High waisted skirt fashion is once again in trends now, and you can see the dazzles of different celebrities wearing high waisted skirts draping with a lot of pairs. The amazing fashion was the true inspiration of 70s when women were seen wearing high waisted skirts and also the pants in 80s. The fashion is not new but it has been reinvented for girls to carry for the summer season. High waisted skirts are classy and even flattering on every body type but sometimes it is observed that high waisted skirts are not a good pair for pear shaped girls.
High waisted skirts are paired with tucking in shirts, tops or blouses, usually plus size ladies with big tummy avoid to do this but in my article you will find the way, how can you divert attention from the bulky belly.
Whenever going for a high waisted skirt, you must think about the seasonal demands, however the high waisted skirts are mostly best to rock spring season but you can also make your style statement in fall or winter season by just pairing the cardigans, jackets or coats.
I would like to invite the girls to come and look for some right ways that how you can wear high waisted skirts with cool styles.

Denim skirt and white blouse:

1. high waisted jean skirt

Denim skirts are cool and denim stuff is also in trend, so a knee length high waisted skirt can be styled with sleeveless white blouse. Wearing this denim skirt I would recommend you the side loose braided hairstyle that will look impeccable to attain the prettier look while high heel sandals will be your classy choice however the flat sandals can carry but that are not preppy to go with skirt.

Kim Kardashian style:

2. high waisted skirt and black blouse

Kim Kardashian has proved that a curvy body lady look more dazzling wearing high waisted skirt but the women with heavy chest must not carry the pastel blouses, instead to make your bust more prominent turn away the style with belted it in dark color wide belts. Kim has worn fit cage blouse but the full sleeve top can also carry by girls.

Tweed plaid skirt with tights:

3.  high waisted skirt with tights

For winter days, it becomes a little bit difficult to be dressed in high waisted skirts as your body needs warmness but a pair of tweed plaid skirt over tights would be your striking style to turn away the fashion phenomena in the right way. If it is cool winter days a neck wrapper is more enchanting to make the style flawless and high heel leather boots is your best and right pair to beat the winter.

Crop top and long skirt:

4. long skirt and crop top

As yet we have given you idea about short skirts but I find it right to tell you about high waisted long skirts that you may drape with crop top matched with your long Flowy skirt. This style is also perfect for bohemian girls with just having natural loose curls in hair and wearing bands in wrist. The long girls in summer can carry flat sandals for their ease while for boho girls gladiator ankle high shoes would be true choice.

High waisted maxi skirt with long top:

5. high waisted maxi skirt

Well the style of high waisted skirt is to tuck in your blouse or top but with long maxi skirts you may carry a thigh high top or tunic and to make your style phenomenal just cinch your waist by belted it that will sustain the true essence of high waisted skirts.

Just black and off white:


6. black skirt with sweater

For fall days a black high waisted skirt and the tucked in off white sweater is the unique pair of dressing code for young girls but you must accessorize this dress with black accessories and also the pointy high heel shoes to create the elongating effect for legs.

Party wears high low skirt:

7. belted high low skirt

Just rock any party by draping high waisted sheer skirt in high low style that will look cool with white blouse. You may have glitzy belt to make your thin waist most prominent. Use the enchanting and sizzling gold accessories with this dress and ankle strap high heel sandals are sexy to be modest of all.

High waisted skirts with heels:

8. high waisted skirts with long heels

Well whatever the style you may carry with high waisted skirt or in any stuff, make sure you are wearing the high heel shoes because flat shoes may create the effect of short height, so a pair of high heel sandals is your best preference.