Ideas to wear kurta in the summer season

0. men most stylish and trendy kurta collection foe summer

 Ideas to wear kurta in the summer season

The season of summer is moving toward it peak and not only girls and women are excited for the new styles and fashion rather men, kids and old all remain conscious for their grooming and beautification .In the summer mostly men prefer the kurta shalwar and kurta pajama because it look cool and give you a traditional look and it is available in many colors now a day kurta is famous among the   girls but the kurta style is remain evergreen among the men because it give you cool effect  and you will be able to move in the  summer  days. In the previous centuries only kurta and pajama  were  wore but  now a day’s pent shirt became the favorite of many boys .There are many brands which provide the collection of kurtas for  men which you can wear on the eid festivals wedding ceremony and the other religious   festivals .I have written so many articles  for the  ladies dresses ,shoes ,jewelry and on many things of women but now it turns of men who want to  be a smart and handsome   men  so the stylish men move  toward with us and  see the collection of  kurtas .

How to wear summer kurtas:

1.    Black color is not apt for the summer season  because  it  give you  a hot  effect   black color  kurta with shalwar is looking nice  and fully embroidery on the neckline and the sleeves  .You can contrast the black with white because it’s contrast  is very nice  black lining kurta with white shalwar you can wear it on the juma  day,  eid  festivals etc .Black cotton kurta fully embroided with the velvet  fabric and the stones  these black dresses can carry on any events  because  black color is perfect for every event.

1. men most stylish and trendy kurta collection foe summer

2.    Now a day’s matching shalwar and kurta are carried by few men rather they wear jeans and tights with it they buy many color kurtas and carry with a single jeans. Coral pink with white shalwar with light embroidery is best for eid day green shade with the white shalwar is best for the mehendi ceremony and you can carry it on the shab e brat and other Islamic festivals. Sky blue color kurta with the front embroidery is looking cool in this summer.

2. men most stylish and trendy kurta collection foe summer

3.    Ash grey  color  kurta with matching shalwar is for those men who wear it kurta at office time and  daily routine  light colors should be first preference of   you  in the summer season  off white color is also good for the casual dressing.

3. men most stylish and trendy kurta collection foe summer


 4.    Some young boys like the  bold colors  then you can carry orange,gren, pink  and dark chocolate color with your white shalwar and narrow jeans .you can carry these kurtas on the wedding parties and the get together part at night  with this  dress you can wear sandals khula puri  and moccasins shoes  because it is best choice of you.
4. men most stylish and trendy kurta collection foe summer

5.    White color is very sophisticated color but men like to wear white because it looks elegant and in this color we feel cool white kurta with embroidery is looking nice  now a day the trend of kurta is this  printed pajama with short plain  kurta and the neckline is also designed with the  printed fabric  and you can carry this dress on the tour planned and get to gather party with your friend.

5. men most stylish and trendy kurta collection foe summer


In the summer  you must go with the light colors because  in summer you wear kurta  for the comfort  but when the  element of  comfortness is not  seems in the kurtas then you can go with the   any dress .Select the kurtas for you on this summer and enjoy the summer with light weight dresses.