So, finally he has asked you for first date? I know you are so much exciting that not anyone can imagine. Well girl just step down your feet and try to think what you will be wearing on first special date?

Well let me tell you that first impression is last impression. You have to be appearing like a classy lady not a desperate girl. I know there is lot of things going in your mind.

But you have to be careful about what you will be wearing. If you go overboard with preparations, then he might think you are desperate for him. Try to make tone of your voice calm and confident with amazing appearance.

You may pick whatever you like but one thing should be kept in mind that you have to be as simple as you could. It does not mean that you will go in your night dress or house wearing clothes. It means that you don’t have to go dramatic with clothing, hairstyle, makeup and accessories as well.

Well you might be thinking she is only giving out advice what about suggestions? Don’t worry girls I have perfect ideas for you as well. I have drafted out some of sublime and resplendent type of dresses for first date which will make your personality appealing toward your date.

You really don’t have to sit for a long time in front of mirror to look good. Just do your simple and classy look and let your personality and attitude speak. I know that men are attracted toward looks but they like humor better. If you have positive and clean humor, he will automatically fall in love with you on the spot. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into ideas.