Amazing anushree reddy collection 2016

India is highly ranked in fashion world on behalf of extra ordinary fashion talent in it. Indian culture is full colors and their use as well in each and every aspect of life to keep their lives happy and fresh as well. Indian designers are merely focused in presenting something innovative that is intra linked with show and splash of shades in brighter tones as well. Indian designers are blessed with talent to make beautiful and highly standardize fashion color combinations that are likely to be carried by people, not only of India but also all over the world. Traditional beauty and fashion charm together when amalgamated forms out Indian style dress with modernized and highlighted color combinations and designing facts and figures with traditional touch.

Our currently drafted presentation is correlated with display of amazing and highly appealing fashion collection of Indian style dresses in modernized way designed and displayed by talented female Indian fashion designer named as anushree reddy.  She is talented enough to compete at international level of fashion shows and we are going to proof you that through showing her mind blowing fashion collection that she has presented at national level.

Anushree reddy dress:


Bold orange traditional dress:



Embroidered pink lehenga design:


Orange splash embroider dress: