the world and every one like such dresses. You can wear these dresses as a casually and in any functions with anything which do you like as just like leggings, jeans, tights, pajamas,capri   and even a skirt also. Mostly girls prefer these dresses than many others because it looks like trendy, chic and moderate. When you wear such kind of costume you look gorgeous and trendy.  These dresses are available in much stuff. These light dresses give you the feeling of relieve and comfy. Girls of every age, color and size can confidently carry these outfits. The addition of dupata gives you chic and traditional look. There are many types of kurti boll wood kurti, designer kurti, traditional kurta and long tunic top etc.

Trendy outfits among the girls:

Many dresses are in the fashion but kurta, top and kurtis are very trendy and girls who are a sensitive creation of God like such costume and it is suitable for them. All colors are good for girls but some are pet to everyone .Pink and skin colors are decent but you can wear black and white also it is a casual dress you can wear it casually and outdoor functions with some jewelry just like ring and earrings and high heel sandal go with this dress and due to these things your appearance can be charming.

Simple tunic top, indian kurti and kurtas are easily carry in office, college and school the working ladies who are conscious about their dressing  they can put on and make their office timing relax and  comfy . As you know very well winter season is on its peak that if you want to something cozy then you can add muffler, scarf and cap according to your dress tone.

White and black contrast remain ever green in every age and every season  no one can deny the  fact that black and white are liked by everyone because black is decent and white is the sign of purity. You can  wear  black high heel sandal  and  it is suitable for every tights ,palazzos ,trousers ,Patiala salwar and which do you like .Thread work is also very elegant and  graceful but when it is in your favorite color  will make your look fabulous.

In the winter wool and khaddar is very demanding fabric because people want to something warm and balmy and with coarse stuff you can wear velvet and jeans, tights and Patiala salwar, and this salwar is famous in all over the world. Floral shirts are trendy but plain shirts are not behind any way. If you like mirror work it is very marvelous and trendy design for teen ages who really wants to something new.

Red is bold color and mostly wears in winters what about royal blue with red it is a chic shades and when embellished rainbow colors beads and ribbons make your dress fancy and you can wear with blue jeans and white coat shoes it look like a formal dress. You can stitch in the shape of kurti and kurta and tunic top, in long shirt, high long and short shirts. If you want to contrast your dress then make your shirt black and sleeves are grey and trouser is also black think about this contrast. It is not compulsory that you wear contrast but rather you can wear over all same only dupata and embroidery is changed.

It is not limited for girls rather women of all ages and plus size ladies who like such costume can easily wear because it is available in every stuff and style but Remember!  Silk, chiffon, georgette are best for embroidered formal dresses  and  cotton ,linen and khaddar are use casually use  but it is up to you which stuff to you like to make the part of your wardrobe. Thank you!


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