For boys this is a general attitude that pantsuits are the great choice for being cool and trendy but this is the fact also you cannot have pantsuits for all the time, anyway your casual look concerns most when you have to go out rather of attending parties or the events. So don’t always rush towards pantsuits and get the casual look light but more of stylish. But hold on and keep the things classy while dressing up whether casually or formally. Dressing or clothes depicts ones nature or attitude with the reflection of choice so it must be classy. Casual dressing code must be easy and comfy but in this modern age you have to take some modernity in your casual look too as it maintains your quick impression on others and to maintain it stylishly I have assorted a compact collection in which manly outfits will help the boys how to attain casual dressing stylishly.
Today my aim is not just over the casual hues through which your style gets updated but also the level of maturity added to the dressing. When you know how to carry the dress then it’s easy to experience things confidently.
Well without waiting anymore I like to give you some ideas through my collection in which different outfits can help you in maintaining everyday casual look.

Plaid shirts and folded pant:

1. Casual but stylish boys outfits

Well the plaid button down shirts are super cool to try withy folded pants. Keep the things simple but elegant; to have some sporty silhouettes the choice for white sneaker is just miraculous. There is no restriction to have hairstyle but be casual to have last minute messiness in your cool hairstyle. That’s all what is needed to be dressed up casually in right way.

Short and shirt to look cool:

2. Casual but stylish boys outfits (1)

Well shorts and button down shirt is too casual to wear but to add some trendy patterns, choose the color matching which may glam out your simple dressing too as this boy has done with wearing coral shorts. Opt for flat shoes otherwise sneakers are your true choice but for a sunny beach day just the trendy eye wear is your great choice.

Neck wrap for ultra chic look:

casual male fashion

Well simply tees and jeans is good to look casually fit but by just having the neck wrap that is super modern and fit for winter days. It means it is perfect for functional point of view as well as fulfilling the fashion need too. Glam of manly accessories like watch, bands or belts can also be added to get the fit masculine appearance.

Layering over dress:

4. Casual but stylish boys outfits (7)

Layers give the cool look as you may wear stripy sweater over your tees or button down shirt with khaki pant. This will transform the casual appearance into chic and classy one.

Navy blue dressing with chic shoes:

5. Casual but stylish boys outfits (10)

To be just look like a fashionista in your daily casual look, just be glamorous with wearing navy blue dress with chic fashion shoes. Be sophisticate, elegant and classy because its your style that will add the charm in your casual apparel too.